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twlightbella chapter 24 . 9/17/2016
filmdork chapter 24 . 4/26/2016
Happy ending is better. But, it's because I love George and Fred and even though they are not my top fave Weasley's..,I can't stand tge thought of one of them being dead and the other being alone.
Cows Go Moo chapter 24 . 10/13/2015
Yes thus us the better endingat less for me thanks for not just doing it for your cousin but the rest of your readers too. I absolutely patativly LOVE this story you my friend have a great deal of talent thanks for sharing it good nightand good bye for now at kess?
Cows Go Moo chapter 23 . 10/13/2015
I'm one for happy ever after ending'. So I will be reading the next chapter. I wanted to read this one thought for I know it was your true ending's.
I heat heat heat heat HEAT that George died and also I think that Hermione's and George's son should have been named after George plus I think you kinda rush in to it sorry but I do that is what I did not like about this chapter
Here is what I like about this chapter I apologize in advance if it is shorter the the one of what I do not like.
1. That it is there doughter that is like George.
2. Fred coming to check pup on her and the kinds.
3. George being bared were the got Married.
4. Fred, Guinevere, Hermione, and Hector having a littke picnic nere Geirge's grave.
5. What was on George grave stine.
6. What Hermione sad after she kiss the hadestone
7. Me be be right about there child (well in this case children) being part of the prophecy,
Cows Go Moo chapter 22 . 10/13/2015
Love how Ron and Hermione were actually able to go with Harry wan he face Vodemort wather then going alone like he did in the Harry Potter series. I thought that George was the one to that was going to go put Percy downn but than again he would what to be as close to Hermione as he could get so it makes sance that he went to Hogwarts to fight in the battle there. And after all the mean things Percy must have said to Arthur if and wen they pass each other in the Minsterey as will as not only betraid his family making Molly cry and braking his family hart's but he also betraid his soul it is only fiting to be the one to do so. So I'm gessing that Hermione and George child has something to do about the prophecy.
Cows Go Moo chapter 21 . 10/12/2015
Snipe and Isabella are distant cousin's that is cool. I'm so very happy that they mad it back to HQ with the book of Thoth. I was thanking that they should make replica while the eather destroyed the realbook of Thoth or kept it safe somewhere. Poor Hermione is starting to get morning sicknes poor girl. So wen is she and George going to find out that she is with child? So Malfoy rethinking things is very much a good thing now the Older can get more information on what Vodemort and his Death Eastern's are up too that Balise and Snape didn't know about. Not only that but he also so manged to get stuff on Percy from two of his (Percy) flowers that like Draco did some were did Charlie and Soina go off too? Genny is very good for Harry for is she? All the girls are good for there boys as are the boys for there girls. I don't blame George in any way shape or from for still being mad at Draco and it appears that Draco files the same way I do. I'm happy that he came to the side of the light I just wish he done it earlier wather then later but at less he did it and that is why he us so much stronger and smarter thenhis family protickerly his father.
Cows Go Moo chapter 20 . 10/12/2015
You know I meant to have put this down in a review way before now but of course me being me I toldaly forgot. I love how you have Ron in this story I LOVE that he is a lot more then just Harry's sidekick I love that he has such a big role in this war. Now understand I'm not saying that he was just Harry's sidekick in the Harry Potter series for he wasn't he was so much more but even though he that was not the case it some how made it appear to be just that. I what to thank you for making his role easily seen that he is so much more then Harry's sidekick. I'm glad that Balise is doing better thank Merlin he has Valora she is a God send for him Merlin knows he needs it and desuve it too I really hope that he and Snape make it out of this alive so they can have a nice long happy life with the ones who mack them doing what they are doing easyer and less stressful wen they can actually talk to there lovely ladies about it. I hope that Snape and Isa are able to get the book of Thoth with out eather one having to die to do so. I HEAT to say this but I do think that Snape is right about Vodemort may knowing that Snape is a spying on him and his Death Eastern's I also believe that Balise. So the prophecy that Rhian was telling Hermione about is the one that she and Dumbledore were talking about so many chapter's before. Which I personally would love to know what it is for I still have no clue what it maybe hopefully I find out soon. I loved George response to Hermione wen she manchen that it was his birthday I found it very SWEET and charming. Are you telling me that Hermione is with child? Ooooo I hope so she would make a GREATmom and George like wise will make a GREAT dad but if that is the case (and I STILL hope that it is so) I beg you please don't kill eather of them please. And by the way that goes for everyone that is on the side of the light. Hum it seems Percy is in trouble you know what Imust say I don'really care what happens to him. Is Draco really rethinking about things? And if he is will it be a good thing or a bad thig? Also how good or bad will it be?
Cows Go Moo chapter 19 . 10/12/2015
Poor Hermine can't catch a break can she? While she is in her coma like state Percy had one of his flowers go to put and to her. Which just so happens to be the same person that Draco get to kill her once he found out that Vodemort was never going to let him have Hermione which proves that he doesn't and never did have any real feeling's of love for her. The same go's for Vodemort he just what he ti have his child because of her being the Sage heir she also happens to be very very smart and also quite pretty. What were Hermione and Rhian talking about what prophecy are they talking about? Is it the same one that Rhian sn Dumbledore were talking about? No it can't be the one that she and Dumbledore were talking about for George aready know about that one. Doesn't he? I'm very happy that Hermione got away and mad it back to George and I know his happy too. It was cool that Hermione's well whatever you would call her other self that is with Rhian with could do that wen her physical body was in it coma like state. Yea Remus is doing better much to the Delight of Tonks and all thanks to Snape and Soina. Vodermort is not happy at all is he? I really hope he doesn't get Hermione again. If he des though he'll have George to deal with. Only Merlin knows what he going to do to Percy for wanting to put a end to Hermione.
Cow Go Moo chapter 18 . 10/10/2015
I can't believe that I forgot about Lupin please plese PLEASE have him be okay he and Tonks have not be together that long he can't go it wold not be fare no not at all awwww POOR Tonks .
Cow Go Moo chapter 18 . 10/10/2015
Yes most of the Weasley's (and Harry of course) got there girls (his girl) back. Poor George I wish that Hermione was back with him at less she is safe. I was hoping that Percy was going to come around and go back to the sid that his family is in but after this chapter I know that that is NOT going to happen I thought that it was bad that he was falling Lord Vodemort and his Death Eastern's but now finding out that he is on his own side I must say that it worst for now instead of Vodemort and his Death Eastern's and defeat them which is going to be on HELL of a battle they now hove Percy and any one who nay be working for him. I also must say that Percy is worst then Vodemort for he has a wonderful amazing family he had friends he was in one of the best hiye's to be in at Hogwarts and he throw all that out the door. Vodermort child hood was wel... HELL ON EARTH or at least close to it outside of Hogwarts as for inside Hogwarts not only was his place with what some people may call SO called friends it didn't help the fact that he was place in Slytherine house eather.
Cows Go Moo chapter 17 . 10/9/2015
Can't leave much of a review you left us on a cliffhanger and I need to find out what happens this c was a fast read for it was very on the edge of your seat I like stories that are like that I hope that the Weasley's man are able to get there girls back and this goes for Harry too I hope that non of them is that gose for every one in the older I know it won't happen for that will of course be totally unrealistic but I still hope for it to happenl oh and I ment to put this frist but I forgot but I made a mistake about Diego he was not Gemma lover but he was Isabelle's or so he think he should he I was going to go back to chapter 16 and came that I just remembered well basically what I just now saI'd but that would have been a lie for I did not remember un till I read this chapter which is GREAT by the way, okay I left alonger review then I thought I would oh well... NOW ON TO THE NEXT CHAPTER. just one more thing before I do though Percy is a GITalong gits how can he do that to his family is be on me I REALLY REALLY dislike him LOVE the whole Weasley family other them him GIT!
Cows Go Moo chapter 16 . 10/8/2015
I'm glad that Hermione's and George's in joyed honeymoon even though it wasn't very long andand they didn't go anywher. They head each other to themselves for however long there honeymoon was I don't think you this chapter told us I like how you told us they mad love but you did not put any detail in to it other then theyboth whated it and needed it in a way. I'm glad that Baile and Snape have someone to trun to besides each other after a meading and or training with the Dark Lod and his Death Eastern's .I reall di like that the Older are now training Vodemort is having his Death Eastern's train I know it is needed and I know way but I still don't like it. I like how Lupin has help in trying to get Werewolf's in a long there rank's in stead of him being by himself in that department in the true Harry Potter stories. It is really quit a shame that Diego went on to the the side of Vodemort and his Death Eastern's I can't imagine what this will do to Gemma. And the all the stuff Diego has on the Older can NOT be good no not at all. I'm not saprize that somthing like this happen though it would have been unrealistic it it didn't. It getting late and I really p what to read some more you did a great job an this chapter as you did on all the others.
Cows Go Moo chapter 15 . 10/7/2015
*HAPPEND AGAIN ERRRRRR) and Hermione saying George form Katie the lovingly taking care of him toand Eleanor doing what ever she did to get Remus and Tonks together (YOU GO GIRL) and the stuff after the wedding was pretty sweet to such as all the cuple's going off in to there different places George and Hermione frist night as aback at home as a merried cuple and the way they woke up the in the morning and what happened . There us also the fact that Blaise being able to sneak his and the others younger (maybe older too) Death Eastern's thing so Valora heal him the best she good. Now I'm dune
Cows Go Moo chapter 15 . 10/7/2015
I know it happened a while ago but I still am sorry to hear abot you dog my dog Abby got very sick and we had to put her to sleep last year too it was horrible. It now been nearly two weeks sance my doggy Rosa been run over. It hurts losing a love one (being pet or person) and no matter how long it has been sance you lost them it still now here's my review for this chapter...
Love this chapter each and every snigbite . Love George's and Hermione's wedding everything about it from the Hermione and her mother seeing each other for the first time in a long time (all thinks to George and Lupin of course), and the woring's that George got from his bother's and Harry, from Hermione's dress changing from offwight to prue white, from what Dumbledore said,, San being friendly and chearfull (thank to Sonia)b to well Eveything. Not to manchen that there was all the stuff that happen before like Ron apologizing
Cows Go Moo chapter 14 . 10/2/2015
Awww Hermione made Georgie very happy by what she just said in the last chapter. A November wedding that makes me happy November is my birthday month I doubt it be on the same day but it the same month! I love how George is so caring in the way he takes care of Hermione. I like it wen she ask "how about my pillow" after he ask her if she needed anything else and then being confused before realizing that she was talking about him. That was such a cute way of saying you.I find it sweet and funny that George wanted to get married right then and there.I can't believe that the Minsterey has made the STUPID marriges law thing Well... no wait a minute actually I can (sad to say) because there is no doubt in my mind that the are almost ALL Death Eastern'sl. I'm glad you have Blaise a spy tords the Death Eastern's . I hope that he makes it out alive I would HEAT for Valor a have to c go to some other Death Eastern I don't mind her being with Base for he is NOT a Death Eastern and also they really do love each other. It looks like love nay possible be in store for Sanpe as well as Ron. I'm am glad that Ron has FINALLY realized that he really doesn't I've Hermione (well not in the way he thought he did for I KNOW he lives her as a friend) please have Dumbledore be able t do somthing about this stupid marriage law and this should go with out saying but I'm do it any how please please please please PLEASE have the said if th light win please.
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