Reviews for Never Cut Twice
xNaruHina chapter 9 . 3/6
Why let Hinata find the necklace? He was doing so well covering his tracks to let it all go to waste
D chapter 33 . 3/6
ok, this is probably the insanest story ive ever read. i mean honestly can you have any more twists, jokes and absolute insanity in a story? Though I must say I loved every page of it. Good rounded story with enough action, change and sheer craziness to give Naruto the Maelstrom meaning it was supposed to have.
OriksGaming chapter 33 . 2/14
Eh, I dunno. This isn't a great ending, but I can live with it.
OriksGaming chapter 29 . 2/14
Eh, it's kind of annoying that you made up an SSS rank loyal water nin, but since you made Naruto something like SS, and I do really like powerful Naruto, I guess I can't complain all that much. Although basing his skills on swordfighting is rather lame. Pure speed kind of got old after the first time I saw Gai actually fight.
Deb.23 chapter 5 . 2/13
wouldn't the seal make him recognizable to the smart and powerful people who are out to get him.. like, i dont know, Akatsuki? Even after everything changes his scent and seal would remain same. therefore, traceable by Akatsuki and Konoha via Kakashi. Seriously? afterall, there are ony 9 people with similar sdeals all of whom are being chased by Akatsuki..
VinnytheAnon chapter 28 . 2/12
Vinny the Pooh. Son of a bitch, good sir.

I tip my hat in your general direction.
GoFishM8 chapter 14 . 2/12
I don't know about you guys, but I'm really into these Go Fish matches.
Axcel chapter 7 . 2/3
The last bit of this chapter made me think; what if Naruto were (in some fic or something) to organize and unite the world's missing-nin into functioning like a world-wide hidden villageof safehouses and outposts and secret bases? Similar to what Orochimaru's village I but leaning more towards the extreme end.
Axcel chapter 4 . 2/3
Unbeknownst to Nruto, the prestige of the Uzumaki means he'd have an easier time if he kept his family name and changed his given name.
cerberus321 chapter 33 . 1/27
this was a great and entertaining story. it had decent structure and just enough detail to keep it from looking like every scene is a time skip
useless anon chapter 28 . 1/17
RexNihil chapter 21 . 1/16
One of three Mangekyou jutsu, you mean? I do believe the third is Susano'o.
Rinnegan no Ozil chapter 33 . 12/19/2015
Hilarious and beautifully written. Amazing job!
Phazer12 chapter 33 . 12/15/2015
fantastic story u have written. salute to thee.
the society of nukenins, itachi's humanity, kisame...
Guest chapter 33 . 11/27/2015
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