Reviews for Unexpected Majin
Ryo-yasha chapter 1 . 10/4/2005
ladybadasskillington chapter 22 . 10/3/2005
Okay sorry it took me so long to review. But it did. I can't wait to see what happens when Videl gets to Gohan!
Ava chapter 22 . 9/29/2005
Alright! Love it so much, I've been waiting for my Gohan and Videl action!
Shadow Dreamer 27 chapter 22 . 9/27/2005! Videl is almost there. Now I'm real eager to read the next chapter!
dragonwarriorkeltyr chapter 22 . 9/26/2005
Your from NZ? cool. Good chapter, your writing has improved and is quite good. Keep it up and update sson :-D
jjkim chapter 22 . 9/25/2005
thegreenpuma88 chapter 22 . 9/25/2005
Great job! Nice story!
Littica Marek chapter 22 . 9/25/2005
oh so close and yet so far
darksupersayian chapter 22 . 9/24/2005
Good job. Keep it up.
gamehead64 chapter 21 . 9/22/2005
great job writing this story. What makes it so cool is that even though he is evil there is still a little of the gohan everyone know
ladybadasskillington chapter 21 . 9/21/2005
That was a good chapter! I'm sorry I haven't reviewed regularly. I can't wait for your next update!
Shadow Dreamer 27 chapter 21 . 9/21/2005
Wow! Cool fight! Keep it up!
Tasha chapter 20 . 9/21/2005
unable to review before now even though new chapter out! YAY!

You are too hard on yourself this is a really good fictive that is not farfetched...have to be honest i prefer this to the creators storyline so there :p

Gohan would be equal or more than Goku due to what you said and also due to Goku being terribly upset by it all..always thought they kept making a mess of powerlevels in the series with goku particuraly later on anyway..

dont think uub should appear in this and make this fic as long as you have the ideas to do so...let it flow it'll be fine.

one more thing...noticed that with every chapter your writing and grammer skills have improved..well done!
dfd chapter 21 . 9/17/2005
great great great GREAT story update really really soon i can't wait to see what happeneds next!
Littica Marek chapter 21 . 9/17/2005
now would be a good time for Videl to rush to Gohans side
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