Reviews for Zero, The Legendary Reploid
Jeager's Paradise chapter 3 . 3/6/2010
Can you please finish this because you see i never played the games so i want to know what happens. so PLEASE!

Shadowthunder chapter 4 . 1/22/2006
hey dont let this die. this is a good one. please update.
Keyo-Red Angel of Hope chapter 4 . 7/4/2005
Brilliant battle. I hated Aztec Falcon so much in the game, so this battle was a pleasure to read.

I do have on complaint though, in that Phatom does not wear black, rather a deep shade of purple, which is what ninjas actually wore as it blended in with nature better.

Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see the duel between Zero and Phantom.
Archaon chapter 4 . 7/3/2005
I see you are continuing. I like the way you handled the fact that Zero actually accepted to help Ciel. It is not really believable for somebody who has no recollection of his past to just accept an almost suicidal mission against an unknown to him force. I like the way you used Alouette, her innate innocence being just the motive the externally emotionless Zero needed. The fight was quite good and the way you found to end it and move that plate out of the way was inspired. I guess you are one of the people who mainly use the buster against AF;-) I believe Harpuia managed to salvage at least AF’s control chip, since he appears again in MMZ2 as Hapuia’s... flying pad? I only noticed some superficial and hard-to-notice errors, the worst of which a paragraph just before the battle where you changed into first person view. Perhaps you had it in italics but the site uploaded it wrongly? Regardless, everybody does such mistakes, so don’t worry too much about them. The bad thing about novelizations is that most of the authors who start, give up after a few missions. I have never seen one to reach past the mechaniloid attack. I hope you will be the first to break that record;-)
K. Pepper chapter 3 . 4/14/2005
Heh… good ol’ Harpuia; always thinking of what no one else manages to. It amuses me that the techs are so scared of him; he’s the most level-headed guy around! Anyway, geez, the Resistance sounds more dangerous to Zero than Neo-Arcadia! First he nearly gets shot, then he almost gets sliced in half by a mal-functioning shield-boomerang… Although, I would have loved to see the look on Cerveau’s face when the sucker started flying around the room. I almost laughed out loud. Anyway, good chapter and development. I’m glad you don’t neglect Zero’s character and make him Gary-Stu-ish like a lot of people seem to. The confusion is a nice touch. Well, until next time!

K. Pepper chapter 2 . 4/14/2005
Ah, good, a little author liberty, even if it’s just another character’s point of view, although I really can’t see Harpuia snickering like that. Ah, well, thanks for editing this and making him the proper gender. As you well know, it’s really one of my biggest pet-peeves when people change him to a girl. *Glomps Harpuia* Mine! …Okay, sorry, a little off the subject… XD

Anyway, I see you made the golem fight a bit more interesting… and a lot longer. You did a pretty decent job, the grammatical errors not withstanding. I have to say, I have the sudden urge to play MMZ 1 again… I have this goal to take out the golem with the buster, but that will kill my time record… and… yeah. Anyway, pretty good chapter. Is this whole thing going to just be a novelization with just a few liberties taken, or what?

K. Pepper chapter 1 . 4/14/2005
Ah, another novelization, eh? Well, I can’t talk much about the story, and I’ve certainly seen the first level of MMZ 1 novelized enough, so I guess I’ll just talk about the writing. You seem to have a lot of wrong word errors, such as solider instead of soldier, and consensus instead of conscious. You also tend to word some things a bit awkwardly, but then, I guess the point is moot, since you said I can start beta-reading for you. As for your portrayal… well, it’s just like the game, so if that’s what you were going for, then good job.

Hellblaze chapter 3 . 4/12/2005
Love the story. Keep up the great work! :D
Archaon chapter 3 . 4/12/2005
Great work at novelizing the first MMZ, though it is just the beginning. Keep it up!
Viper-Saria chapter 3 . 4/11/2005
OK I know its dumb of me to sign my own story but I did it for a reason.

1. Harpuia has been changed back to a GUY to respect the honor of the Zero storyline. (And a Harpuia fan.)

2. Chapter One was editted for a very often spelling mistake of 'threw' instead of the intended 'through'.

Other then that, comment freely!
SPUW Commander Ruler of the eastern hemisphere whatever chapter 2 . 4/4/2005
Wow! When does Megaman come in?
Freaky Person O.o chapter 1 . 3/26/2005
Umm... Since u've got Harpuia as a girl... Maybe you can make the first Harpuia/Zero fic... Lol.. I'm just trying to expirement with pairings... :P
Freaky Person O.o chapter 2 . 3/23/2005
Ok. First of all, Harpuia is a GUY! Not a girl! There's actually a site proving it! Even the rockman series that was the original translations says he's a GUY! Second of all, it's 'through', not 'threw'. Other than that this is a good story!
Axel Wildfire chapter 2 . 3/22/2005
Nice, sounds like what happened to me when i fought the golem. Good that Harpuia is a girl, i always thought that made more sense.
Hellblaze chapter 2 . 3/22/2005
Man this fanfic just keeps getting good. I love the way how Zero saves Ciel and also the action in here. I like the way how you discribed on how Zero fought and destroyed the Golem. Keep up the great work and update soon :)
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