Reviews for It hurts
Ernilriel chapter 1 . 4/30/2005
that was a good fic. I liked it. you did a good job.
Ilvinaeda chapter 1 . 4/11/2005
I like-no, I loved, this fic. Really.

Somehow, when you write, especially angst, it has an interesting flavor to it...because you normally write fluffy stuff. And then, to then read something that has the exact opposite effect on most people...

It really brings out that inner sense of anguish, kind of like seeing Lloyd get all messed up over something, because he's the one who is always optimistic about situations in life...believing more strongly in the greater good than the possibility of loss, of forfeit.

And yes, when I played the game through, when Colette basically had her soul ripped from her, it left me feeling like, "WTF dude, what's going on here?" I think seeing her as a shell, a lifeless form, really reminded me of the expression "zombie player," from our paper-games...because when a player was "zombie," it meant that they weren't really there to play. Just the shells of characters, following along...

And somehow, it seems almost cruel, and impassive, but because we are players, controlling the actions of those we are playing as, it feels normal, even natural, so that the player won't lose out on anything.

However, if that were to happen to someone in real life, or if we were really the people in a game, and to see the soul of one temporarily removed, simply to give the body of our comrade to another person to would make me feel weird. And if it was someone I had learned to care about, and had grown close would have especially left me feeling lost, confused, and mostly sad.

Something about the expression "itai..." just doesn't cut it here. It's a much more spiritual pain...something that is more "dead and gone" than merely a sore, or an "owwie."

And the part that hit hardest was the one about the "selfish bastards." Because too many people are like willing to sacrifice one for the greater good, but without even considering the feelings and thoughts of the one-to-be...and it really reminds me of those people who think the world, and everthing in it, is all about them.

It really makes me want to just slap them across the face, probably with a nice red-hot-something, and show them the things we should all humility, for one...

But really, when you take a good look into that which makes Colette's soul, I'd say that she possesses the very best traits and qualities of the whole of mankind/womankind...because when you look at her, she has a certain innocence, in which she loves all, treasures all, and really can't hate anything.

I know this sounds mean, but I'd say the world would be a better place if we could kill off some of the more ridiculous people, like certain arrogant politicians and businessman, and most drug dealing people, and replace them all with souls like Colette...I know I'd lose no sleep over such a revelation..

I say that because she is the ultimate soul. She encompasses the very things that we all must learn before we can even begin to coexist as one complete race. And for every Colette-like being we have out there, there are at least another 99 rotten, sorry bastards who need to realize that life is more than just hatred. That life is more than just the gain of money, of worldly goods...that there is indeed a peace that can be achieved simply by being so wonderful, so childishly innocent...and so loving that it would indeed be hard to really want to kill off such a wonderful individual...

You really locked into the characters yet again. Simply amazing.

Keep it coming... _
Story Weaver1 chapter 1 . 4/3/2005
whoa, that was some hard core depressing angst. I have to admit I was shocked that Lil-Sammu, The Colloyd ' fluff god' (As I call you) was writing angst. You did a very good job on it.

And nowI shall reread one of your happier fics to cheer myself up.
Urby chapter 1 . 4/3/2005

This is amazing.

And just when I was just about to say "I need more angst."

Perfection... I can't think of anything else to say.

Are you sure you don't want worship? :B
DarkLighter911 chapter 1 . 4/3/2005
Wonderfully done job of capturing Lloyd's emotions...

It really matches up well with your other, more fluffier stories too...the pain he feels is equal in proportion to the love you show he feels later on...great job!