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Leonie1988 chapter 40 . 5/2/2016
Two stories down, one to go. wow, I'm going through a real marathon here. perfect t for a bank holiday weekend! I love Phoebe in this story (as always)!
Just one thing, if Pam gets any more annoying, I will start skipping her scenes
Active Engaged chapter 2 . 3/12/2010
Chapter 2

Ah, I liked this chapter and the fact that Paige chose to remain in the castle as opposed to going home with her sisters.

Oh, so Aidan was the boy who left Paige. Gotcha.

I hate nosey neighbors, especially when they are fat and jolly.

Overall, a really nice chapter. I think you nailed the characters, even if it wasn't really well written [compared to your recent one-shots], the dialogue was good.
Active Engaged chapter 1 . 3/12/2010
Chapter 1

Interesting story, nicely written. It was kinda like 'Hell Hath No Fury' with a twist. Oh and LMAO It was like Wisteria Lane from "Desperate Housewives" without the murders and suicides, he hoped!

Oh, and I like Pamela the most. Maybe because I've read 'IKYABWAI?' and I prefer her powers to anyone else's.
Phoenixed chapter 2 . 4/11/2008
Favorite Quotes:

-I can only imagine the justice you could've given this chapter if you had the opportunity to write it with your current skill. I don't really want to comment on the simple description provided for Paige's dress, but you would've nailed it in this day and time.

-Im a bit disturbed by Paige not really screaming, "Phoebe! OMG, I've missed you!" but instead, just carrying out a casual conversation.

-The bickering between who should fight what was amusing. I especially liked how Emma and Pam mocked them for their bias suggestion.

-Wow, Phoebe wasn't even around for when they found Pam. Hmm. I thought she was, but I barely remember that chapter.

-Pam's attitude eternally rocks. I love her. Her "Deal with Miss Jolly" line was spot on. Also, I love how she's the one that seems to be bossing Brennan around.

-oh wow, Bella Hunter. (Lol, pretty funny considering SPN's Bela...well, she isn't a hunter. Yeah, it's not funny at all now.)

-Yeah, I definitely never took the Shocker Demon for the 'chat it up' type.

-Yeah, the Leaper and Shocker are dead. I'd say "Yay", but they both began to honestly bore me. And that's it.

Well, I will definitely say that I'm HIGHLY looking forward to a revised version, because a false impression of your writing skills.

“Paige, you have two choices, you can come back by us dragging you by the hair, or you can stop playing Cinderella and move your ass!”

(Lol, very Piper.)


“Obviously. Her boyfriend of a year and a half leaves her for a trident and a crown! I would have blown up both of his-,”

(LOL, I loved this line before the testicle threat and I think it could've been a serious line. Worked both ways.)
Phoenixed chapter 1 . 4/10/2008
Hoping to get that 200th review...It'll be interesting seeing how your work evolves, but this backtracking is insane. On with the review.

-Gr, Brennan. I've expressed my feelings about him already and Im not keen on reading about him so much, but your writing is good in investing better likeness for Phoebe in me. And now I get to see a bit more of Connor, though he's obviously young with the way he's sucking away at Phoebe.

-A bit confused about how Brennan struggled to remember Piper was the eldest sis. He can knock up Phoebe, but is still unsure about her close sisters? Yeah, Im not supposed to be jotting down stuff like this, am I?

-Okay, this scene with Emma, Paige and Pam has to be my favorite so far, lol. I'll state, it's pretty similar to "Hell Hath No Fury", but Pam commenting on how Emma and Paige weren't really vanquishing the demon with their telempathy and telekinesis was funny. Gotta love her. Im assuming that Paige running all around is because of her Aidan troubles.

-Another thing I like about reading this book is because of how I never really got to see Paige and Emma bond, it was just more of I knew they were close friends and just had to basically understand that Paige was taking it hard when Emma was forced to return above during that damn good scene on the top of Golden Gate Bridge in TCTB.

-Ah, acknowledgement! I feel much better that you have Piper tell Paige that chasing down demons isn't the way to go. It feels less like mimicing with that.

-And the Leaper Demon attacks! I loved that scene. The imagery was enough for me to picture Emma slamming through the wall while holding Chris and I figured just as much that he'd be okay. Piper leaping over the banister was a Phoebe-thing to do and all it did was get her properly knocked out. Lol, what if Phoebe came home to this? Piper, Pam, and Emma just knocked out bleeding. Nothing says "Welcome Home" more than your sister, niece, and mutant-friend dying.

-Wow, I didn't know that was the next scene, lol.

-Whoa, so the family didn't even know about Brennan? I retract my comment. Was this all seen or just introduced to the reader?

-The spell to summon a past object in its original place bothers me only because a portal doesn't really appear to me as an 'object'.

-Haha Piper's remark about how it had been a while since she saw Phoebe's premoniton face.

-Lol at that spell. Whoa, it brings me comfort to know that you weren't always great at it, lol.

-Yeah, I didn't feel comfortable with the Desperate Housewive's Wisteria Lane reference. I had already pictured the surburbia without it.

-Okay, the Shock Demon may not be original, but I like its inclusion in this chapter for the sole reason that it's a new house for them and already, there are problems. Also, it gives Brennan something to work with while Phoebe is off saving her sister.

-Piper commented on her always landing in the mud and that made me think of Paige. I'm extremely glad to see that TCTB was really original.

-Haha, "Pheebs Radar" and I can definitely see Piper trying to dig up the background of her and Brennan. It's still a huge shocker to see Phoebe leave one day and come back with a one year old and husband.

-The scene where Emma and Pamela are going through the Book of Shadows, I thought it was already established that only the Power of Three could defeat the Leaper Demon, so Im a bit puzzled to be hearing about it again.

-I was about to lamely say that Paige doesn't like grapes, but then I remembered that was never established in your part of the series. I pictured her in a Princess Leia- Slave Edition dress with the band you said.

Good chapter, there were errors, but Im trying to keep you alive so you can write the Pam-Story. I like the idea though.

Favorite Quotes:

He leaned over the table and kissed her gently, “With my family, I would go to hell and back,”

She smiled, “That’s good, because with my family, you’re going to going down there quite a lot!”

(Lol. I expected her to say something along those lines.)
squaredplanet chapter 16 . 4/2/2008
She unscrewed the lid and threw it at the evil being’s face, he screamed in agony as the liquid hit his face, “Oh, I guess I left it in the microwave for too long,”

- OMFG! dat made me crack up the first time i read it XD LMAO
squaredplanet chapter 15 . 4/2/2008
omgawd! dat chapter wuz awesome! lol

but um... wut happened to prue and evan?

pfft i shud stop bothering you and just read the story XD
squaredplanet chapter 14 . 4/2/2008
omg! Brennan u evil person! oh well i can so see him doing that, he usually does without consulting other people... poor pheobe

yah nice story man you have a big imagination they should really do a crossover series with your story, dat'd be kool
squaredplanet chapter 8 . 3/25/2008
lol i love the beginning with piper -"Your counterpart made a plea for help, ruined my floor,” lol again, that was so piper with the floor comment!
Heffronma chapter 40 . 9/11/2007
Great ending to an excellent book, I couldn't stop reading it, and as that happened this is my first review, sorry. As soon as I have had some sleep, I plan to start book 3. Thanks again for an excellent read.

unique-deflection chapter 31 . 7/6/2006
This review is actually "for their cross to bear" but i forgot to write it in my other review for chapter 21 so i thought i had better write it in this one. I just want to say Phoebe Dead! :O:O:O:O what are you thinking that means the pwoer of three is gone unless she becomes a higher being like Emma did or some how her powers have created a duplicate but all i know is that she had better be alive or i'm gona be like omg lol sorry about having to use a review thing for united as three but i just had to get this in areviwe some how.
unique-deflection chapter 33 . 5/13/2006
Good chapter :D
Max and Dakota chapter 40 . 1/2/2006
My Favorite chapter...hmm, has to be the one where Prue came back and kicked ass...even though she screwed up! LOL. Loved Paige's quip about Wyatt having to go a normal school b/c of Prue. Sorry showing more of my bias there.

No Seriously, there are so many wonderful chapters in this story, I don't think I could choose just one. Truly, this story is fabulous from beginning to end. Every chapter was brilliantly thought out and of qualitly writing which is something you don't always see here on FFN. Very consistant. Have you considered writing as a career?

Anyhoo back to the review of this chappy. I loved Piper's line about not getting mauled before Brennan's departure. And Pam trying to sneak out like she did. LOL. Gald the girls were all able to say goodbye. I wonder what kinds of adventures she find in NY. Hopefully her famous parents will make an appearance in the squeal. Sorry just could let that slide. :)

And So Our Dear Little Connor is the Child of the Storm? Brilliant ending, as a finale should be, I think my dropped open when Phoebe got up and said she felt like she was missing something. I hope she'll soon realize that it's Connor. Will they be facing Thor again in Their Cross to Bear?

Again, this is a super fic, you made me really start to like the Mutant X thing (even though I still don't get it where I live) but Emma, is truly Charmed. Can't wait to see her comeback! Can't wait to see Katrina as well! She's a super orginial character!

This is a truly superb story, real entertainment!
Max and Dakota chapter 39 . 1/2/2006
Okay there I was reading this brilliant chapter, thinkng how it great it was that Pam and Andy were fighting side by side together. And Wham, You killed him! How could you do that? Persia's appearance afterwards aidng Pam was cool though.

I was just thinking that in the middle of the chapter, Pam referred to Andy as Dad, and Prue, as Prue. Is she ever going to get to the point where she accepts Prue as her Mom? Just a thought, I'd like to see you explore.

Really liked the banter between Adian and Prue. Paige dedicating the battle to Grant and Emma was superb.

Yikes, I only have one chapter of this wonderful story left!
Max and Dakota chapter 38 . 1/1/2006
Love Pam's reaction to the new artwork in the BOS. Her line about the "mini Orgasim" was too funny. I have to say I think Piper was usually hard on Prue here. Loved Prue's line to Phoebe however about saying 30 forever and not being the oldest. Poor Jenna, I really felt for Prue here. Prue and Andy being picked up by Max was an excellent use of his abilities. And Yeah, Paige and Adian are getting Married! Thanks so much for writing a chapter with so much Prue and Andyness. You must have known I'd be reading your story at some point. :)
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