Reviews for Collections Vol 1
nihil01 chapter 22 . 5/5/2005
I really enjoyed these drabbles, Isil! They were all well-written.

My favorites? (Prepare for a long ramble.)

First-born Son was a great little moment, especially for an important (but mostly ignored) character as Earendil.

Lost Seeing-Stone had, I don't know the word... mystic quality to it.

Eldest Son was just so sweet - I loved it!

Daughters was a compact way to write the subject. And it had such a good ending. :)

Sea Prison's bittersweetness was touching. (Plus I like anything to do with Lindon... :P)

Wedding Night was a good moment for Rian and Orophin.

Celebrian's Surprise was, well, a good surprise for me too. Sometimes I forget all her relations...

Proper Thanks was simply satifying.

At the Waterfall had a good insight on Maglor. I had always been intrigued by Elrond and Elros's captivity.

First Encounter... ah, that is Mithrelas, is it not?

Whew, I'm tired. Good job, Isil!