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Autharius chapter 44 . 7/3/2006
Ahh pardon me. The last review was me. Forgot that I wasn't signed in when I put it up.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/2/2006
This is an interesting story and I enjoyed reading most of it. Yet near the end there seemed to be an explosion of language that cheapened the reading. Be this from language such as “owned” or the constant swearing that the characters used. While some people may enjoy this type of language, I do not. You don’t often see successful writers using this type of language. The use of the swearing seemed overbearing and unnecessary to the point of absurdity. The combination of F this and F that, I think needed to be toned down. There is a point in which the plotline suffers from so much abuse of the same thing, such as swearing. If either this or the prequel had started out the way this one ended I probably would have stopped reading. Be that as it may, I did enjoy reading the storyline for this. It invokes emotion where it should and is quite an exciting read. The character quality was good in some places and not so good in others. If you had been starting afresh without character parameters to from the prequel, I think you would have been fine. But because you had the characters from the prequel with semi-set personalities, I think that, in the end part of the story, you didn’t write them as well as you had earlier on in the story. Overall I think this story was well done in plotline with a lot of excitement, but failed in its character continuity. I am glad that you wrote the story though. It gave me many hours of enjoyment. Good luck in your future endeavors
johnny chapter 44 . 6/24/2006
Woot, finished reading! Wow, very nice rap up in the end. One thing that bothered me though, for all the talk of being the true thing, the general didn't fair all that well heh. Looking forward to your other stories. See ya then!
Johnny Tai chapter 40 . 6/24/2006
Hahaha, what a sense of humour Death got. I'm still laughing over that line about the two hot chicks facing him and the two old guys teaming up on the eight years old. It's so unexpected and yet so completely fitting. Good work, now I go on and finish reading the rest!
Happy Youkai chapter 43 . 5/22/2006
Hiya! Both this and the Gunblade saga are fantastice stories. Especially this one. Suspense the whole way and nearly nonstop action with tons of twists. Everything an epic should be! This series has been so refreshing to read since there is a serious deficit of quality FFVI fanfiction authors. It's really sad to see the quality of FFVI fanfiction fade since I've been a huge fan of the game since it's release in '99. But you've come out with an awesome series that proves there's still some good author's out there!

Happy Fingers chapter 1 . 5/8/2006
It's looking to be an interesting story, though i'll reserve my final review and judgement till the last chapter, i think it helps knowing this is already complete. Also, praise the lord that this story is structured correctly (you know, not every line seperated by a space)
Rogue Sword chapter 13 . 4/17/2006
Seifer as Dodonna, sort of? Interesting.
LightningGemini chapter 44 . 4/11/2006
It was a good story while it lasted. Just hope that in Mako, when you ever get back to writing it, you change Cloud back to the whiner he is. And actually have Cid, instead of combining him with Cloud.
Silent Assassin mk.1 chapter 44 . 4/11/2006
I'm back again, but this time WILL be the last, I promise.

As I said in a previous review, I've been looking forward to this commentary, mainly because it dispels myths and also reveals your influences. In fact, the range of influences explains why the story is so good - all the games, books and films are things I enjoy (well, apart from Advent Children, as that hasn't even reached the UK yet). Don't worry about this being pretentious - I've seen a lot worse.

You mention your original idea for Chimera here - I assume this is Foreshadow you're talking about? I did actually read the five chapters you posted on and I was still quite impressed. Sure, the plot isn't as detailed as Chimera, and the characterisation isn't as effective as it is here, but it shows just how much you've matured as an author since your first works. (I read that FF7/8 crossover you wrote, but I can't recall the title.)

Right, I'm stopping now. Good luck with your future literary ventures.
Queen000 chapter 44 . 4/10/2006
Glad to see that you were able to answer my questions, though there is something you only skimmed along. Can't remember for the life of me what it was, and I'm too lazy to go back and skim through the commentary in order to find it. :P

But, I always pictured Squall's Chimera costume to be based off Yojimbo's attire in Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 (Don't know if you've played the game or not, but it looks really, really cool). Oh well. You're description kicks ass too. :P

More ego stroking.

I'm glad to hear that you're not done (even though Chimera is... *sniff*) and I will definitely be paying more attention to Mako since this story has come to a conclusion. Final Fantasy 7 was a close second to Final Fantasy 8 in my books, mainly because FF8 was the first game I beat. :P

ciao (but as I said in the previous chapter; not goodbye)

AntiCensor chapter 44 . 4/10/2006
I think it would be crazy and somehow admirable if you did the same thing with Mako as you did with Gunblade, write one or two sequels to it inspired by about a million other things. I think it's a very good idea to do that. I have another fanfic I'd like to write in the future based on that idea although it doesn't have nearly as many things inspiring it.

I like that you cleared some things up 'cause I don't always notice everything, in fact I never notice everything so thank you. That was a nifty idea for Seifers new coat, it creates cool imagery for him.

And I think I'm glad that you didn't keep your orignal love Square with Seifer and Squall and Serra, Rinoa, incest is just gross.

On a complete selfish note I'd like to know if you have the time or the interest to read my story. Sadly it doesn't have a lot of fight scenes, but there's still a whole lot of violence, sex and cursing! Each chapter is like 40 pages long, hope that wouldn't be a turn off, let me know. It focus' on two original characters mostly if that interests you.

This was one of those stories that would be a prime choice for being turned into a sequel or a movie. If only Tetsuya Nomura could surf and make some lucky author rich. I think that you would be in the top ten.

Now that you've finished this I may get in to Mako. I was scared of reading that AND Chimera but now that Chimera is over it may be doable. Until next chapter I suppose. See ya Mr. Tuck.
Chamira chapter 43 . 4/8/2006
Wow! that was awesome!

OMG you used the Rinoa is Ultimecia theory! cool! Although I don't believe it myself I still think its a cool theory all the same.

Yay go Nashies! Nash created Chimera. Wtf? This story is just one huge timewarping circle enhancing complicated ...thing! If squall is Nash but Nash created Chimera but Chimera is Squalls Grandfather... wtf! *dies*

I was really curious as to who the Chimera was and when I found out it was Squall its like. . . a sudden understanding! Like when you find out Cloud was the random soldier dude who was with Tifa the whole time in FF7.

At one point in the story I was like uber confused with the whole Nash/Squall/Chimera thing. I think at one point I was positive that Squall was his own Grandfather!

Eh. No.

How the fricken heck did you think up something like this?

But I love it XD

Yeah go Nash! wow 20 years old? So Irvine does have junctions now? And if Squall was the Chimera why didn't he recognise Irvine straight away? Or was he going easy on him?

And Rinoa with Squall's Revolver? I would have preferred if she.. didn't. Its Squalls leave it alone. lol what if Rinoa died would Squall start using her projectile? XP

I don't like Crell he's a meany! But I was happy when he died! *does a dance*

Now why does Odine remind of someone... *cough*Hojo*cough*

Wow and I thought that Randolph was Seifer's father... I was close-ish. So that makes Squall and Seifer second cousins but...not...

Also were Fujin and Raijin even mentioned in the sequel? oh well More character development room for Hades!

Lol yes! Hades is my favourite character. He's so funny! A duck quaking ahahahahahahahahaha XD

OMG AHAHAHAHAHAHA *falls off her chair and dies* Hades is Hahahahahaha DUCK! HAHAHAHAHA

Some of my favourite Quotes:

"Let's go home and have pie."

"motherfucking pink moombas!" lol! have to keep in mind that swear for when I next hurt myself XD

"Seifer Almasy’s feet were sticking out the windshield of a parked car. They were engulfed by white light." LOL!

"Fuckberries" and "Ego-shit" are now my favourite curses! D

For the final chapter it was fricken halarious

Lol Quistis has resorted to smoking weed! lol sorry but the image of her smoking is just... funny.

Although I loved the second part of Chimera Legacy I can't help but feel that the first part was much better.

I think it was because you ended the first part so well and that the main villain was finally put to rest that I was truly happy with that ending so I didn't care what Hyne was going to do.

When reading the second part it was kinda like a bad sequel. Kind of like Advent Children movie in a way...

Its great and all but it just has that sequel aftertaste that is very hard to escape, Like you were trying to drag on something that didn't want t be dragged. Partly because you brought Illarra back (and Squall...). Rinoa using Squalls Gunblade was... bad, I dunno I just didn't like it. And Serra without her air of mystery wasn't that likeable (to me at least)

I think another thing is that these characters all became immensly strong and not anyone of them ended up dying (Well except Randolf but he wasn't that strong) I mean this is Hyne people! Hyne! Rinoa was able to crush garden sized forces with half the power but Hyne couldn't even finish off Rinoa/Irvine/Zell at least?

Anyway I still loved it immensly and usually the more harsher I am in my ctitics the more I love it (unless it really does suck)

Zomg this review is like a fricken novel! awesome work!
Xephon chapter 43 . 4/7/2006
I was listening to the orchestral version of 'Love Grows' by Nobuo Uematsu and damn, I was almost moved to tears reading the last chapter. I can't believe it's finished. I can actually still remember when I stumbled upon Gunblade Saga a few years ago. Man, time flies. You've made a magnificent piece of work here, and it's sure to remain one of my favorite pieces of fanfiction ever.

The end for Nash was fitting. I can't imagine a better thing for him but peace and quiet.

Quistis seems to have readily accepted her position and it's nice to know she might go back to garden.

Zell...hehe, that dude might never fully grow up but that's what's so great about him.

Seifer and Serra...truth be told, I am kinda still freaked that Seifer is boning what is essentially a 5-6 year old (even if she is older mentally and physically). lol P

Selphie and Irving...Choo-choo!

Squall and Rinoa living peacefully in Winhill is really the perfect ending for them.

It's been a blast reading this monster but it's been worth it (much to degraded quality of my homework on the days you updated P) and I can't wait what your next project will be. I'm guessing it'll be Mako and I wish you good luck on that one. I'll be reading that one religiously too. P Peace!

~Have a Nice Day
WHOCARES chapter 43 . 4/7/2006
There are some times when i read through some stories on all the crappy parody, stupid 345 word fics, and other generally worthless excuses for literature, and i wonder why i even bother reading things on this site...then i found the gunblade saga, and this, this is probably one of the best pieces of literature PERIOD ive ever read, and if final fantasy VI ever got a movie, i would want this to be it, cuz it would wipe the floor with the c grade story in advent children.

What i love about this story was the sheer surprises in it, theres so many things in this story that were so totally out there...

1. squall being the fake chimera


3. and nash and quistis becoming the guardians of the end and existence, respectively

these were my favorite aspects of the second part of the story.

this is the longest review ive ever written, and this is story was amazing
Amathist Fwirrel chapter 43 . 4/7/2006
Aw sweet ending. God, I've been reading this for ages (and i haven't reviewed enough. I'll be the first to admit I'm an asshole when it comes to reviewing) I would have loved to have seen Nash absorbing Hyne, though. But still end of an era. Please keep writing. Because your writing rocks.

Yeah I'm just about done...

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