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dongaro chapter 11 . 10/25/2013
Wow. Very enjoyable ending. I very much enjoyed this sory as t keeps the characters in character and shows the wonder Nel experiences moving into a larger world while still doing it all for her home.

Thank you for this story it's one of the best SO fics I've read.
dongaro chapter 9 . 10/25/2013
Very enjoyable story so far I'm rather enjoying Nels take on the tech she encounters.

Minor point according to Nasa you'd lose consciousness within 30 seconds from oxygen deprivation (15 seconds) But only after 2 minutes would you start dying (asfixiation being the cause). The first was noted when a suit leaked and the astronaut fell unconscious rapidly (he latter recouvered). Live animal tests have also been conducted, and one person exposed their hand to vacuum for a sustained length of time (minor injuries were sustained however).

Freezing would happen over a long period of time because while space is cold the only way that your body heat could leave would be through radiation. While saliva would boil (the astronaut exposed to vacuum claims to have felt it) this wouldn't kill you before the oxegen loss would. SO exploding while shown in movies doesn't actually happen. Of course the opposite of someone being able to hold their breath and surviving vacuum also wouldn't work (You'd just injure you lungs similar to a diver ascending to quickly while holding their breath).

Just a minor point. I'm really enjoying the story but it's a bet peive when popculture alters science.
Myrrn chapter 12 . 8/28/2013
Just wanted to mention that I love this story.

It's a really nice mix of humor and excitement. I really enjoy Nel's perspective on the new technologies that she sees... and the characterization and dialogue is top-notch.
FireHilt chapter 1 . 4/24/2012
The best general Star Ocean fic out there. While there are certainly better, this one manages to draw in the reader in a light-hearted manner that just leaves you smiling all throughout without any unnecessary w/angsting or deep intrapersonal philosophical ponderings.

The best casual read in the entire SO fandom.
Eyeshield chapter 11 . 9/28/2011
You know how to describe, like I said. And you brought up several good points in the author's notes. Excellent, of course.

I didn't get the whole 15 years/minutes thing though.
Eyeshield chapter 12 . 9/26/2011
Dear God, man. Your stories deliver. Filled with the sort of sarcastic, true-to-life dialogue you could only find in books. I say good job. good job.
BlueRyuu chapter 12 . 7/19/2010
eeeeeew peppita went boom xD lol. surprisingly i found that slightly enjoyable, though i am NOT a peppita-hater :p i just loathed that i accidentally accepter her into my team when i wanted nel. curse you peppita! curse you and you horrible voice! ./yea i totally don't have her at all lol

this fic made me laugh so hard, especially at the end :) thank you very much for writing it hehe xD 3
Steven Kodaly chapter 12 . 5/19/2009
Well, at least Peppita went out with a grand finale. Poor girl...
Selryam chapter 10 . 6/23/2008
That, I feel, is one thing that I really like about Star Ocean: that the developers try to create a plausible world with all the technology and what-not. Really, how many games have dictionaries and encyclopedias and go into detail over places' histories and stuff?

And I love the way you do that within this fic. It's an awesome story you have here.
Snazzy-SNAFU chapter 12 . 2/5/2008
I have to say the cliched "wow", because this is, in my honest opinion, an amazing collection of one-shots. You've crafted perfect snippets of Nel's character and her thoughts. (And I do rather like the omake. ;)
dj.tuBIG-MaliceX chapter 12 . 1/2/2007
Well, this is a rather quality-polished fic. I've seen too much AlNel fics floating around, but at least this makes absolute sense to the point, I thought this was a full readaption of the in-game dialogue.

I definetly like the style of perspective and structure of events you arranged, though it is intended a dialogue-oriented fic, you pulled it off really. I have no gripes with that.

However, my only issue is where you left this off. More would've been nice, I mean, somehow this seems unfinished. (It seems to skip the whole Luther-gonna-delete-you thing, although her presence at this point is insignificant in the first place.) But to say the least, a believer of Apris, being forced to witness the true reality of existence itself? The conclusion was left highly interpretive much like the game's general ending.

Otherwise, excellent work with this!
Miss Nox chapter 4 . 5/1/2006
Wow this is a long one- and really well written- you chose a great character to write up- it's interesting to be able to see what Nel is thinking throughout the game- and I LOVE character interaction- especially when it's so detailed and correct- word for word with all their thoughts and feelings. You would have thought that reading how Nel reacts to everything would be boring after a awhile but this kept me reading all the way through! I especially like how she loses her temper a lot- her sarcastic tone with Cliff, and her introduction to computers- and the omake's are hilarious- "does that mean we have to have Albel in our party after all?" "There's always Roger"- the two characters who hate Albel the most- CLASSIC!
BlueTrillium chapter 12 . 2/13/2006
Since this is marked 'complete', I suppose an in-depth review wouldn't do much good, but let me just say that I think this entire collection of stories was pretty awesome. Not only well-written, but you seem to get inside the character's heads and turn them inside-out for all to see.

I'm surprised and disappointed that you haven't gotten more reviews for this...

Like that one other review mentioned, I would have liked to see Nel's reactions to some of the programmer's names, not to mention Luther himself, but oh well. Can't have everything. _

And I feel the need to state this: I. Love. Adray. He is so weirdly awesome! Somehow he doesn't get on my nerves like Peppita and Roger sometimes can. I only just recently got enough Battle Trophies to get the 3P costumes, but you can bet that once I get Adray in my party again, I'll check out his.

These stories have given me much food for thought and ideas for details that I might be able to incorporate into my fics...

Oh and I should mention that I'm here courtesy of foxygirlchan. I followed her link from DA. So, feel free to thank (or curse) her as appropriate. ;)
Shinji Ikari chapter 11 . 1/30/2006
I suppose the fact that you're tired of this story means you're never going to get into Nel's impressions of finding out the names of the Eternal Sphere programmers (or in the case of that idiotic lazy moron and conspiracy theorist Folstar, *ex*-programmer) are the same as the names of the eight Nature Deities (*please* tell me I'm not the only one who bothered to read all the tons and tons of interesting information in the two Castle Aquaria libraries... if that's why you've stopped this story already, please go read it)? Or that Blair is the current head of "Project Apris," or in other words is basically the God she worships? So on and so forth?

To say nothing of a lack of Nel's impressions of the Executioners being able to lay waste to an entire planet, and then of course what happens at the end, but I can see why those two were left out since they're arguably covered well in the entire Game. But, um, the whole "programmers have same names as the deities" (even if Nel never finds out Blair is "Apris," although I'd hope you'd write about that if you covered the Nature Deities thing due to how interesting you could make that kind of thing) thing is simply something I can't see Nel failing to notice. I was looking forward to that showing up in this story.

And it doesn't. And I've loved the story so far and it stops when there's still much more you could do. (Excepting that little remark about Maria when she was fifteen though, unless what Mirage is implying... not sure what it is and I'm not sure I really *want* to know, but I have suspicions... never really happened, because otherwise it'd be majorly out-of-character.)


"That was fun!"-Fayt Leingod

Guest chapter 12 . 1/4/2006
This... was probably the best piece of SO3 fanfic I've ever read. On the other hand, I think it might have been the *only* piece of SO3 fanfic I've ever read, seeing as I avoid those massively OOC Nel/Albel fics, along with anything with yaoi in it, and if you took all of those away... Uhh... *cough* Yeah. Anyways, nice fic.
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