Reviews for Make A Wish
EpilogueLover chapter 13 . 7/29
Where's Luna Lovegood gonna appear again? :D

Like how you maintained your style of writing throughout the chapters. It's a consistent voice!
EpilogueLover chapter 12 . 7/29
piqued, not peak again...
EpilogueLover chapter 11 . 7/29
I don't get the author's note at the end of this chapter. Can you explain what about the Mr. Harry Potter name change is supposed to tell me?
EpilogueLover chapter 9 . 7/29
Whoa,.. nice fight scene! _
EpilogueLover chapter 8 . 7/29
I hope you're appreciating the little spelling edits I'm doing, but if you find that I'm being critical, then I will not "help" further. Peek, not "peak" at that book. 8 lines up from the end of this chapter... :D However, wonderful writing! :D So exciting! _ I luuurve your story line.
EpilogueLover chapter 7 . 7/29
Why was Harry Potter aka Black so drunk? Was his drink spiked? :D
EpilogueLover chapter 6 . 7/29
Nice writing. I mean it sincerely! :D And nothing distracting either! :D
EpilogueLover chapter 4 . 7/29
"frantically" not sure if "franticly" is correct. "Discreet" and "advice".
EpilogueLover chapter 3 . 7/29
Thanks,.. will visit the Rembrandt museum next month and also the tulip fields as well as try their brownies as I'm from Singapore and stuff like that is banned in SG! :D
EpilogueLover chapter 2 . 7/29
What a wonderful 2nd chapter! The first chapter you mis-spelled "dying",... something that an anal grammarian could not get over - much to my detriment! :(
That Guy chapter 31 . 7/27
I think that I know what those girls who took the death eaters away really are. If you've seen Hangover Part 2, then you know about the whole thing.
Drake chapter 32 . 7/27
loving the story. This is one of the better ones I have read
Amegaryder chapter 50 . 7/24
It was also sad for me to read the end of this master piece of artwork, and while i found it 9 years after it's end, it feels like it was just finished, and just... Perfect, in one word

I take off my hat :D
WolfCharm3629 chapter 5 . 7/23
I'm loving this story so far as I enjoy seeing Harry get one over the order. I just have one issue in that Luna's father is called xenophilius not Laetus
shiffle chapter 50 . 7/20
This was amazing
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