Reviews for Project Mobitropolis Act One: Evil Rises
Onecomment chapter 13 . 11/16
This is gold

awaiting act II
Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros chapter 2 . 4/3
First of all, let me just say that the story is amazing. You make everything so real and believable that for a moment I totally forgot that almost all the charcters were anthropomorphic animals. You are truly gifted at writing.
DoraMouse chapter 13 . 6/25/2015
Thank you for sharing this story. Please forgive my limited and belated review. Have only read this work recently so I am still in the process of mentally digesting all that you have written here. It's not something that can happen quickly because of course what you've put together seems to be one of the most ridiculously brave and insanely complicated stories that I have come across in ages.

Quite honestly, I have often paused while reading to wonder if this story can be credibly explained as the result of extreme skill and careful planning or if it would simply be more accurate to imagine that you must have just been possessed by the soul of some fantastically macabre raving poet for the duration of the writing taking place.

While I do not agree with some of the...ideas and ideals...implied and otherwise that your work seems to encompass, I admire your courage and tact in raising such subjects. There is room enough, indeed, for such depths and widths to be explored and it is refreshing to see them included. No matter how fictional the situation these types of struggles are the grounding wires of reality that hook us because one way or another, we can all relate to them. And although the patterns of cruelty do become a bit predictable at times, they do not detract from these theories making a terrible amount of sense. Your direct style in approaching the whole scenario keeps the pain in these virtual pages sharp. Thank you for balancing it out with sprinkles of hope and humour, this story would surely move to a whole new caliber of horror without such considerations.

Appreciate the respect you show for these characters and their world. Thank you for not taking either the details or the expanses for granted. Your ability to bring these in focus as needed gives the reader the gift of new perspective and understanding and creates so many possibilities...

The energy of this story is uncomfortable but highly infectious.

Makes me want to write. Makes me want to raise the bar, write better.

I will try.

Thank you.
Sleyah chapter 1 . 8/14/2007
I read this story of yours quite a few years ago, and it has to be the most inventive and exciting fanfic I've ever read. I can't believe it's only gotton 8 reviews; writers like you really need to get your place in the spotlight. People need to get away from all the grade-school drabbles that crowd this site and taste the true magnificence of good fanfiction.

Maybe that's a little dramatic, but I mean it. . I really adore you.
Elizabeth the Bathog chapter 13 . 12/29/2006
AWESSOM STORY O_O I love it please to act Two soon
HolyNightmare chapter 13 . 12/4/2006
Well,i am really sad that i never came across this story...its one of the best story, the universe you created is unique,Sonic and Tails origin are very different and more darker.

Still,i woulda have wanted some more tails but its just me,if you ever read this i was wondering if you would write some more stories...anyway im going to read awakening now!
Spawn Guy chapter 1 . 9/2/2005
Just signing in to add this to my favourites. It's that good.
Spawn guy chapter 13 . 9/1/2005
Excellent work. A very well written,emotional retelling of something childish and classic for the older fans. While I miss the fimilar daredevil attitude of Sonic and other fimiliar charecter,this story is more worthy of an award for best wrighten peice of work (I can't remember what the actual oscar award is and if I asked the site to start giving them out it would be for the sole reason that I could have one)than any of the recent Hollywood said attitude is the story of a hero trying to find a purpose and realising that he is stronger than a semingly unstopable noghtmarish force, because he has learned to make the right choices, not the easy ones, to learn how to achive his potental through learning from mistakes, not try and single mindedly achive something. Overall...sweet.
Sabin Stargem chapter 1 . 8/8/2005
Any case, onto a full-blown review. First of all, the spelling and grammer is definately decent - not once was I confused by those aspects. However...the paragraphs look messy to me. It's probably just me, but sometimes it feels either too long or cut off - it is inconsequential, however.

In any case, the plot itself is excellent in my opinion. While not entirely original, it does what it was intended to do, and makes moderate sense in context to the game and comics. Why it makes moderate sense is because it is balancing between two sources of story - from the game and the comics. It is obviously more based upon the comics, seeing how each area(Green Emerald Hills, for example) lacks the devices of the game.

Truth be told, that is probably the best way to go about it - the conflicts between the game and the comics are a bit much at some point. As to length...well, each chapter feels short to me...however, that is a personal issue rather than one with the fanfiction, seeing that I am picky length-wise.

I have noticed the stealth elements in the fanfiction - while not perfect, these could provide some interesting possibilities, and some examples of these have appeared. Now then...the characters. I feel that they work well, over-all, and that you have given them their own personalities and agendas - good.

Aside from all of the above...what of other scenes, not having to do with common elements of the fanfiction? Well, the riots and the agenda of the people have added a twist - one that probably could be expanded upon in future fanfiction. Some other characters, like Nails have potential as well. It is the smaller, lesser-known elements that help keep the common ones fresh - keep them coming.

Er...that is all for now, and I hope this review is of use. Thank you for the nice read!


Sorry muse, appears that the links don't work. Still, you can find two of them on

X-COM: Unknown Menace is in the Games Section, under X-COM. The same for Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness under Warcraft. Also, you might want to check out Sonic 3 & Knuckles, under Sonic the Hedgehog, of course. Please have a nice read.

Sabin Stargem chapter 11 . 8/7/2005
Greetings. Dropping in to say that I think this is an excellent fanfiction. Like the last reviewer, I feel that this story does indeed stand on it's own merits while not destroying the original concepts entirely. It has struck a good balance, and I look forward to future chapters and works by you. (Do you have any planned for the future?)

The story itself is fairly nice, though I feel it is a bit short - which is okay, since I am the sort of guy who likes stories that are 500 pages at least. Now, while it is a bit short, it is effective - for example, the parts doing with Miles Prower is fairly informative to the reader about his feelings and opinions.

To Silent Muse: There is actually a great deal of excellent fanfiction on this website, and some located elsewhere. Here you go, some stuff I have found over the years.

X-COM: The Unknown Menace

System Shock: Free Radical

Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness
Forgotten Muse chapter 1 . 3/14/2005
Hi, sorry if this review gets posted twice. threw a little wobbly on me :)

Anyway. I have to say, straight off, that this is one of the best Sonic fanfics i've seen in a very long time. You have talent, seriously. The style and characterisation- just wow. And you're doing something original with the Sonic universe, which hardly ever happens anymore.

People who try to do something decent with this fandom seem to be a dying breed... It's frightening that I'm the only one reviewing this, as people don't seem to *want* good fanfiction any more... *sigh* there's about ten or so writers out there who are keeping this fandom alive in my opinion, and you're going on that list. It's just really refreshing to read something of this quality. I love what you're doing with the characters- and your ideas about Sonic's origins actually have a little similarity with mine, I can see where you're coming from. :)

Also... you're kind of ringing a bell here, I think someone online mentioned it... did you use to go under a different pen name on ? If you are who i'm thinking of I didn't read your fanfics at the time- in fact, I haven't until now, but now I wish I had.

Keep up the good work, okay? _

Forgotten Muse not logged chapter 1 . 3/7/2005
Aha, this looks interesting! I have a lecture in a minute, so I'll leave you a proper review when I've had time to read the rest.

But what I've read so far is great. You don't see well written Sonic fics here much anymore, so it's good to finally find one! :)