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odelia8741 chapter 19 . 10h
Soo lost man
jesi ki kage chapter 19 . 7/19/2015
So this was freaking awesome! No sure I like the last part with them just barging in and fighting. Although the butt kicking and reveal scenes were pretty awesome. And the implied scene with Ami in Zoi's bed was really funny too. Thanks for writing and please keep up the great work! -Jesi Ki Kage
petites sorcieres chapter 19 . 9/16/2014
Okay, so first of all I have to congratulate you on writing such a fanfiction, with such a quality.

I cannot help but be in awed with how you wrote the characters, and I know in disclaimers you wrote that you couldn't have imagined Sailor Moon because you were not a genius, but let me tell, you this is oe of the best thing I ve ever read.

I just...I m reading Sailor Moon and watching Sailor Moon mainly because I love Usagi and Mamoru, but your fanfiction...This is the first time I got way more interested in what was happening with the Senshi ( with or without the generals) I love how you wrote them, how against going to Earth they were, and how they react to their duty, and act and what they did to approach the prince etc...Pretty much everything.

I loved the Generals dearly, and of course Usagi / Endymion, but what you did with the Senshi blew up my mind. I really...I can't even expressed how awed and freaking grateful I am, because you completely wrote their world, you completely imagined it, and you made it real. So true, and so cool. And so terrible.

I love how you wrote how feminist they would appear lol, because of course they would, seeing who they are and were they come from.

I m so freaking annoyed at myself right now, because I cannot convey enough how much I loved your fanfiction, and how grateful I am that you wrote it and gave me such a joy while reading it ( I swear I was excitedly clapping hands more than once, in anticipation. It was a super exciting story)

I really like how you gave them such a thorough background, how you wrote everything and made it seem plausible. I really love Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus. I was so happy each time I reach a part about them. Their dynamics, how they interact, their caracters, how they think and act, how they are due to also to their planets, and their friendship, and role in general, and their dynamics with the generals and the prince...How angry and furious they were at being on Earth, how they missed Serenity and were angry/furious about the whole situation lol and wanting to blow their top at her, ...Pretty much EVERYTHING.

Also, I cannot thank you enough for giving us such a closure. When I saw your note, I knew you had decided to not finish it (and the date of the last update made me think it was either Hiatus or permanant hiatus anyway, so I knew and I was counting chapters, waiting for it ;-; to end and happy each time I had still a lot to read). I did not think you would give us something like that. Something so great, and for this I thank you once again. I loved the pat where the girls revealed themselves to the boys,( lol at the comment about Uranus) and how angry they all were and threatening etc and their glamour fell,and show themselves (lol at the Generals face when they probably also see their very short skirts lol especially for ladies lol) and they used their power in front of them.

That was way way above my expectations, which were anyway already super high due to the quality of your fanfiction. Reaching this chapter, I wasn't even sad that it was the last chapter, because I was already so happy with all you offered, that I could deal with the fact that you didn't finish it. I was already really grateful for such a great story, that made me squeal, laugh, dream. That opened a whole new world in front of my eyes, in a way. But then, you gave us this, this chapter which gave us a glimpse on what you were planning, and lots and lots of writing, and honestly, I was overjoyed. I m so happy for this, that you gave us this.

Ugh. My excitement and happiness, and how grateful I am is making me not coherent enough and I cannot express myself well, but here it is. Thank you, a thousands and more thank you
Miku'Chan364 chapter 14 . 8/10/2014
they are very umm...what can i say? stupid... cause HOW COULD YOU BE SO OBVIOUS
Natalie chapter 13 . 12/21/2013
I already read this story and I'm just rereading and I just realized Makoto's real height is taller than Nephrite!
Nancy67 chapter 19 . 12/18/2013
I hope you can continue writing and finish all your outline sounds great.
leafygreen16 chapter 19 . 8/11/2013
Write next chapter please! :)
Horrible way to end he chapter!
Jasmine chapter 19 . 5/10/2013
Please...write the next got so good
Becca chapter 19 . 5/7/2013
Please make more fan fiction about this story you can write about how Endymion took Serenity back and then you can write about how Prince diamond came in and stuff!
Anne chapter 19 . 3/2/2013
Hi there!*shy

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful story you wrote:-)
I liked how you added those finals notes.
You know...not many authors do that.
It is quite...sweet of you.:-)
Thank you for doing that:-)

I wish you all the best.
I hope all your dreams will come true.
Please...Never doubt of your talent, girl.*smile
You are truly a good writer.)
Good luck with your life;-)

BunnyyMoon chapter 1 . 9/4/2012
Guest chapter 19 . 7/10/2012
I've been meaning to leave a review to thank you for coming back to this fic and giving us a resolution/ending, of sorts. This fic has been listed on my profile as one of my all-time favourites ffs for a while now, so it's a shame to see it go officially but I feel much better knowing where the story was going to go (awesome notes btw! wowowow the drama and happy ending!). If only all those writers with abandoned ffs did the same thing when they decide to leave a story, ffnet will be a much more better place :)
Snowflake797 chapter 19 . 7/5/2012
I just found this story, after it went on hiatus. It is beautifully written and while I am sad about the incomplete story I respect you and your work and I know how the loss of inspiration affects us all. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Ps. I have placed this story on my watch and in my favorites, in a most likely futile hope that some day this story will continue. As I said before good luck, but hopefully not good bye to the story.
Guest chapter 19 . 7/4/2012
Thank you for posting that last summary. It was great gettin an ideas what was installed for the story. It would have been an amazing read to have more filled in you did an amazing job on this story. I'd always want to know more. :-)
Vchanny chapter 19 . 7/1/2012
While I am sad that this didn't get a proper ending (partially because I took the time to read the entire thing!), there is satisfaction knowing the history behind things. Things make sense now. This chapter wraps a lot of things up-in it's own way. Best of luck in future endeavors!
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