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rlomax15 chapter 33 . 1/12/2014
Mostly I agree with that.

Sanity is a hard thing to come by for most people. And that seems to be getting worse every day.

I have always said Akane was just spoiled. way too common occurrence with the youngest child. The first gets raised the right way, and by the time you get to the last one you are tired, and get more lax about the 'rules' you chose to follow when you became a parent. And without a firm structure (not saying you need a schedule for everything, kids need time to be kids too, just that when you make a rule you have to stick by it, consistency is the key) kids do not learn responsibility. If you let them get away with 'murder' from day one, they will think it is their god given right, they believe that they are the most important person in the universe, and while they should fell like they are the most important person in the universe to their parents, they also need to be aware that we all have the same rights, and that other people are also important.

the battle dogi arc was a perfect example, while I admit I already didn't like her long before that point, that was seriously, one of those OMG you did not just say that moments, after all her times of bitching about him not taking her seriously, complaining that he was holding back when they sparred, calling him a sexist pig for it, and all of the abuse, and she had the audacity to say that! of all things. I wanted to hit her myself. I can overlook a lot of traits, but that kind of hard core hypocrisy I just can not accept. I mean we are all hypocrites (as were all of the cast there) to one degree or another, its all part of the human condition, but to take it to that degree, un-freeeeking-believable. She may have claimed to never forgive him in this, but really, has she ever forgiven him for anything ever anyway? He should have cleaned her clock, and she might have actually gained some respect for him. Though that is unlikely with her or the rest of the Tendos, I can't see any of them ever forgiving him for hitting her for any reason, his mother either. Though that might have been different if he hadn't held back on day one as well. It's hard to say, since the whole family, nay, town spoils her.
ashaunti chapter 33 . 1/12/2014
I have to say to really disagree with the Ranma/akane match up. Especially because the relationship growth off screen. We see ranma’s character growth but akane doen’t really seem to be changing much. Especially the seen where she demanded he tell her more about him despite the many times she’s used such knowledge to manipulate him. Though that seems to be par for the course in all the fanfics I’ve read where they where they get together. Though from what I’ve heard about the sequel you’ve given yourself a very convenient out.
ashleybud chapter 33 . 1/11/2014
I agree not only is Ukyo a lot better then Akane she ran a very successful restaurant all by herself. Good food can only take you so far customer service is required as well.
hubison chapter 41 . 1/11/2014
That is actually a surprisingly accurate account of nabiki’s personality which you don’t see often in fanon.
TheUnfairSex chapter 37 . 1/11/2014
I wouldn’t really consider Kijin Raishū Dan a ki attack. As the vacuum is created from the speed in which ryu using in essence the action of flinging shutters, moves his hands. Ki has nothing to do with it. It’s referred to as relative speed factor: the comparable "speed" at which one can proportionately displace their body to avoid an attack, or make an attack. This indicates the rate of delivery of punches, and the capability to dodge focused attacks (punches, bullets, etc.). This is compared to a normal human adult male. The umisenken’s Haku Dato Shin Shō is at the same level only that technique involves striking someone with such speed that you leave scorch marks.
Charletta.bohler chapter 19 . 1/11/2014
I like your application of ryoga and the implication of the umisenken. the umisenken mentally erases all traces of the user around the edges. They can technically still be seen, but its like eyes just keep sliding off of them, like they aren’t really there. Like a 'Somebody Else's problem field, they make themselves less noticeable and make it harder for the opponent to focus attention upon them. That means the user is free to move and attack before opponent can even register it coming. And by moving fast enough, the user really does become invisible, just so long as no one is focusing on where he's standing. By expanding his senses by sensing vibrations ryoga came across the perfect defense against it.
chichiluvah chapter 96 . 1/7/2014
Instead of kumon school yamasenken I think you should change the name to the morisenken. The earth lacks a proper foundation from which to mount a defense. A tree grows up from the Earth, it takes its roots in fertile soil. With a strong foundation a House can withstand any force used against it...wind, tornadoes, earthquakes and flooding Instead of viewing the body as a house to break into, view yourself as a body that needs to protect itself against attacks.
chichiluvah chapter 29 . 1/7/2014
I always thought Mousse was far sighted he seems to see a lot better the further away he is to something.
Sevalle59 chapter 78 . 1/7/2014
Its actually makes a lot of sense for kuno to have the greatest psychic strength but the weakest skill. Kuno’s abilities are actually very similar to Kyoya Izayoi from Demon City Hunter. Nenpo is the ability to project Ki by force of will to cause a phenomenal effect in physical reality so that objects that user touches convey the lethal edge of an actual bladed weapon. If kuno uses a similar technique that means that this entire fighting style revolves around psychic projection. Kuno has been training his psi skills all of his life however the moment he received the Hououken he’s been focusing more on his sword skill and physical ability letting his psi skill atrophy while keeping the strength. This could actually lead to a pretty sweat I’m not left handed situation.
Sevalle59 chapter 29 . 1/7/2014
Ranma has actually been able to stick to any surface, allowing him to climb up walls or walk on ceilings long before he learned Martial Arts Tea Ceremony. You see him cling to ceilings to hide from people climb up walls and trees he even did it his first day of school. I think its basically the opposite of the Akichi where he increases the friction between him and the surface to climb like spiderman which Takahashi stated she was a big fan of
TheAlteredDestiniesFan chapter 44 . 1/7/2014
ranma most likely would have been the first one to read the review as he can be seen reading often in the manga. While sparing with Akane, while waiting for Ryoga to show up before the Shi Shi Hokoudan arc, after figuring out the Moko Takabisha and waiting for Ryoga to show up again, reads dating magazines during the reversal jewel story arc, reading something when Akane made the edible curry, was reading before going to sleep during the time Miss Hinako stayed at the Tendo's (judging by the open book near him while he was sleeping), a manga at end of the master student pill arc, there is a picture Nabiki took of Onna-Ranma sleeping holding a book, etc. Reading is one of the most common things he does, he certainly can be seen doing so more than playing video games (shown once in the manga versus Miss Hinako) or watching television (is only seen doing so while others are doing so, unlike Akane or Shampoo whom we see watch television alone).
TheAlteredDestiniesFan chapter 3 . 1/7/2014
I think you hit the nail on the coffin with your interpretation of Ranma’s moral dilemma of taking another life especially Ryoga using Saffron too argue his point. Killing is the last thing Ranma would want to do but once he decided to do it he was okay with the decision. He was not shown to be tormented in the least bit, granted Saffron being reborn may have something to do with this but even before he knew that it didn't bother him that much. Ranma would have to be convinced to kill someone but once he makes that decision that would be the end of it.

I also think Ranma sees killing people more as cowardly then justifiably wrong.
Proposal12 chapter 48 . 1/7/2014
I wanted to read them in order so when I found out about the sequel after reading Dark Titan’s I read this first. I must say while he was a good writer I did not like Lathis’ characterization. His depiction of Ranma wasn’t that good, and while Ryoga started off spot on he seemed to get worse and worse and the story went on.

The reason ryoga is put in the bad guy position in a lot of fics is for the exact reason Tetsuya said that Ryoug thinks the world revolve him. He does have a surprising lack of empathy. Don’t get me wrong he is very sympathetic helping people constantly, coming to Ranma’s aid during the moxibustion thing but he seems completely unable to put himself in the shoes of others and seems unable to realize that other people have problems as well. While Lathis hits you over the head with it you are a lot more subtle depicting him as he is seen in the series and not the over exaggeration you see in fanon. Plus the fact that his discussion with his father was because of actual guilt and not just a defense mechanism is one of the greatest signs of character growths I’ve ever seen.

It’s said that this level of growth in ryoga is mainly seen in dark fics where he’s forced to grow like this.

I can’t way to finish and get Reflections Lost on a Dark Road cause I have to say I was a little disappointed The Titans and the Lost Boy put ryoga on this pedestal of character development but in Dark Titans he plummeted down back to the bottom then started digging himself deeper. And this was done all in an effort to sup him up. While your ryoga already started out pretty mature and kept growing since then. So one steadily going down the other constantly rising I want to see what happens when they meet in the middle.
Proposal12 chapter 17 . 1/7/2014
A lot of fanon seems to be based off the anime which is why I like you’re characterization. Ranma is a neat freak, hates a messy room, and will start cleaning a dirty room without thinking about it as shown by his starting to clean Miss Hinako's room and having to think about it to stop. Usually people write him off as a slob but him keeping his room need and tidy is perfectly is perfectly in character.
byakuyakchk36 chapter 85 . 1/7/2014
it is hard to create new techniques and it is actually pretty rare in fighting series for the warriors to constantly develop new techniques. Even when they do have an extensive repertory of techniques they are techniques developed by past generations that just haven’t been used yet because they weren’t needed.
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