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mickeydawn995 chapter 35 . 9/27
I realize it's been three years since you updated but I just wanted to let you know you do a marvelous job of this story. You make the characters real, giving them strengths and weaknesses. The way you portray their body language is perfect. I personally enjoy eating people and determining their relations to those around them through their actions as well as their words.
I also wanted to send you my condolences. I also just suffered a death in my own family and I know how dark and terrible the world seems. But I want to testify to you that there is life, even in death. There is purpose in everything and although it seems that there is no purpose or reason there is a purpose. You will be blessed and strengthened through this. There is never any trial or loss that we are faced with that is without reason.
Tisa-Tisa chapter 35 . 8/25
So? Again it's been years...what is this "small drama" that Jareth is caught up in? I don't know why I even bother getting involved with stories like this that haven't a hope of completion. Just as well, I got bored with this one after all the weird Taliesin/Goewin stuff came into play. Just a story about the Baaleron family would have been perfect...
Aquelana chapter 17 . 6/1
I love this story to pieces, but I wish you had just left it at the Baaleron Family Reunion and not gunked it up with all this Tuatha De Danaan rubbish.
friendrat chapter 35 . 4/3
Well, that was a somewhat unexpected turn off events... I really hope he makes it... Although, I bet if he does Jasmine is going to smack him as soon as he's well enough for scaring her like that.
friendrat chapter 29 . 4/3
You know, Goewin is a lot like Jareth. It's no wonder that Jasmine is attracted to him, she's a lot like her mom. Interrupted first kiss is classic. And I was afraid something like that would happen at the end... I hope Goewin can make things right... That's going to be a rough discussion.
friendrat chapter 28 . 4/3
I love the letter. It was a good touch as far as telling what happened with events following the wished away. And it tells a lot about our favorite conflicted spy... Hmmm... He's not the only conflicted spy there, is he? I wonder if that will be a problem?
friendrat chapter 27 . 4/3
Bonded by trauma. I hope Ryan will be OK. That's rough for his first solo trip...
friendrat chapter 26 . 4/3
Falling... Falling... As the helping hands would say, he chose down! Now he's going to teach Jasmine to dance?! I can only imagine how Sarah is going to take this...
friendrat chapter 24 . 4/3
Go Ryan! Way to be awesome. Goewin is going to fall... So hard. He's already been caught off guard, more then once, and admitted they aren't ogres... And Jasmine has already attracted his attention. It was sweet of Jareth to offer to outlaw bacon. And... Way to make an entrance! Lol.
friendrat chapter 23 . 4/3
Yes! I knew it! I love it when I'm right! And with all the extra work that Goewin is going to be putting in trying to win Jasmine over... Well, let's jut say that I won't be surprised if someone unintentionally falls in love...
friendrat chapter 22 . 4/3
Hmmm... I wonder if it will be twins again. Chances of multiples increases as you age, and Sarah did get pregnant with twins at 17...
friendrat chapter 21 . 4/3
Allyndrial's life really sucks, doesn't it? I kind of wonder what she'd be like if her mother wasn't in the picture. I also kind of hope she gets the chance to find out. And as for Goewin... He has a soft spot, and I don't really think he likes his mother any more then Allyndrial does. I wonder if that soft spot is enough to make a false friendship true?
friendrat chapter 19 . 4/3
That was hysterical! That's all there really is to say about this chapter without being redundant.
friendrat chapter 18 . 4/3
A thought just occurred to me. A question, really. Hopefully one already answered in future chapters. If Finn was Jareth's great...Grandfather, did he remarry/find a new lover, or did Branwen have a child before she died? If he remarried someone he didn't love that makes it like 100 times sadder. Also, if Sarah is Branwen reborn, is Jareth Finn reborn? Also, if Branwen had a child, that kind of makes Sarah Jareth's great... Grandmother. That's just weird. I need to stop speculating now and read. I'm also getting antsy about Ryan and what dirt our favorite villainess has dug up on him.
friendrat chapter 6 . 4/2
I love how the labyrinth is like "I don't know".
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