Reviews for Don't Stand So Close To Me
AquaRibbon chapter 7 . 8/30/2010
This fanfiction is a hidden treasure for the Remus/Hermione shipper, they were so in character! The feeling of nostalgia in the last chapter made my heart ache. Beautiful fic.

(Also, that bit about Hermione singing in her sleep was really unique. Well, at least I've never come across anything like it before, I thought it was really cool!)
nicoleeeeeeable chapter 5 . 8/5/2008
wow your writing is very deep i love it keep writng more remus/hermione stories!
Eoz Moon chapter 7 . 5/29/2007
your story is amazing, please please please say theres a sequel on the way? im desperate to see him return!
Jenn Hoffmann chapter 7 . 8/27/2006
Wow, this whole story was really, really good! Keep up the good work with all your future pieces!Jenn
mejara chapter 6 . 2/5/2006
i love ur style!please write a book.!

i really enjoyed this, and that's saying something cuz i don't even like this pairing all that much. i'm gonna check for other stories of urs as soon as i can(please don't tell me this is the only one...)
vowtoslash chapter 7 . 11/28/2005
It was perfect. Just perfect. It's so hard to find Remus/Hermione fics that aren't time-turners ones. It's even harder to find good ones. I really, really enjoyed this story. You should continue writing!
A.P.P chapter 7 . 10/6/2005
The emotions stabbing me inside while reading the chapter 6 are just undescribable. The moment he pressed her body against the table was replied infront of my eyes over and over again. So passionate and intense, yet full of burning desires and acidental love.

Do you read Nabokovs books, or are you just as poetrical as I when it comes to writing? I wish every romance-story at my would be written with your talent. Ive truly NEVER ret ANYTHING so beautiful as your story, and even there were only seven chappies, I could see it in my head in a shape of a movie, crying because of the unfair trap the wolrd had set to wait Remus and Hermione to make the faithfull steps of their own..

Thank you for sharing your poetry with us.
Doughnuts of Miroku chapter 7 . 8/1/2005
There are many endings to the same story. This happened to be the chosen ending to this one. I must admit. It's something exceptionally heart-wrenching about this ending, but it fits. A silent, profound love affair that stretched to many extensions of the soul, but like "Lolita," it ends because the reality of the world demands it to end the way it did. But the possibility of a happier ending gives the reader something to look forward to. That even a hopeless, tragic love had a sliver of inviting hope. So thank you for writing such a wonderful piece of literature. I'm sorry that this couldn't end any other way.
ilovefireyredheads chapter 7 . 7/18/2005
very sweet

robinjamie chapter 7 . 7/9/2005
I liked it. It's different than what I usually read, but a good different. It's sort of like asking for a soda, but getting a milkshake unless milk makes you sick, then it's be the other way around. Well, anyway, I liked it.
RobinJamie chapter 7 . 7/9/2005
I finally read it. I liked it to. It's different than what I usually read, but a good kind of different like asking for a soda and getting a milkshake instead. I give my seal of approval not that you need it, but it doesn't stop me.
heidifrancoskywalker chapter 7 . 7/2/2005
please don't tell me this is the end? great story!
mercutio-rane chapter 7 . 7/1/2005
I'm not a big fan of Remus/Hermoine pieces, mostly because of the student/teacher thing but the fact that this was a songfic and the song fit the fic so PERFECTLY, it made it actually really fun to read! Topic aside, your writing is beautifully poetic and the topic handled realistically and with a sad poignance. I really loved it! You could stop there or keep it up, either way. That's the great thing about "envelope edge" endings. No one is left hanging, really, but if you ever want to write a bit more, the door is still unlocked. :)

Thanks for writing!
Brittany Malfoy chapter 7 . 6/22/2005
Oh my goodness, thats so sad. I'm sobbing as I write this. Grr.. They desirve eachother and if he would have read the rest of her journal...god.I mean they loved eachother and everything. Its like Romeo and Juliet without the dieing. They need eachother... I'm still crying.
Janey chapter 7 . 6/21/2005
wow! This is really good and well written. Please continue!1
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