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JadeAlmasy chapter 43 . 4/7/2006
The perfect ending to the perfect story written by the best writer!

Amazing Story!

mz-murderous chapter 43 . 4/7/2006
hell yeah... I'll drink to that..

perfect ending and a fucking great story! abit guilty that I don't exactly review for all the chapters since i began reading... but ehh, im a lazy bitch... what can i say?

you deserve every damn review and a shitload more!

damn.. this story is a bad influence on my vocabulary...

looking forward to your future projects!

Bleu chapter 43 . 4/7/2006

you have no idea how much i love this story!

first of all i have spent ages looking for a complete novelisation of FF8 (which is also unbelievable by the way)and you created one, and not only that but u kept going and created this one.

I can so see this becoming a game, and being a computer animation student my imagination has to be top notch, so for something to impress me and get my imagination going, i say BRAVO. (i hope you dont mind but i've been trying to come up with some drawings of all the original characters of when they were grown up, and i have used your descriptions to draw them)

oh and is this really part of a triology, if so great ill be sure to read and review (and keep going with the FF7 novel its great so far)

oh yeah Zell with a rocket launcher SWET! (but not as sweet as him with a baby)
Chamira chapter 30 . 4/6/2006
Wow that was so col! I just finished reading the first half so I decided to review before I carried on.

At the first couple of chapters it started out kinda slow but I soon sucked into the portal of bliss that is your fanfic. :D

In the start of the story I loved and hated your villains, they were so evil! Especially Illarra man she was twisted. Poor Squall! When Laguna and Zell snuck into the enemy base to rescue Ellone that was halarious! Hahaha god Laguna cracks me up and you developed the characters so well.

In Squalls first confrontation against Illarra I thought that she was a bit too easy to take her down. But the battle in the end more than made up for that.

"-his expression telling them that he was the Reaper, come to harvest their souls and banish them to hell for their crimes."

Lol I love it! This has got to be one of my favourite quotes of your story. Its so badass!

I especially liked how you portrayed Seifer and how he had changed in the three years. I always liked him in the game but I like you Seifer better.

Omg you turned Selphie into shiva? Or something. Interesting.

I love your writing style, Its very fluid and descriptive. It inspires me to be that much better with my own writing.

I really like Nash, He's cool! I mean hot :D

YES I KNEW IT! Ok so I didn't know but I suspected that Nash was Squall or something funky like that. You gave it away with the "kid" bit and the bit about his "old comrads" but... how could he do that to Selphie? oh well. Then why did he pick Ifrit to inject into himself? I would have thought Quezecotle would have been a more natural choice. Personal Preference I suppose.

Irvine is also very cool I really liked how you kept him without junctions or anything this whole time (am now tempted to try that in the game)

In the Chapter Awakened (I think it was) Omg that opening was maximum rage. Also I'm not really used to Squall being so... violent and swearing. I think he's more like the no-nonsense type that doesn't waste time with curses...

Speaking of Squall...OMG! SQUALL IS BLIND! *_* . How could you! Dude now he's like that guy... in that movie... Daredevil I think it was.

Question! Does Squall still have like his actual eyes in his head but just damaged or is there just with scars on top where they used to be? Ew. *shudders*

T_T Poor Squall. Wahahaha of course he can't die yet! D. But that scene between Squall and Seifer when Squall had just gotten hold of himself again was sad. It kinda reminds me of DBZ in I'm-too-powerful-for-my-own-good kinda way.



But at least Nash is still alive D

And Squall may come back! Mwahaha

Yes he will! mwahahaha *carries on in her denied crazy laughter*

Geez Illarra is one crazy lunatic, I mean gouging out your own eyes! ouch _O

And Why is Greiver so mean? *sniff* I liked him in the game...

I really love Death he's so cool

"You look constipated," lol!random funny quote!

I said it once and I'll say it again. Hades is too cool! He's like the comic relief suped up bad guy. Lol! He's too halarious "And now, the climactic battle against the mid-boss while the endboss powers up!” that is so true! ha ha.

To sum up this insanely long review I'll say that your writing has improoved so much with this story (or maybe I got used to reading your writing style?)

And if you ever publish something I shall try to get my hands on it because writing like yours is simply a terrible shame to miss.

And now to read the rest of this story! _
Tain Shari chapter 43 . 4/6/2006
Very nice ending! I believe you said that this was a trilogy? This peace won't last over long will it? _
Solid Shark chapter 43 . 4/6/2006
...So, it's over, huh? Something like three years since you began The Gunblade Saga, one year to the day since Blood of the Chimera began... been quite a ride, I expect. Over seven hundred thousand words invested in the project, who knows how many hours... Hard to believe this is the end, really.

Seifer and Serra running a bar in Dollet... perhaps my memory is playing tricks on me, but it sounds like you're paying homage to Daz Shier's The Omega. A fine piece of work, that, which I wouldn't have tumbled to at all had you not spoken so highly of it.

I can see Irvine taking up fishing; and I can certainly see Selphie working as a train engineer. Given how obsessed with them she seems in FF8, that would be a natural second career for her.

Zell a family man... well, I saw that coming from the beginning of the Legacy arc. I must say, I never would've predicted he'd end up with Ellone, but it makes more sense than Quistis (which I've seen in a couple other fics).

Pity about Nash; kept walking, never to be seen again... Still, after a couple of centuries chasing Hyne, I suppose some peace is just what he needs. Nice to know that the universe is safe as long as he's around, anyway.

And Quistis the new Guardian of Existence... Man, I'm not sure I'd want that kind of life. Staying young and hail for eternity, while generations of friends grow old and die... Well, I guess that's the price she paied for her love with Alucard. Nice to see that she's considering going back to Garden regardless.

So Squall and Rinoa retire quietly to Winhill, huh? Yes, I expect it's time Squall had some peace, after all the battles... and after having Griever in his head for awhile. Did I sense some more Metal Gear references in there, though? When Squall spoke of retiring, it sounded remarkably like something Solid Snake would say.

Well, I guess I've said just about all that needs to be said. I remember starting with Gunblade a couple years back -it was, by far, the best novelization I've read of ANY story- and sticking with the sage through Blood and Legacy... I even got around to reading Bittersweet Synthesis eventually, having discovered my disinterest was the result of my not understanding the premise.

I guess now you'll be continuing either Mako or Bittersweet Synthesis, eh? Unless, of course, you have some other project up your sleeve, which wouldn't surprise me in the least... Well, until then. ~Solid Shark
kimahrigirl chapter 43 . 4/6/2006
It is done. Amazing, as I have said over and over during this whole story. Good luck in your future endeavors as well, peptuck. I'll have to try and make myself check out your other works, hard as it may be without the old FFVI gang. Weren't you going to do some metal gear solid or halo stuff? I should probably just go check out your profile...anyway, *raises her glass* To the future! lol
kimahrigirl chapter 42 . 4/6/2006
I was so hoping Nash would get to do the honors, yay!
kimahrigirl chapter 41 . 4/6/2006
lol "all the gentle kindness of a pissed off hurricane on fire" lol Great chappie! The last chapter next *gasp*
kimahrigirl chapter 40 . 4/6/2006
*applause* Hades' dialogue in this chapter and the last were great!
Daniel Wesley Rydell chapter 43 . 4/6/2006
There's nothing left to be said, Mister Peptuck. It's complete. *nods* The ending was just that, an ending. It was written as well as I have come to expect from you. To quote another game...

"This is your world, now."

Farewell Squall, Rinoa.. and the rest of you.
WhiteDrake chapter 43 . 4/6/2006
This story was incredible, I really cant believe it is over :( But you did an awesome job my hats off to you this is the best ff8 fanfic i ever read hell its the best story i ever read it even beats genesis and i ddint think that would ever happen :P So what are you moving on to next i look forward to your next story.

Oh yea just one small question if serra wished for them to all be saved wouldnt squall get his eyes back? i was just wondering

CaptainSkittlez chapter 43 . 4/6/2006
OMG LIKE ANGST. I can't actually believe it's over! I never really ever wanted it to end, to be honest. It was just such a powerful story, i never thought it could end. But everything comes to an end i suppose.

i really liked how it has ended, with Seifer settling down at last. Squall is too, i'm glad to se and Selphie and Irvine. After all, you can only save the world so many times before you get tired of it.

Zell and Ellone! wow, parents. That's a bit of a mind job, Zell becoming a father. Glad to see that it's worked out for everyone though. Few things i'd liek to say.

Laguna never really appeared in this story; is this because of the part he played in Blood, or was he just missed by the cosmic writer?

Nash! Why did Nash go away, never to be heard of again? Man, he was too cool just to disapear and hide from humanity for ever more. I think it'd be nice if he and Quisty had gotten together, since she's the only person who lost their lover. Then again, Alucard did junction to her, so maybe not.

I do like it that Nash didn't feel great at Hyne's utter destruction. I'm so glad taht instea,d he got his real plesure from knowing that Hyne will never manifest again.

but; does Selphie still have Shiva? Does Nash still have Ifrit? Griever was destroyed, but the others? Did junctioning Hyne force Ifrit out or did he leave in peace? And Selphie/Shiva?

I'm still sad over the loss of Nash, the fact that this is ending and that Randolph is gone too. But wow, they all did an amazing part in stopping Hyne. And who knows what will become of Hades when he remanifests in the next millenia?

But mostly, thanks for such an amazing story, it's be so awesome reading, and i hope you've enjoyed writing as much as. Thanks again, man.
AntiCensor chapter 43 . 4/6/2006
Wow, it's finally here, It's great when a good story like this is actually completed. You're of a rare breed of fanfiction author Peptuck.

Is it true about that force that holds together the particles? Because that was a fine analogy.

Awesome, you're doing the thing where Zell and Seifer tolerate each other but they still use their insults as greetings. I love that.

I really liked your ending for Nash, and I'm still very charmed by Quistis smoking that pipe.

Good ending. Letting us know what happens to every character and giving them happy endings that are plausible and not among the ranks of 'We were saved by love and friendship' huggathon. Put the past behind you and move on happily.

Hakuna Matata.
Kolostramin Indincranin chapter 43 . 4/6/2006
Firstly, for the negative(ish) comments.

The first line of this chapter is partially in the passive voice. The passive voice weakens almost any sentence it lies in, and seems inappropriate to me to begin this chapter with.


Well, I guess it's done. Fabulous job. I can only barely imagine writing something this big...or this good. You have a future in writing probably anywhere, if you decide to take it up.

I have to wonder what on earth you'll do now. But then, there's that FFVII fic...

I guess the road goes ever on and on. Bravo, Peptuck.
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