Reviews for Thinking Of You chapter 1 . 3/24/2005
k here goes the SANE review...

ya know i love it, ya know i hate you, and i know that you know that i hate u cos i love ur writing. make sense? wait, this was supposed to b the sane review. oh well, the hot guy at gloria jeans spiked my coco loco yesterday, so what do u expect?

ok, i'll try to talk in english. beautiful story, i hate the way you can make me see from your point of view, understand why woody would want devan, and why what he almost had with jordan is in the past. wish i could do that, make you see from my point of view for the length of a story.

anyway, today is good friday, so have a GOOD day. mwah, luv ya, and ya know it!

luv me
FKW who can't be stuffed signing in chapter 1 . 3/22/2005
evil on so so so many levels. it's too late at night for me to be thinking straight, so i will just say this- 1. that dream was funny... haha you and your dreams... sorry, shouldn't have brought that up :P 2. Things would have been perfect without Devan, look at the ep after she died, did u c any sadness? nup, me neither. 3. I think you might have just set a record for your shortest story, at least since a long while... that's not necessarily bad ya know... 4. what happened to our love express stories? i'll do mine soon, i swear i'm gonna beat ya. ok, im rambling to no end, so maybe i should just end. of course, i have to end with something important... "Now ur satisfied, a twinkle in ur eye, go to sleep for 10. i'll b waiting, anticipating, for u to wake again..." hehe, i love that song. cya tomoz, my crazy friend (yeah iknow, i need to go look in a mirror)