Reviews for The Sense in Pointlessness
Quraishia chapter 1 . 6/19/2008
Relentless Ambition chapter 1 . 9/24/2007
After reading eighty-one fan fictions in your account (NS and F combined), this I have to say…

Night Strider (Foul Fountain of Flies) has a collection of subjacent novel of ideas taken back to a Paleolithic level of illusionary-like tale and emotional apathy.

You are a pseudo-virtuoso…a work of maladroitness, orthodox and scarcity, which a said writer was completely succumbed to her arid and foreseeable terminus. Your fallacy is distinctly inherent…and that emancipated shallowness in your literary writings. The appalling liabilities of reviews reflected with constant impend over such imbecile slaves as “addictive and indulgent”. No wonder, you predisposed your primitive enticement to actualize a psychological impregnation of subtle minds with schizophrenic inducement for innocent readers to decipher more of your substandard works.

You are a neglected daughter of a coward and alcoholic bastard, whom you modeled his marauding hobbies and fabricated them as your reserve (a manic possession of objects disown is evidently protuberant). A person analogous to your kind engineered a gigantic and lethal abstersion, which in the end, vacillated to desolation (suitably related to a flamboyant-stricken being that has met its hiemal perdition). You covered yourself with drudgery of hate, dreary vexation and tyrannical ingenuity where, in paradoxical and internal perspectives, you are flaccid, vacuous and bulimic for masculine attentiveness, egoistic nourishments and material abundance, which all will never bestow to your lipidous lap.

Hypercritical? Pessimist? Blood Clot? Excruciating torment? Indeed, it’s about time to preponderant yourself on how these terms neither conceive fear nor shiver violently to anyone but your withering ego.

I would desire to witness and ridicule your self-annihilation and timorous selfdom.
Pollux Unbound chapter 1 . 12/22/2006
This is funny, I really like the shallow and non-angstsy concept. I always try to write fics like this because romance/angst/drama are killing me. I know I know I've written tons of that sort. Anyway, Rukawa is so tortured and annoyed and Sakuragi's innocence is cute, to say the least.

Yeah, torture the fox again, I'm tired of doing it but I love reading it. Hahaha pointless ne?

Opal12 chapter 1 . 3/10/2006
this fic cracked me up :) i love it!
Chibi Reikou chapter 1 . 3/20/2005
Yay! A Ruhana...well almost..but nevertheless, I still like the fic. Although Ru and Hana isn't really an item here but I still think that this fic is very good...Some sentences cracked me up D And I want to know Hanamichi's POV too...

Keep up the good work!

~ Reikou - loves Ruhana very much _
Wowie chapter 1 . 3/20/2005
This fic is so pointless! XD j/k! Anyways, the fact that you wrote a RuHana fic even if you didn't like the pair is enough for a fangirl like me to squeel in delight! And you even dedicated it to me? Aw that's so sweet~! XD As for Sakuragi's side, I think there's no need for that. It's really fun toturing the fox. XD
chickenshitt chapter 1 . 3/19/2005
I've always thought that Rukawa's the kind of guy who'd hyperventilate secretly, but let almost nothing out ("Over my dead, handsome body"). And the fact that Sakuragi hates being indebted to anyone. You got them well enough. Nice work, keep up.

p.s. Yes, Rukawa is really like that.

p.s.s it would be pointless to remind you, but Sakuragi has his own bike. It's red. And he can ride it faster than a car.
mifune chapter 1 . 3/19/2005
hey. why didn't you dedicate this to me? i like RuHana. heh.

okay, here's a request, what about Sakuragi's story? i personally think things are a little more entertaining when they're in his perspective, knowing him, anyway.

sorry, demand mode. hrhr.

the pointlessness thing got me a bit dizzy but the point got across. everything's subtle and it's beautiful cos you do it well, but of course.

i laughed at that last statement in your note at the end:

Err, I know that there are many fans of Rukawa-Haruko pairing in this site and if you noticed, Rukawa hates Haruko in this fanfic. Ask me why; because Rukawa is really like that. Right? Thanks for the time.

oh my god. this is so you and it's brilliant.