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Hmm chapter 41 . 8/21
So,... I'm guessing that you were lying when you said you'd continue it. But that's okay,... to be honest I'm glad I looked ahead before continuing past chapter 8. You need to rework this story GREATLY to make it work. Right now, it's a mess. I get you were younger, but there's a lot of plot/story/character development missing in this.

I'm not one to talk, my stories were the same, but I backed out of the fanfiction scene as I felt I was doing it a disgrace.

That being said, it'd be an interesting read, but please never do the "baby talk" again,... and also, I don't know many 3 year olds who are intelligent as your Harry is.
Eve chapter 14 . 8/18
This is epic. I love it so much. But, Rin wasn't afraid of spiders til he was 5.
Drew86 chapter 41 . 8/1
Please don't stop writing, it was just getting good!
Comrade'sRoza chapter 41 . 7/25
Please continue. Its a brilliant story!
Nocturnal Storyteller chapter 41 . 6/29
You definitely should finish. I've enjoyed this fic a lot. It is loads better than a lot of stuff on this site.
Potarto P chapter 2 . 5/23
OMFG! A 40 chapter fic/book on the elemental wizard thing! I honistly have no words to express my joy! Im chapter 2 and I will keep (Hopefully commenting) later on. I want to say thanks!

Guest chapter 1 . 5/8
Great story...too bad its not finished. I got to read it all at once and very dissapointed to not have an ending. Oh well, I am sure you have other things taking up your time.
WHAT chapter 19 . 4/22
imsulocked chapter 41 . 3/18
I WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO CONTINUE THIS. I LOVE this story! especially since Remus and Sirius is taking care of him and I only read where Severus takes care of Harry in these types of situations.
XxSweetAngle84xX chapter 40 . 2/22
when are you going to finish this ?
Regina Barboza chapter 41 . 2/14
Please, please, please dont you ever leave this fic! I absolutely adore it! Please, pleas, please.. Have mercy! Hahahahaha
I can't believe the cliff hanger on the last chapter.. Yes , it was a cliff hanger for me .. I mean, did aunt Petunia died? Mmmmm considering the last lines in the chapter... Yes , I believed she died but on the other hand that would probably completely destroy Harry's trust in Xantos (if Harry still trusts in Xantos, of course) and also what's going to happen with Uncle Vernon and Harry and Sirius (who seemed like he was about to get a heart attack haha) I don't know.. So many things I want to know about ..
I'm still not quite sure about what to think of Xantos.. I mean I really like him as a character, I think he has a lot of potential and theres always an aurea of mystery around him so I'm very intrigued about him ... Hahah at first I thought that he was like a double agent, something like Snape, but completely hidden like just Dumbledore knowing about him.. But I think that's very unlikely haha I think he's a real real Death Eater , and still I like him way more than Snape who is supposed to be a good guy (I don't care what JK says, I still don't like him even tho I'm the DH he's portrayed as a "good guy" he's the same grease old man he was since the Philosopher Stone hehe)
Mmm Alexis... I'm not sure if I like her, and it got nothing to do with her betrayal against Sirius I don't know, I'm still not sure about her, I'm still thinking ..
I like this story because it has a little of everything.. A lot of action, sad moments, really happy and funny moments, drama , love, everything for real haha
Soooo Elemental Harry huh? I'll let you know this is the very first story I've read with Elemental Harry (I've seen a couple before but I've never actually read them) and I'm not disappointed I actually really like all the potential this powers have , and Draco being the second Elemental it's certainly a surprise but now that I think about it has a little of logic you know?
Their powers are really cool, I'm not sure which one I like the most, Harry's or Draco's, but both of them are pretty cool , I think that if I could choose one I'll chose Harry's ... They seem a little more lethal than Draco's , but I'd prefer Draco's power of telepathy rather than empathy, but oh well..
I hope you could update sometime soon.. I think this story has a lot of potential and a lot of future of course .. I mean there's still left all Hogwarts years.. I know it may seem really overwhelming but, I've been thinking and probably the Final Battle will be sooner than in the 7th book.. A lot sooner, maybe 4th year , I think it's pretty unpredictable the course of this story.. So many things can change , so many factors that it's a really hard to try to predict what will happen, therefore the sequel of this story may be not that long... Of course, it is always your decision
I'm sure here are still a lot of people who will continue reading your story even though all the time that has happened , at least, I will
I know real life can be a bitch sometimes haha I hope everything's is okay with yourself and your life and everything (because in the last chapter , in the author note, you seemed really interesting in continuing this story and suddenly you didn't update anymore, so I hope everything's alright)
I will patiently wait for the next update , buuuuuut you know hopefully I won't have to update a lot hahahaha
Bye! This story goes to my favourites and alerts'
Greets from Mexico!
Ps. "Curiosity Filler" I think that I've always wanted to be a Gryffindor mostly because you know almost all good guys are in that house specially the golden trio , but I got Slytherin in Pottermore hahahahahahahahaha yeah, I know pretty different .. I don't think Slytherin is that bad they're only ambitious and sometimes they go the wrong way trying to get to that ambition but not presicely a bad thing, soooo yeah
I think I prefer Fred over George, I don't know if it's because he died but I think that I've always prefer him over George.. I think he's funnier and all mm yeah
For me, James is the best Maurauder (and also my favourite I think) he's funny and likes to pull jokes but also he's mature when he has to be and a little more.. Mmm how to put it? Rational than Sirius hahaha( let's remember that incident where Remus almost bites Snape) he's loyal , handsome , true to himself and yeah.. I love him .. And Remus mm he's a good Marauder but not the best and I'll not even talk about Peter hahaha
Probably my favourite chapter is mmmm when we meet the Marauders in the 3rd book, I don't remember the name of the chapter and also the ones in the HBP where we learn more about Voldemort those are really good
Ooooh goood! I loved that mini prequel! It was sooooo funny hahahahaha I had a good laugh when they were discussing Harry's name something like that hahaha to be honest I don't remember too well the prequel I mean I remember the plot but not details :)
If someone of the Golden trio was meant to die .. I'd prefer to beee... Hermione I think .. Yeah I know the boys would probably have a hard time getting used to life without her and more when they have their adventures... I know some people don't like Ron because he tends to leave Harry alone and be jealous and all but I think that if Ron dies , Harry would really be devastated .. Ron was Harry's first friend and I think he just wouldn't be able to continue and I'm not sure if Hermione would help at all .. On the other hand , Hermione dying would hurt Harry and Ron a lot, and they would probably fight between each other for some time, but maybe at the end , both of them would be a lot more mature and grow a lot , so at the end id rather Hermione to die hahaha (I still like her a lot , don't get me wrong)
I've read every book at least 2 times and the last one mmm probably 4 maybe 5 times :) heh
I think Albus Severus was sorted into Gryffindor... Mostly because in the epilogue we could read how much he wanted to be in Gryffindor , I mean he really really wanted .. So I think he asked the Sorting Hat to be put into that house.. Besides we're not sure if he even has aptitudes for Sly We only know he's scared to be put into Slytherin because his brother James taunts him about it , and we also know James is a prankster so we can't be actually sure he has the aptitudes to Slytherin, we only know that he WANTS to be put into Gryffindor... We'll see what happens in Harry Potter and The Cursed Child! I'm so excited by the way! Aren't you?
I kind of liked Snape and Lily's friendship , it was cute at some point , but I don't like the person he became through the years , his heart was so filled of bad feelings, so angry all the time, I think he never got over school years and I think that was his mistake...
I don't know if Sirius should forgive Alexis.. I need more background so I can properly judge
I definitely think Remus and Tonks were meant for each other .. Tonks really helped Remus to grow up as a person, to be more secure , more happy , to rebuild his self esteem he lost after the death of his friends, yeah definitely meant for each other :)
There are other Cusioty Fillers but I'm tired of typing in my cellphone so I'll leave it there hahahahaha
Ps2. I'm from Mexico, so sorry for bad grammar or misspelling :)
PLEASE DONT LEAVE THIS STORY! You don't have to update a chapter just.. Let us know if you're still there.. Please? Thanks!
Ps. I think this is the longest review I've ever write, I hope you don't mind! Hahaha
Calmzone1 chapter 40 . 1/26
I can't remember if I reviewed or not, - but if I haven't, I really hope you do finish this. (As this is back a chapter, I obviously did review it ;) )

It's different from a lot of stories out there. Yes, it's a little rough around the edges, but when you read Harry Potter, the first book was very simplistic and it just grew from there to the massive sizes of the last 2 books. You started it, you continued to write it, you persevered through whatever life through at you, congratulations. Now it just needs to be concluded.
Guest chapter 24 . 1/11
earth and air!
Guest chapter 21 . 12/16/2015
Guest chapter 16 . 12/16/2015
he can teleport with FIRE?! HOW AWESOME IS THAT? just be like 'im gone' and the fwoosh you erupt in flames and then the ash clears and it's so dramatic haha
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