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TrueDarkBlade chapter 10 . 4/29/2005
WooT~! Senseless death, ending where evil wins ... Senseless death! WooT~!




Why do I have the feeling that one time you're going to write Morvagor into one of your fanfics just to kill him in the same chapter?

Lol, j/k … or am I? I … don’t … know…

Senseless Deaths for All!
Akkiko Too lazy to sign in chapter 10 . 4/19/2005



Wah, such a sad ending! I want more! More!

I wanna know what happens!

Nice chapter though, so sad... you have struck me speechless.

But yea, I KNEW IT! XD Ya killed me off... hmm... whose left to kill? -.O
sodo chapter 10 . 4/19/2005
WOW ...
Vivli chapter 10 . 4/19/2005
Nice ending. (Suppose I should warn others not to read the rest unless you've read the whole story, because this'll spoilt it).

The Shadow Lord returning was predictable, but nice. I'm very glad to see he survived to be the villian in your third story. If I had one complaint about the Angel Chronicles, it was how the Shadow Lord cropped up at the end just to be a villain for a few chapters. This time around I got the impression the plan to ressurect him had been going for the whole story, which made him much more threatening. And of course, with this story added together, you should have an excellent villian for the final story.

All in all, a great second story. I actually prefer it to the original Angel Chronicles because it has a bit of a stronger narrative, instead of the more episodic style. More of a single plot than lots of little ones.

A very Empire Strikes Back style story too, quite dark with a shocking climax and no resolution. And everybody says Empire Strikes Back was the best Star Wars film (preferred the first one myself, but that's irrelevant). Can't wait to read your next story and find out what happens.

So yeah, great effort. I'm impressed.

If I had to criticise it (I'm only doing this because I always try to say something critical) its the problem with wiping out whole cities. In Angel Chronicles, Windurst and San D'Oria got wiped out, and quite a bit of Bastok and Jeuno. In this, Jeuno has been destroyed. (Population wise). By the end of the third book, I'd be surpised if there's anyone left!

Then again, if I read one of your stories where nobody died and nothing tragic happened, I'd be getting worried.

So yeah, you definitely have something to be proud of. Sorry for the rambling review. Congratulations on another great story!
Vivli chapter 9 . 4/15/2005
Still reading, and still being impressed. Your tenses have improved, but occasionally you still slip back into present tense instead of past tense. Other than that, very impressive story. Very depressive to, which is an achievment as a writer to manage to accomplish. Congratulations.

Now I have to wait for more. Dammit.
Vivli chapter 6 . 4/15/2005
Well, I've read this far and am still impressed. This story loses the episodic style of the previous story (where each chapter could almost exist as an independant story) and exists as one long narrative, which is nice.

It's good also to see a nice build up. I've read the reviews, so I know that death and destruction comes soon (judging by the mentioning alot of people die), but it has a nice build up to it. It doesn't feel to angsty right away, but you get the sense its there.

All in all, very good so far. I hope to read the rest as soon as possible. Keep up the good work!
Vivli chapter 3 . 4/15/2005
So far I have to say I may like this even more than Angel Chronicles. It's slightly more positive (ie: not depressing all the time) and has a very interesting plot line so far. (I have no idea what this negative place is supposed to be, which makes it interesting).

Writing style compliments remain the same as before, so I don't really need to say anything about that. Plot-wise it's very interesting. Only a very good writer can write a sequel and keep it interesting, and you've done that very well. I look forward to reading the rest.
Thefrogkiller chapter 9 . 4/13/2005
This message goes out to everyone critisizing my story methods. (i.e. Akkiko) Yes i constantly kill people off. How many times in this game do you see ppl die? Its a common thing. And oh how i love death and dispair. I thrive off of this like crack. Call me a sadist if you like. (Many people have)

Aside from this. who said i would kill you. I have only killed your husband, and child and all of your friends. What makes you think i would kill you off... perhaps i said too much.
Akkiko chapter 9 . 4/13/2005
What is with you and killing off people? XD

Seriously... I swear... I'm next. XD

Hee hee, nice chapter though.

So sad! /cry

Update! I want more!
sodo chapter 9 . 4/13/2005
omg its so sad but as good as always someone needs to start learning how to write happy endings lol
DiabolicMuffin chapter 1 . 4/10/2005
Great story . I love the characters, cant wait for the next chapter! update soon D
Akkiko chapter 8 . 4/10/2005

Terra is back, and she can kick butt!

Prepare to go down evil forces!

Mwa hahahahaha!

Nice chappie as always Angel, intriguing as always.

I might be coming back next weekend!

Plleeasse don't quit!
Sodo chapter 7 . 4/7/2005
stop stabbing people through the lung already lol gosh its like a cult who's goal in life is to stab the main character's in the lung

anyway great chapter keep writing or else lol
Thefrogkiller chapter 7 . 4/6/2005
Sucker for angst?


Akkiko chapter 7 . 4/6/2005
You like making us suffer eh?

Terrific, Zig, Chster.. now Kiary...

lovely, whose next, Kaddie?


Nice chapter there Angel, UPDATE DARN YOU!

Ur sucker for angst aintcha?

Hee hee.
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