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intrasonic chapter 9 . 4/16/2005
Tristan: I think I'm actually mostly in agreement with your opinions on the characterizations of Cliff and Nel. I think a lot differences could probably be blamed on my poor choice of words more than anything. Ah well.

Like you said, Nel seems to have really changed between Arias and Peterny. In Arias, after you rescue, the PA has her saying that Fayt and Cliff shouldn't have come after her. But in Peterny, she doesn't seem to offer much resistence to chasing after Almeena, nevermind the war her country's presently in. That was my main reason for sticking chapter 1 where I did in the game.

As far as Cliff is concerned, I didn't want him to sound too intelligent either, which is why I had him write off his opinion as one of his 'hunches'. I'm also guessing that since Quark is mainly a diplomatic group (although you'd never know it), he knows the basics about dealing with problems regarding other parties.

...I should probably just make an author's notes page or something. But just the same, your (and the others) feedback is most appreciated. Future parts in progress.
Anastasia chapter 8 . 4/8/2005

This is a good story; I wish to open with such a sentiment before anything else.

That said, my first reaction is to agree with the below reviewer about how Cliff and Nel feel. Without overly rehashing his enlightening thoughts on the matter, Cliff feels a hair off at first and Nel is off. She's not out of the canon, but she's not quite right. I feel as if the game suggests that you perceive her actions and inner motivations one way, and you go another. It's not invalid, just different.

On the other hand, I enjoy how you develop Nel's reactions in chapter 8. The desire to see more of the world beyond, of what lies outside of Elicoor - what the game never quite expanded enough on. I'm rather surprised all the Elicoorian endings invovled each going back home.
Tristan Amaryllis chapter 8 . 4/2/2005
Later than I expected to be.

I pretty much wore out all the words with that last review, but I do have to comment on how well this is written. Taking the earlier chapters into consideration though, it sort of gives off the impression that a span of YEARS pass between chapters 5-6 (or maybe 4-6), since Nel essentially seems to change entirely in one chapter.

In any case, it's still badass, and this still probably ranks among the top five SO3 fics I've read here. I think you did a great job on this.

And that crack from Cliff at the end of chapter six is another instance of 'golden'. Seriously, I'd pay money to be able to come up with shit like that (that actually sounds natural).
Kryssie chapter 8 . 3/31/2005
I love this! I quite like Nel's viewpoints in particular. And I've also been wanting someone to write a fic (of sorts) about the bit where Nel and Cliff go off to see the King. Cliff is absolutley hilarious in this, I have to say. Good job!
Tristan Amaryllis chapter 4 . 3/31/2005
— The big man grinned as he approached her, his usual swagger in full force. "How's it hanging?"

"It's not," she replied evenly. "'It's' working. Hard. Unlike you, it seems." -

That’s golden, I have to say. It seriously, seriously is. I wish I had the wit for lines like that. The bit about her eavesdropping is equally humorous.

Overall, I think the idea of the story is nice, even if it is whimsical and hypothetical, as you said. You really do have to wonder how some of the Elicoorians handled the mysteries, and the eventual bombshell of “Oh, we live out in space, and you guys are pretty much apes compared to us”. From what I’ve read so far, you’re good at working overabundant amounts of introspective into a scene without reducing them to a pace not unlike Freya’s-movement-speed (which translates from geek as: ‘without tempting me to skip a few paragraphs every once in awhile’), which is great, because I generally like introspective more than anything else. Kudos on that.

The only issue I would like to dispute relates to characterization. Nothing I’ve seen to this point actually violently goes against the game canon (i.e. “Come here and snuggle!” said Albel), so as such, I’m not really sure how valid anything I’m about to say is. Really, I think I’m just throwing random – and quite possibly flawed - reasoning out here for the hell of it, because saying things that might make me look knowledgeable (or better yet, profound) is teh HAWT . Take anything I say with a grain of salt, especially since, by the sense I got from your ‘Prologue’, I’m not even terribly sure you’re looking for an analytical sort of review.

(Note: If you’re not interested in a long, loser-like ramble by me, you might wanna go ahead and stop right, seriously)

I’ll do Cliff first...because he requires fewer words, and less articulation. Anyway, it seemed to me that he was a bit too calculating in that first scene. He’s more intelligent than he initially lets on, obviously, but he never really struck me as the strategic, double-dealing type, to know when Fayt was going to crack (especially when he would have met him, what, a few weeks before, tops?). Of course, the situation to which he is responding – the argument – never happened in the game either, so I suppose that, if nothing else, you could still say that he was trying to appease Nel and mend the rift in the party, even if he knew absolutely nothing of Fayt’s mental state, and was pulling the statement entirely out of his ass.

Then, with him out of way, we move on to Nel. I think the thing that appeals to me most about her is the fact that she is the almost-never-used (or at least almost never used effectively) character model of ‘the hardass who really isn’t that bad at all’. She was pretty threatening and...uh...‘uncomfortable to deal with’ let us say, when you first meet her, but she seemed to mellow out between Arias and Peterny (I could probably offer up any number of reasons why, but since I’m not actually debating, I won’t). Your chapters, all the way until at least the end of Chapter Four, cast her as more or less a stone-cold bitch whose every single kindness is tied strictly to the pursuit of manipulating Fayt, and whose every single nice word – to anyone – is grudging and meant more to deprecate herself than compliment anyone else. I can’t say that you aren’t RIGHT, actually, since you have said nothing that can’t be potentially canon-supported based on your interpretation of her, but drawing off of what Clair says about her in the PA in Arias, and some of her actions later in the game, I’d venture to say that she was never THAT bad. I don’t know how she could have ever stomached helping the party later if she was.

I don’t guess anything I’m saying means much, as, like I said, you’re technically perfectly within the scope of game canon at every single moment. I’m just, you know...being opinionative...and really eager to stick my analyses of the Star Ocean characters into something.

Now, with that said, and having lost any possible positive opinion you may or may not have had of me with the above rant, I will sign off here, and return tomorrow to read the rest of what you have. Because it really is damned good.
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