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Ginebra Brong chapter 22 . 4/12/2005
Hola!I Swear that i wont go to bed until I read your fic before! bcause I found three new unread chapters this afternoon!

Well a weeding and a soon to be Mum and cute!

a death eater killed himself with a muggle thing..he deserved it for being so bloody mean!

How are you? better I hope!

Your fic is great!you know that, dont you?(my English not)

Well until next chapter. Hasta Pronto
Rivenn chapter 22 . 4/12/2005
holy crap, sory i missed three chaps, for some reason i didnt get the first two announcments. but im back now and ive read all three, verry good chapters.

the niggs thing was a bit of a surprise, as was the marriage but the possession was right on my theory.

addmittedly i thought it was voldie and his green light but i like this malfoy thing instead. keep up the awsome writeing
Sammie Tonks chapter 22 . 4/12/2005
Stranger is good. I like stranger lol. Yey a baby girl! Hoorah! I read to many stories where they have a baby boy which isn't a bad thing but I would love to see Harry the father of a baby girl. Mr. Protective. It will be cute. I couldn't help but saw "Aww" when they said "Husband" "Wife" retarted sounding I know but cute.
wvchemteach chapter 22 . 4/12/2005
Well it seems that there are 1 of two scenarios going on.

1) Someone is trying to take the place of Voldemort and is even marking followers.

2) Someone wants Harry and Ginny to believe that Voldemort might be coming back to neutralize them for whatever reason.

Whomever it is seems to have some inkling about the earlier possession and seemed to be taking great care to hide his prescence from Ginny.

Also the fact that Niggs used a muggle weapon seems to indicate the possibility of a muggle born or half-blood.

Zo the Inkblot chapter 22 . 4/12/2005
Oh my...i think i might have an idea now...perhaps...*thinks and wonders* could it be? ah!

Wonderful chapter! I'm so excited they're having a girl!

xiaoxiao chapter 22 . 4/12/2005
The news about the baby is wonderful, indeed, especially when shared. I also loved Harry's reassurances that he finds Ginny attractive.
SaintEmo chapter 22 . 4/12/2005
This was a wonderful chapter. I loved it. I hope that they don't have to deal with anymore obstacles than needed, because they have already been through so much to get where they are. I also liked the fact that you made Ginny's subconscious a mini-Harry. It showed that she really always depended on Harry to be her savoiur.

Please update soon, I can't wait.

A leak in the ministry...WEIRD
Agloechen chapter 22 . 4/12/2005
how the...? what..? how did you manage to write this chapter in such a small amount of time? either you have way too much free time or you're not human! (and i guess it's the latter...
Harry and Ginny 4eva chapter 22 . 4/12/2005
of course i'm emotional *sniff* i'm a weirdo...:)

and i love babies !
kazziedal chapter 21 . 4/12/2005
I love it and i can't wait to read more i hope you feel better soon.
Agloechen chapter 21 . 4/12/2005
nice chappie!

umm, i'm really really sorry that i still found some sentences i didn't like, cause i don't want you to get mad at me or anything (i don't want you to think that i don't like your story cause i really do!). i don't know if it's just a feeling but i think that you make harry speek much more formal that ginny. sentences like "You were so driven that it (!)did not(!) seem natural. I just (!)did not(!) want to push the issue." just don't fit (i think). of course i know that you can't always abbreviate "do not" and am not" and all this stuff, but i feel that it's kinda necessary in situations like these.

oh, and i've got one more question: do you have all the chapters already written, or do you start writing a chapter after you posted the last one? cause, you know, sometime it really amazes me how fast some authors update (not that it's a bad thing!) and i know that some have the whole story written alreay, but in your a/n's (ok, a plural s isn't an apostrophy s (if it's called that in english...), but i couldn't really write a/ns, could i?) it didn't look like that. ok, i'm sorry if i confused you here. i even confused myself...

anyway, hope you can update soon again!
weselan chapter 21 . 4/12/2005
Good chapter :) Now, what *exactly* was it that possessed Harry and Ginny? Hmm.. (ponders to self)
dacipota4ever chapter 21 . 4/12/2005
This chapter was really interesting to read actually. I really like your writting style, and there has definetely been an improvement. is almost 4 am and i just finish reading it after finshing hw... I cannot go to sleep w/out reading some fanfic, specially yours...u ar awesome! Good Work!
Deansfavdemon chapter 21 . 4/11/2005
Hello! I found one error-He took her hand and skipped on the wedding band...Should be slipped. I'll email you and then you'll have my new address! I really liked this chappie! They are having a baby, YEAH! I love babies! I can't wait for an update and I hope you are feeling okay!

Love Ya-Ally
Wolf's scream chapter 21 . 4/11/2005
Um.. homonyms - well, nearly so. The

contents of some vials may indeed be

vile, but "vial" is a noun and "vile" is

an adjective. So if you're referring to

the contents of something (that might be

either one), it's a vial; if you're

referring to an aspect of something,

that could be "vile," but it wouldn't be

"vial." [In fairness, you are hardly

the only fanfic author to make the

error. You have, however, seemed more

receptive to having such things pointed

out than most folks I've met.]

One note on the previous chapter that I

neglected to mention: Hermione says

that Harry & Ginny are married now; is

that the case as far as Wizarding Law is

concerned? (Does Hermione actually have

the authority to marry folks?) And if so, wouldn't Molly be

disappointed in not having (had a hand

in) a rather more elaborate wedding for

her baby girl? (Maybe a more elaborate

public ceremony later?)

Hm - possible elision (or typo): "He looked at

her loving and she felt..." Perhaps "He

looked at her lovingly and she felt..."?

Eh; typo, I think: "He took her hand and

skipped on the wedding band..." should

probably be "He took her hand and

slipped on the wedding band..."

That aside: yes, I do like the story;

it is very good, and thank you for

sharing your talent.
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