Reviews for Sleeping Series
Mirandaannw chapter 13 . 12/31/2014
Don't get why you killed him
LeahTeirnan chapter 13 . 1/20/2007
you should warn people about things like that you made me cry *glares* :-P :-P :-P
JG chapter 13 . 11/16/2006
I would have screamed too, if I were Max. However, it also made me think of the scene from the movie Hot Shots.

I really enjoyed this series, but it was sad Alec died. You've got to wonder about all the other people in TC, though. In a place where everyone has the same blood type, Alec was the only person who had the novel idea of giving her a transfusion?
Rita chapter 13 . 11/15/2006
I loved the ending, he sacrificed himself for her, that was beautiful and sad at the same time. great work, loved every chapter!
Loisen chapter 13 . 11/15/2006
alec an't be dead. thats to cruel. :(
p3karen chapter 12 . 10/13/2006
Great story please update soon
angelofdarkness78 chapter 12 . 5/27/2006
OMG! Wonderful chapters, but I feel so bad for Alec! He can't lose Max! They just got together! Great job on this fic. aod78
angelofdarkness78 chapter 7 . 5/27/2006
Yay! They're together now! aod78
angelofdarkness78 chapter 6 . 5/27/2006
Hehe, Pink clothes... The lengths Alec will go to please her. Loved the chapter. aod78
angelofdarkness78 chapter 4 . 5/27/2006
Great chapter. M, Alec partially dressed. Now, do you see what you do to my mind? LOL Haha, so now Max knows it was Alec all along. aod78
angelofdarkness78 chapter 3 . 5/27/2006
I think Max is getting closer to figuring out that it's Alec. Hehe. aod78
angelofdarkness78 chapter 2 . 5/27/2006
Wasn't terrible at all. LOL Sketchy and Alec making trouble as always. aod78
angelofdarkness78 chapter 1 . 5/27/2006
I've read this before, but I thought I'd review. Short but sweet, and I really love it. LOL Especially the fact that Alec could tell that Brian had been with Max. Okay, on to the next chapters. aod78
Dark Angel Fan Forever chapter 12 . 5/26/2006
Oh My God!

Oh My God!


Hope you update soon!
Pand chapter 12 . 5/26/2006
woah... a brill chap! looking forward to the nxt chap
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