Reviews for Crikey!
mageofknowledge chapter 4 . 6/26/2010
I must admit I never would have thought of this crossover, but it is a beyond-brilliant idea. I know you haven't updated this story in years, but I beg you please to continue!
Ko-pia chapter 4 . 8/2/2009
I glanced at the title, read the summary, then looked back at the title with a growing sense of horror and awe. This is a wicked awesome idea!
librarywitch chapter 4 . 10/9/2008
Once again! Awesome!
dave-gerecke chapter 4 . 6/13/2007
You know you should continue with this story, I admit that Steve has gone on the next journey but still, it would be a nice touch.

dfshie chapter 4 . 12/3/2006
Morange chapter 4 . 9/15/2006
Oh dear lord above... I can only just imagine the chaos
Marz1 chapter 4 . 9/6/2006
good story. are you going to continue it now that the croc hunter has passed on?
dogbertcarroll chapter 4 . 1/5/2006
rankokunalpha1 chapter 4 . 12/5/2005
love the story so far keep up the great writing i hope a new chapter comes out soon!
Marauder no. Five chapter 4 . 9/29/2005
he's always good fpr a laugh isn't he. you seen his movie? that was good. especially liked the ending.
Shinigami Ace chapter 4 . 9/2/2005
LOL! LOL! as soon as i saw the title i went 'lol, steve irwin.' and i was right! hes so odd, cos most of us aussies dont talk like him. but some do, sadly. :P lol
Malaskor chapter 4 . 8/7/2005
Fun chapter, I especially liked the lock picking the drop bears did... LOL

Keep it up and thanks for sharing
wackey chapter 4 . 8/6/2005
*Snicker* This is getting funnier with each chapter!
rankokunalpha1 chapter 3 . 8/1/2005
oh god i am afraid to ask what freinds then i thought crocodile hunter you are a evil evil auther for cliff hanging chapters so much! keep upo the great writing and a few more chapters soon please! can we say dragon hunters? evil grin's all around!
Enelya Fefalas chapter 3 . 7/29/2005
Oh dear god no. Not Steve Irwin! *screams*
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