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kireikitsune chapter 6 . 9/29
Uuugghhh, so cuuuuteeeee *making inhuman noices* I don't like NaruSaku, but when it's threesome and they have these moments... *squeal happily* Awww, you just made my day!
CanisLupusBibliophilus chapter 24 . 6/5
Nooo! Gah, I'm so sad. I mean, technically I knew this was abandoned but that doesn't make the blow any softer. Still, this is an wonderful piece of writing. I adore this story: the plot, the characterizations, the relationships and conflicts. Sure you don't want to continue it?
Kisaki Sakura chapter 24 . 5/31
Well, even if you chose to have the story "end" here, I really want to read on. Plz?
Alibi Nonsense chapter 23 . 2/1
I only wish I could favourite this story again. XD
I love the whole baby thing. I love their relationship, and the humour that balances it and... it's gorgeous. It starts brilliantly and continues from there. It's just brilliant.
CheeseBrainGirl chapter 23 . 1/2
CheeseBrainGirl chapter 22 . 1/2
Heh. Ino is awesome.
0rchidd chapter 12 . 1/2
Wonderfully done chapter...Im a little teary. His despair runs deep and he is at war with his ghosts and his thoughts. He loves and hates all at the same time and he does it with such fierceness yet refuses to let anyone see that. Heartbreaking...I loved how it all circled back around at the end there, that was the cincher that got me.
0rchidd chapter 11 . 1/2
Hahahahaha that last line killed me! Im sure it killed Naruto too. Poor guy but at least hes honing some useful skills.
0rchidd chapter 10 . 1/2
GO SAKURA! I dont think I could be prouder of this girl :)
Hell ya!
0rchidd chapter 9 . 1/2
wtf playing cards in the dark? lol isnt there some other game you knuckleheads could be playing?

It was awesome getting an outsiders perspective of the events of that night.

Hahahahahaha Jiraiya you perverted old bastard, sounds like poor Kakashi got quite the eyeful (lucky bastard)
0rchidd chapter 8 . 1/2
Your chapters are crazy long! lol 60 pages for part B alone! Its appreciated! I can also appreciate your approach to Sakuras development because you're absolutely right about the timeline and her original reasoning for getting stronger. We cant expect her to get stronger over night, out of all of Team7 she has to train harder then any of them, because as you've previously stated she isn't from a ninja back ground or blood line. She has had her moments and everyone knows she is smart with great chakra control but she hasn't, until the baby, found her drive.

I liked the moment of Naruto's doubt when walking through the door and seeing his things packed. Poor kid has many insecurities. I think I mentioned prior that I felt Sasuke may have been feeling a little OOC but I want to retract that. Ive been loving Sasukes character and yes he may have had his moments but with how much he struggles internally with himself and his teammates I get it. There has been a lot of time between The Valley of The End and now so it should be expected that there has been character development between then and now. This can be said for all of the characters.

Ooooo very interesting solution with the use of seals. I love how detailed you got with it and you took the time setting the perimeters of how it will work. Also enjoy how you are entwining a certain amount of politics into the story to help drive certain aspects.

Sakura's anger was wonderful. She is finding her drive and her strength more and more and Im loving every bit of seeing that development.

Team7 puppy pile!

Ha! Naruto's attempt at being discrete in his discussion with Jiraiya, oh well at least Jiraiya isn't trying to stop them and he knows what is going on.

Sasuke really does have a high opinion of her inelegance, rightfully so too! I thought the conversation that Naruto got to overhear was wonderfully sweet! Its great getting to see them starting to develop their relationship into something possibly more. Her comment though of "I just wish you could trust me that much in battle. But Ill train, you'll see." Simultaneously broke my heart and made me cheer for her.

I love those little moments when Sasuke or Sakura get a little possessive of Naruto

Hahahahaha Sakura won the measuring stick contest!? Good choice.

So the seal was really intense, I loved the battle and its interesting that Sakura didn't remember it at all. Im guessing that was 'inner Sakura' who bitch slapped the Kyuubi (yeah!) and it was her consciousness that was holding onto the baby. This was overall a really good climax to everything that they have been worried over and working towards. Too bad you couldn't include the celebratory sex lol Sakura and Naruto sounded positively wild! You did provide a couple of nice teasing moments though like Sakura calling Sasuke out on being hard and being so very assertive plus Naruto going down on Sasuke's finger (hot!)
0rchidd chapter 7 . 1/2
Yay! we got a Kakashi POV! Even if it was a shorty :)
0rchidd chapter 6 . 1/2
Hahahahaha I love the banter and their conversation topics in the first part of this chapter, Sasuke really needs to somehow be wrangled into using the Sexy Jutsu for a night ;) And THANK YOU for that steamy make out session between the boys.

I really loved this chapter, it was a bit lighter then some of the recent chapters. They are dealing with so much and are so stressed it was nice to have a bit of their friendly comradery back spiced with light smut. I freaking love Naruto!

OMG Sasuke was actually suggestively teasing Naruto lol that was a really fun moment, too bad Sakura had gotten so hurt because of it. Bravo to Sasuke for stepping up and being the one to fix it. The prospect of her finally moving is really exciting.

It was an unexpected treat to run into Neji, its really good to know that Naruto is still accepted and it felt like the first time that someone on the outside of situation actually listened to him. The banter was great between them too.

Yay Sakura is on her way to finding her path to her badass role within Team7, Im so excited for her to start surprising the boys with her abilities and proving herself to everyone. Im particularly liking how you are highlighting the fact that she doesn't come from a background of ninja yet she isnt someone to be written off as someone who will always be inferior. That she has a great strength in trying to improve against all odds. This may be why she is one of my favorite ninja, she started out at a disadvantage but becomes an amazing heroine because of her strength to push past her limitations.

I loved their 'date'! Very sweet and the make out session in the rain was really really sexy and tender. I loved the two of them together and the fact that she instigated it was the cherry on top!
0rchidd chapter 5 . 1/2
Loved your authors note about Sasuke already having crush on Naruto but not admitting to his tingly pants, its so perfectly true! lol

I dont know why I hand't realized Sakura hadn't told the boys just yet about what was happening with the pregnancy. I can see why Sasuke would be a little upset over that. Its interesting that Kakashi doesn't treat them any differently then before they are still 'his soldires' I liked that moment.

Hahahahaha I got a kick out of how you did the passage of time between Naruto and Sasuke during their D ranked missions. The fact that Sasuke can actually admit that he missed Sakura, even to himself, was sweet. Im still wondering, Im sure they are too, about how they are going to balance each others in this relationships. Like will Sasuke ever find himself in love with Sakura? Maybe...

I LOVED her blow up at Sasuke during training. I get her frustration, and Sasuke as smart as that boy is, can be an idiot sometimes. She's your teammate dude! Not just your supposed girlfriend/faience! I liked how Kakashi explained it, there's a reason hes the one in charge lol. His reminder of their opponents in the Chunin exam was definitely a splash of cold water to put things into perspective. They are really caught up in their own emotional drama (I love it hehe).

Sasuke is so scared of her! Scared that she expects too much of him without ever talking to her about it. 'Kind of unfair dude, and wow great job at pissing everyone off today!'

'OMG the ring was a brilliant idea Naruto! Sasuke stop being so damn stubbornly prideful! Oh and Naruto stop trying to exclude yourself from this relationship! Thank you Sasuke for trying to convince him that it really is the three of them.' I loved that moment they finally called each other boyfriends. 'Naruto you put it perfectly, that the two of you will spot for each other while trying to get a hang of this relationship.' I wonder if either one of them would even be capable of being in a relationship without the help of the other.

Hehehehe the girls fussing over the boys and Ino having the nerve to grope not just Sasuke but Naruto too! lol I also really loved that in the end the ring was from both of them, perfect.

I was surprised at how well dinner went, could have gone better but still I half expected a blow out, but I guess so did they. Bravo Naruto for being so well spoken and not making too much of a mess but biggest kudos goes to Sasuke for standing up for his family

OMG Sasuke walking through the old Uchiha district...well done that felt extremely haunting. So many ghosts in this part. I didnt know how much that was needed until it was happening, the acceptance of his past and letting go. The imagery of the three of them holding onto each other while Sasuke's world burned was powerful.

No Sakura dont go with Ino! Go home with your boys!

I loved that Naruto took the leap to invade Sasuke's space a bit and that Sasuke allowed his walls to drop and just be held for the night. That was a great moment.

And the beginnings of a plan is born!
0rchidd chapter 4 . 12/31/2014
Ahh I think we have found her driving force for getting stronger!

The conversation with her dad went better then expected. Hes a good man to at least try and trust her and to invite the boys over to give them a chance. The conversation was appropriately cringe worthy though, that was not an easy to have under the best of circumstances.

Narutos kiss with Sakura was pretty damn sexy lol and envisioning Sakura chasing Naruto around the apartment waving her panties while Sasuke watches, had me laughing. That was very cute, and Sasukes kiss was totally unexpected and so sweet. I loved the kisses between him and Naruto, the second one was hot! I like that she at least tried to address some of her questions about the boys relationship (we are all wondering) and that their answer was 'ah its a guy thing' or better yet was Narutos explanation of 'Id make love to you but Id fuck him' makes a lot of sense lol Also loved his line of 'hey I like cuddling, and Im manley enough to admit it' :D
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