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WyldClaw chapter 1 . 2/5/2016
that was an awesome awesome start!
reppad98 chapter 10 . 6/3/2012
It's ridiculous that this story has only 36 reviews, it deserves so many more. I've read worse stories with more reviews.

Okay, I know this is a really, really old story, heh, more than ten years, and that you're probably long way past your fanfiction phase, and that there's also a big probability that you will never read my review, let alone respond (although I would be very happy with a respond), but THANK YOU! For writing this story, for not deleting this, for publishing it, just for everything.

Thank you very much, I've enjoyed this story very much. Actually, I think that's an understatement, I loved it. I loved the plot, your writing style, the little romantic hints, your descriptions of the battles, the chapters being little stories itself, the little details like Misty's embarassing upper lip, Dexter, just everything!

Thank you and keep writing!

ps. Sorry for my English, it isn't my native language.

pps. I'm defenitely gonna read your other BadgeQuest stories ;)
darkgryffindor08 chapter 10 . 12/26/2011
awesome story i will read all of the badgequest stories love it keep it up
Tanon chapter 1 . 12/22/2011
First person to finish a pokemon fic with more than 100k words.

goatheart chapter 1 . 3/1/2010
I'm only on chapter 7 but I am loving this story. It's almost like watching pokemon on t.v but with aamr and a plot that is one hundred times more awesome! I love your writing style its measured and keeps suspense so well. I'm going to read the BadgeQuest whole series!
UnbiasedBias chapter 10 . 8/25/2009
I think it's been... what? 8 years since you last updated at all, and I'm begging you desperately to please finish this story! You may have had only 32 reviews (not including this one) so far, but I'm hoping that you'll go on at least for me...

You're an awesome writer!

pokeshipper409 chapter 8 . 4/30/2009
D: thats not fair. GARY CHEATED. Bah. love the story so far :D it's totally awesome and ass'kickin.
pikagurl23 chapter 10 . 3/11/2009
I think this has gotta be one of the best attempts at general fanfiction that I have ever read, and typically my likes are, more or less, focused on the romance genre of pokemon. I really loved how you gave a personality to Dexter and how you tied everything in at the end of it all. I swear I thought I was watching the series in the way you so masterfully wrote everything and switched scenes bewteen characters. Major kudos to you on this one cyber and now I'm off to read Season 2!
Bobbie3926 chapter 10 . 12/22/2008
I loved it. Thanks for the story.
Ringtailer720 chapter 9 . 7/28/2008
I love this story; in fact, I love this whole series of stories!

Rereading this makes me remember the good old days of Pokemon, when it had considerable potential, and reminded me of why I love it in the first place.

The conniving/corrupt Elite Four, Team Rocket actually being sinister, and everything else living up to the potential that the show never did.

By the way, the "Ash" series on FOX sounds hilarious.
lordsesshomaru2 chapter 10 . 7/10/2008
Very well written story. I'm supposing that missingno and Giselle will eventually make a reapperance? I'm going to go read the rest of the BadgeQuest stories now.
Riverfox237 chapter 7 . 7/2/2008
NICE chapter! Sorry I took so long to finish it, but life's been busy lately. And sadly, I don't have a really long review for this one, 'cause I lost the read-and-review I was writing and thus all my more detailed thoughts. ; Oh well.

Anyhoo, great chapter! You had me laughing throughout the whole thing, like when Ash was blindfolded and crossed the intersection to run straight into Misty! XD And him freaking out about trying to get ready in 4 minutes was hilarious! This was my favorite line in the whole chapter:

"Pikachu, I need you to stall Misty for as long as you can. I don't care what you do-sing, dance, mug her-just keep her away from this house as long as you can."

XD And he really DID mug her!

And wow, Gary is still really a jerk in this story! ; I'm glad he ended up maturing more in the TV series. And I feel really sorry for Gracie. It's not her fault she has a bad voice! Nice how Misty handled Gary; I laughed when she said the line about making him cry like a little girl. XD I WASN'T expecting the Elite Four to have a childish grudge against him, though. But my impression of them has only ever come from the games, and I'll admit that some of them did seem a bit arrogant. I like Bruno!

And the irony at the end was unexpected! So do they really just want to be friends, or do they just not want to risk having their hearts broken again?

Anyhoo, great job! Although I haven't seen a sign of that break from the Pokegoddess mentions that you told me about. ;) Oh well, nice to be getting some more information on that. That's all for now, though, 'cause I have to get back to work! Until the next chapter!

Riverfox237 chapter 6 . 6/14/2008
Um...darnit! I accidentally killed the review I was writing for this, but I can't tell if I just deleted it or sent it! I was only halfway done! Oh well. I'm going to do the whole thing again, just in case, so if you get two reviews for this chapter, please delete the first one. If not, hurrah!

3 of 3. The shortest chapter gets the longest review, lol!

*imagine a radio station. The static clears slowly until a lone voice is audible…*

“This is a Read and Review review. Please take note that the Reader is making comments as she goes, thus making for a much longer review than normal. Please stand by. Thank you.” *channel disolves into static again*

*perks* Humor? ROCK! *does happy dance*

Oh boy. We got a literal ‘hot head’ hear. Dontcha love the dramatic ones? *sheepish grin* Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun. Totally on purpose. My bad. *raises a single eyebrow* Demonic setup. Interesting entry to your ‘humorous’ episode, I must say! *grins and winks*

Umm… *wonders if she should comment on the actual heat of lava at that distance* …Nah. Carry on. It’s a cartoon, and the Cinnabar guy did it.

Wow, Dexter sure is proving useful! And he’s not being annoying this time! Bonus!

*intrigued* A heat lense? I’m going to have to look that one up. Sounds cool! I really like how you’ve put all of these technical theories to work in your stories, like how you explain the pokeball. ‘The Science of the Pokeball’ has always been one of my favorite fanfics on here.

*can’t resist a grin* Firefox. He’s fighting the Internet! Burn the Internet, Charizard! *laughs and ducks head sheepishly at the same time* O, that was a BAD joke. Shame on me. It’s really late at night when I’m reading this, if you couldn’t tell, lol!

Nice! A Charizard duel!

*cackles* Suh-weet! I love how smoothly Ash said that! *referring to the, “A flying type,” line*Although, if I were him, I would have used Charizard to weaken the other Charizard first. Charizard was barely even used, so he had plenty of strength left, and I can’t see a huge Charizard being taken down TOO easily by a Pikachu all on it’s lonesome. …Then again, I was going to mention earlier that Pikachu should be pretty much unbeatable after all this time, so I guess it evens out quite well!

*Laughs* I agree; it is DEFINITELY Ash’s own personal cliché!

*wry grin* Silly Giovanni. Ash was wupping up on you WAY before he got Upgraded Dexter. You’re just looking for an excuse for your own failings! He IS the League Champion, dork! *glances at Cyberwraith* Yes, occasionally I think of fun, cutting things to say to the characters. Don’t we all. *grins* I’m beginning to get an idea of why this episode is going to be especially funny…

Favorite line: "This is it. If you pull this off, you'll be a hero. They'll sing songs about you in that place Vikings go when they die. If you blow it, it's the end of everything." He patted his friend on the back. "Don't choke." XD Where do you come UP with this stuff?

Boy, that was easy. Go figure. I guess they had to do a job right one of these days, haha!

XD James cracks me up! Sounds like a plan one of MY characters would make up! (If that confuses you, just go to my Profile page and read the section called ‘The Random Insanity Section’. It will quickly become clear to you.) ;D

*almost dies laughing* He DID! He totally got the Cascadebadge out of pity! Oh, that was great!

*jaw drops* Oh. My. Word. Giovanni has officially lost his marbles. He doing the insane evil overlord laugh. *grins* I love how you called it ‘Giovanni’s glee time’. XD Huzzah, Dexter agrees with me! I don’t recall Giovanni being quite this mentally unstable in the show.

'Dexter thought about it for a moment. "Stuff that could destroy him, huh? Well, he doesn't like bullets...but that's probably true for most of you humans, huh? Fire...Ice...Drowning...Sharp things, that does it for a lot of people-" Giovanni slammed Dexter down onto the table in a fit of rage. "Hey, watch the casing!" '

If this weren’t so hard for other people to understand without reading the whole fanfic, I would totally add this to my Quotes archive! XD

*Mortified* Cryin’ out loud, does this jabbering Pokedex have no SENSE? At least Giovanni was too frustrated to listen to him.

Of COURSE! It wouldn’t be a proper Armageddon unless Giovanni was the one who goes and lets loose some killer pokemon that will destroy the whole earth while he’s watching in glee. The dork.

Yeah, tell ‘er, Ash! Who’s she to tell you where your stinkin’ ‘destiny’ lies? This lady is creepy. And why the HECK do the weird supernatural hallucinations always have to speak in code? Seriously! I don’t like her at all. She’s creepy. I know I wouldn’t want to be her ‘disciple’!

…Uh oh…this has the possibility of testing the PG rating. And I was wondering for a second there how a computer could play strip poker.

“She had let James take her place in the game before her honor as a lady had been besmirched.” Thank goodness for that! I knew you wouldn’t spoil the story like that.

A Meowth’s charm is removable? Dude.

Come to think of it, Jessie and James didn’t really have a whole lot of clothing to shed in the first place, so that must have been a short game. Jessie: jacket, 2 boots, 2 gloves; James: jacket, pants, 2 boots, and 2 gloves; Meowth: 1 charm. Okay, that’s 12 games. Maybe more if James had an undershirt or they were all wearing socks. And I'm rambling again. Let me know if that annoys you.

Dexter, what would you do with a CPU the size of a house, anyways?

*interested* So! Articuno plays by the rules! That’s good for Ash. I figure it must have decided that being captured meant it should just go ahead and be obedient to its new master. Thank goodness Pokemon are smarter than animals! (Well, most of them.)

Whoo! Go Ash!

“Still, there was something to be said for team spirit. Not much, mind you, but something nonetheless.” XD Well, at least that’s something. Don’t these losers ever learn? Of COURSE they’re not going to beat them! Ash and Co. have about 12 more Pokemon than they do!

Something's suspicious about Giovanni just letting them go. I wonder if he planted something on Dexter?

*laughs* I would not have expected Brock of all people to be that eager for a fight!

Doesn’t make sense? Really, why not, guys? Evil Villain 101: the super rich guy is ALWAYS either incredibly nice and talented or the leader of the world’s biggest evil organization! Silly people. Duh.

*grins* ‘Dying is easy, Comedy is hard.’ I’ve never heard that phrase before, but I think I can say from experience that it’s mostly right! Well, maybe not LITERAL dying (I never kill my characters), but the violence part.

Great chapter! It was definitely very amusing! I'm liking this fic a lot. I can't promise that all of my reviews will be this long (then again, I can't promise that they WON'T), but I shall greatly enjoy continuing to read this! Great job, Cyberwraith9!

*Riverfox sends Cyberwraith9 several buckets of popcorn shrimp, 3 triple topping pizzas, a gallong of Insta-Flavor ice cream, and a batch of chocolate-chip cookies to show her appreciation and to make up for clogging his Review Box with absurdly long reviews*
Riverfox237 chapter 5 . 6/14/2008
2 of 3. Here's my review for this chapter! :D Much longer, but not so long as 3 of 3, so brace yourself! ;)

I had one large complaint in this chapter: when someone goes into a vegetable coma, the hospital will generally keep them alive for a long time. They are NOT hasty about ‘pulling the plug’, and it would be very unprofessional of them to suggest it the very first day the person is in the hospital.

Favorite line!:

‘Woah... Ash sounded disturbed, That 'is' I...dead? He sounded annoyed, Not again!’

I about busted up laughing at that one! XD Pokemon Tower was one of my favorite episodes! I may not like phsycics expecially, but Haunter has always been one of my favs! YES! Haunter makes a reappearance! :D I always wished that he had stayed with Ash. But, oh well. I’m REALLY not too fond of the whole ‘spiritual’ aspect of the show, but since it IS Japanese, I guess we have to take the weird with the good, lol. (My personal opinion on the matter; I remember, you said you liked Phsycic types in a previous chapter.)

It’s definitely interesting how you are developing the whole Ash/Misty thing. Did you know that’s why they took her off the show? Lame. That actually kind of irks me, because, for crying out loud, Ash was 10 and Misty was 12! I’m sorry, but people that young do NOT fall in love. Name me one realistic romance where that happened. And no, I’m not counting crushes. It helps that they’re older here, although I still wish that Ash were older than 15. But I’m fine with it, since he’s at least a little closer to an acceptable age. Sorry, I’m rambling again. Hope you don’t mind. I LOVE the way you have Brock in the middle of the situation, though! ;D He handles it so well!

SEADRA! Awesome! I love how you’re evolving their pokemon! And Wartortle made me very happy. You should totally have Vulpix evolve next.

Well, the whole ‘Armageddon’ thing is pretty darn cryptic. Wonder what that’s all about?

*ponders* Say…are you a Christian? I am, and I just noticed that there are a lot of references to God in this chapter. I’m just curious, is all. Is that what you were going for? And either way, I appreciate the realism in Misty’s reaction. It’s strange how people will deny God exists, right up until theirs or a loved one’s life is in danger, and then they plead to him for help. Isn’t there something to be said for the fact that this possible solution forces itself upon them when anything else would obviously fail? Isn’t it notable that, when all seems lost, the mind is forced to accept the possibility of a Creator, no matter how much they denied it before?

And I totally agree w/ your theory about Team Rocket. You can't get blasted into the stratosphere that many times without forming some sort of bond, after all!

Interesting chapter! I definitely laughed a lot during some parts of it. And dude, you have made me very happy by bringing up Pikachu’s obsession with ketchup in this story! I had forgotten all about that, but it cracks me up every time!

Great job, Cyberwraith! Hope you don’t mind my long reviews; I like to review as I read sometimes. Looking forward to reading on! Thanks!
Riverfox237 chapter 4 . 6/14/2008
Hey, thanks for the review reply! I really appreciate it! Too bad Rocket Joy isn't coming back. I had hopes. Oh well, Brock will find love someday. (I just can't imagine him staying a bachelor forever.) And yes, Nintendo has once again fulfilled their true goal in life: teach the kids how to be unspeakably cruel to creatures of lower intelligence by disguising it as a fun kid's game with cute characters. Point in case: Mario. How many of those poor, mindless flying turtles and weird little walking mushrooms has he slain?

Just as fair warning, I should let you know that you are about to get several VERY long reviews from me. I copied several chapters onto my laptop and stayed up late reading and reviewing them last night (we're not allowed to have internet in the dorms), so you're about to get a very large and rapid wave of them. I hope you like long reviews! I know I do, but people may have different preferences.

And now, the actual review for this chapter! :D 1 of 3, about to come in rapid succession.

Dude, you are my new best friend! Ash caught an Articuno! YES! XD That rocks! And I thought it was a really funny and very nice change from the usual morbid assumptions, the way you explained Misty’s missing parents! Great job! I liked this one! And this was definitely an nice alternate way of getting Charizard to respect Ash. It really wasn’t too different in the Orange Island episode where it happened, either! (In case you haven’t seen it: Ash sent Charizard out against an Orange Island Gym Leader’s Poliwhirl, who froze Charizard in a solid block of ice. Ash spent the entire night and rubbed his hands raw unthawing and massaging heat back into Charizard, and the big lizard remembered all the times Ash had cared for him and they had gotten along when he was a charmander. It was really quite sweet. This reminded me of that; I liked that episode, it was nice to have the dumb lizard stop being a jerk.) And the deal w/ Ash getting fed up and releasing Charizard was intense! Great emotion!

Awesome job! I’m enjoying this fic a lot. You are an excellent writer!
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