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fhan chapter 6 . 7/3/2008
That is a truly awsome story. One rarely sees Denethor as a sympathetic character, and I think he really deserves it. Good job!

Also, it's a very sad story. You made me cry. A lot.

Thank you for this inspired piece of fanfiction!
Lirenel chapter 6 . 4/1/2008
*This* is now officially what really happened. I so love good!Denethor! You have written the real Denethor: a good man who loved his sons and who fell victim to a great darkness. Bravo a million times over.
WindStar chapter 3 . 4/23/2007
I love this story
BadLittleGirl chapter 2 . 1/6/2006
Hey Lilan,

okay, here's my review for the second chapter.

Like I already have told you, I really like it a lot. It's very sad, deep touching and gives a real good possibility how life could have been after Fin's death.

I really like this situations in the beginning, when Denethor sits on (grown) Faramir's bedside. This time it's very emotional because one can notice Denethor's deep desperation, but love to his son too.

"It struck me that long ago I begged my wife to hear me in the same manner, but she just slipped away, leaving me so dreadfully desolate that for days and days I refused to heed anyone, my own children among them."

That's really sad. I don't know - the memory of Finduilas' passing and now the fear that Faramir could leave him in the same way as well.

I love the first section of the flashback, it's a great description of Denethor's feeling right after her passing. I really can imagine that he tried to distract himself with his duties.

... The story with the drawing of the cat is really sweet, a nice little idea.

The tale about Linwen is great, I really like her ;-)

The idea that their nurse could "lift the veil of sorrow" is quite unuasal - but I like it.

It's really nice how you tell about Linwen coming in Finduilas' room with the boys - one of the last happy moments ... *sigh*

The section about the funeral is really sad, above all Boromir's feelings about death. - it has to be very hard for a child of his age to be confronted with death.

"Looking back, I understand that poor boy was clinging to her because she was a woman, and therefore had some of his mother in her, and for no greater reason, and yet it had hurt me so much seeing my child turning away from me! Signing, I went to Boromir."

That's a very good thought and it sounds very traceable. Oh, poor Denethor, seeing his child turning away from him, that's really hard.

The entire thing about Linwen coming in one night, is really, really good written. It shows so much emotions of Denethor and his son, and you demonstrate the sorrow in a very good way - since it's not this usual thing of - all sit around and cry - but rather hidden and therefore anymore heartbreaking.

It's even a little sweet how Linwen explains Denethor how he must behave with his little one and he seems so childishly clumsy.

Faramir's outburst is really touching too. Poor, little child, who cannot understand why his mother is gone ...

But I really had to suffer with Denethor - I think, that had to be a very hard situation for him - his son telling that he hates him.

But Linwen's really great how she handles the situation - caring for Faramir und trying to bring father and son closer together. (Here it was also very sweet when Boromir embraced Faramir and wispered something after the outburst)

Her self-confident manner is really admirable, and I think it was a great idea of you to describe her in that way since I suppose it's quite hard to convince Denethor and to my mind a shy little girl would not make that.

"No, my lord, forgive my outspokenness, but he is your child and I will see you less of a coward in facing your responsibilities as a father even if I have first to bang your head against the wall!”

I really had to smile about that, funny imagine.

The conversation with Faramir is very beautiful written, very sweet. It was a great relief to see that they both come closer at all - and that Faramir tells his father about his feelings.

This dream was so heartrending, the poor, poor child.

Altough it's great that Denethor tries to make Faramir tell about it. To my mind he seems to learn more about behaving with his destraught little son.

"But what was that talk of the ball about? A strange image. I would not be surprised at being carried away by an Orc in my son’s dream, but this…"

Hm, I had to think about that a while. It's really quite interessting. Maybe this thing Faramir saw in his dreams was .. how should I say - a great darkness, but the little boy couldn't describe it in another way?

"Do you, Father? Do you miss her?” He put his hot little palm to my cheek, and the awkward gesture was enough to shatter all my self-control. I tried to turn away from Faramir, but he threw his arms around my neck and nearly strangled me, whispering hotly in my ear: “Linwen said it is good to cry, because otherwise you may hurt inside for very long. I don’t want you to hurt, Father, I don’t.”

So we sat there until I had no more tears left, my little son holding me tight and comforting me as best he could."

Really, really sad, but sweet too. I had almost to cry while reading it. This imagine of father and son weeping together ... that's so very very touching and I love the way you wrote it. Faramir, who tries to comfort his father, that so sweet.

The thing with the "damn ball" is quite sweet too, you have such nice ideas.

Recapitulating I have to say the second chapter is at least as great as the first, if not better.

I love all these sweet little stories you bring in(drawing of the cat etc) and the interessting motives like being the nurse that important in this time and all this. And to my mind is on a quite high psychological basis that shows the difficult charakters in a great way. Very well done!

Okay, I could say much more about this chapter but I have the feeling I'm not really talented about explain my thoughts today. I hope you understand what I want to say altough.

Hugs, Gwen
BadLittleGirl chapter 1 . 12/27/2005
Hey Lilan,

I started to read this story and have just finished the first chapter.

It seems really to be a very good story, with a interessting background. I'm really into reading Denethor storys and I think you're able to show his fascinating, tragic charakter in a great way.

The perspective is well chosen, you know, presence with fataly hurt Faramir and the flashback about his childhood.

Usually I would say the changing situations are confusing (first description about Fin, then of the two boys, then the story with Faramir), but ... I don't know, here I like it. It's so different - these many situations give a good view on Denethor's personal feelings.

I really like your description of Fin in the beginning, it's very sweet, youre telling about her in a way that seems perfect to her.

This quote here is very nice, I loved to read it:

"Then I would let her take my clothes off me and fall onto the bed, exhausted but oh how happy to feel her fingers softly tracing the contours of my face and hear her comment on the additional touch of manliness my new stubble gave me…"

Love-Scenes between them are very few, and this one is deep touching.

The descripton of Boromir suits his charakter perfectly. This wild-racy spirit ... well done.

Oh, and the whole story about searching Faramir is really sweet and touching.

When Denethor falls asleep and Fin is so angry about him - very nice written. (I always thought of Finduilas as a feathery, quite person - but with deep care about her family)

When Denethor finds his son ... oh, thats really sweet, how he cares for him, in this time he must have been a real good father.

"I was already leaving the chamber, but then changed my mind, returned swiftly to her and kissed her with all the passion I could summon. Just when she had started to respond to the kiss, I broke off, laughed, and hurried to the nursery, followed by the sound of her amused chuckle."

This I really enjoyed to read. Like said before, I'm absolutley into D/F love scenes and this kiss is touching, very touching. It fluttered in my stomach while reading it.

Final-scene is very well done too, I love the imagine of Denethor as a loving father and you drew this picture in a great way.

This thing with "I love fire" let me meditate a while, I had to think of RotK when Denethor wants to burn them. ... Did you think of it to while writing?

Okay, I just wanted to let you know me liking your story a lot.

I will give you some more feedback for the following chapters when I have read them.

Greets, Gwen

P.S. (I hope you understand me, English is not my native language, Im from Germany. ... So, I have a question, what do you think about translating it in German? I would really like to do this and Im better from English to German, than otherwise.

So, send my a mail with your opinion!)
Hahukum Konn chapter 7 . 12/5/2005
I really liked this. :-) This story explores Denethor's and Faramir's thoughts and feelings very well. :) It's excellent work.

I do have to agree with the reviewer who said that some of the dialog is too "modern" for that time period, but it doesn't detract from the enjoyment of your fic since you've tried to make the language mesh. :)
windstar chapter 7 . 11/26/2005
Powerful, amazing. You have captured the heart and soul of the characters. Thank you. You've made my night.
MAEday chapter 4 . 5/7/2005
This is really good. You are able to flesh Denethor out into a really human character, with complex thoughts and emotions. I am considering doing a one-shot fic of this character, but I doubt it would be very good since I am not as in-depth with him as other characters.
MAEday chapter 2 . 5/7/2005
Loved it! It is always pretty interesting whenever Faramir has a vision. The palantir swallowing up Denethor was a good idea! (It was the palantir you were talking about, right?)
Twoflower2 chapter 7 . 5/3/2005
Hi Lilan.

Your fic was recommended at a Gondor-centered discussion board, which I frequent.

A well-written, skillfully structured story.

Moving, too. A very sympathetic Denethor. The description of the family dynamics in your story rings true to me. You certainly have a very good understanding of how disfunctional relationships work :)

A memorable moment for me is Sauron letting Denethor's mind out of his grasp just to increase the torture by making Denethor aware of his own madness. Very poignant.

However, I have a semi-quibble with your story: the characters relate to each other, I think, in a very modern way. Their self-reflection, guilt and touchy-feeliness IMO would be normal for our egocentric times, but hardly for a world (real or imaginary), where people's feelings and relationships were heavily inluenced by everybody's place & role in the society. If this makes any sense.

A great story anyway :)
lindahoyland chapter 7 . 4/24/2005
What a beautiful and touching ending.I had a horrible feeling that Faramir was going to end up treating Aragorn like his father and am so glad he could finally show affection and start to come to terms with his grief.
lindahoyland chapter 1 . 4/24/2005
This is a beautifully written insight into Denethor and his relationships with his wife and sons.I loved the way he grumbled about the last king !

A very chilling end to the chapter.

Thank you for your kind review of my story. I hope you continue to enjoy it.
Denethor's Angel chapter 7 . 4/17/2005
It was really a beautiful story!

You are very talented!

I hope you will write more about the steward and his sons!


Denethor's Angel
TangerineBreeze chapter 8 . 4/16/2005
Nice story! I love the twist of events...

Just a note, though... You really aren't supposed to have an entire chapter dedicated to an author's note, and your story could be deleted for that. Which would be a shame, so you might want to fix that.
Elenhin chapter 8 . 4/16/2005
This will be the shortest review thingy you have ever gotten from me, but since it is the shortest note you have posted, it sort of fits. ;)

Yay, more to come, I just had to say that.

I am realy looking forward to it.

Kindest Regards, Elenhin
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