Reviews for Never Cut Twice
Hayate chapter 7 . 3/13/2005
lol pocky!

haha that was great, and yah u got a good plot going, hope to see hundreds of chapters to this story (yah u heard me...hundreds)

good job
FireDragonBL chapter 7 . 3/13/2005
lol pocky addiction

good job, i liked this chpater a lot

update soon

MegaMaz chapter 7 . 3/13/2005
That was . . . actually quite thought provoking. And now I actually feel guilty. Now that I've read this it's going to take a while to remember that Itachi is the one who murdered his entire clan, left his brother alive to witness his parents murdered over and over again, and initially tried to kidnap Naruto to take him to Akatsuki.

Seeing them as, well, *human* (You made Itachi a pocky-loving criminal. How much more human can you get?) in this fic also reminds me that they (Kisame has to have done something equally as bad, right?) had their reasons for doing what they did, and that others could've done it for less, whatever it was . . .

Gah. I'm rambling again. But just to say, you have turned me into a missing-nin supporter . . . especially with that last bit . .
Cobra-100 chapter 7 . 3/13/2005
Pocky IS the food of the gods afterall...

If Naruto ever figured out how to control his hiden mist properly he could leave it uber consentrated around a target and send a strong lightning jutsu threw the water. It would take the easest path, where there was the most water/victem!
darkhand chapter 6 . 3/13/2005
Yay! lovin the fic. Keep writing and update lots!

Good job on your first fic :)

Ps lovin the bleach references lol
blazer-6 chapter 7 . 3/13/2005
it was a good chapter done. I hope you do some good Sakura bashing. The Naruto/Temari pairing seems good but maybe you could make an OC girl in the sound, either a sound nin or one of those missing nin that supposably lives there. Also, will you be adding more Akatsuki charecters in? If you go to "" and go to teh manga section you can read the first 251 chapters of Naruto, the most recent ones introduce the second pair of Akatsuki members. You might consider putting them in. Keep up the good work.
VentMonster chapter 7 . 3/13/2005
lol well let that happen more this chapter was best so far

like how itachi has a poky addiction

trully loved this chapter update soon
Fear Me chapter 7 . 3/13/2005
I really like the touch of humanity you give the characers. This is getting better and better, oh and I think it would be cool if Naruto fought against the leaf with the sound. Not trying to actually kill them just trying to not show any attachments to the leaf shinobi in front of the soun nins and other missing nins who think he's from hidden Mist
BlackWindKaze chapter 7 . 3/13/2005
nice as usual.
Shuriell chapter 7 . 3/13/2005
The Bonus was nice, and rather funny.

I'll try to get some equations for the kubikiri.

dont know if i can do it till the next chapter.


P.S. Itachi and Pocky -
Darak chapter 7 . 3/13/2005
Well it is physics after all, why do you think ice skaters who make a pirouette start their body movement large and end it tight ?
Night-Owl123 chapter 7 . 3/13/2005
update soon! _ I love reading ur story...
General chapter 6 . 3/12/2005
Man bloody briliant its not unrealistic, its writen really good, its exiting

cant wait to know what hapens next
Stonebridge chapter 6 . 3/12/2005
sweet i love it
Night-Owl123 chapter 6 . 3/11/2005
update soon! _ Great story!
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