Reviews for The Chosen, S9, Episode 1: Truth or Dare
MuffledSnickers chapter 5 . 5/24/2005
lol, i like it, the muffin thing, so something that willow would have only done until 18, vry amusing

nice fight action, it was vry good

really like this story, great job w/ it
MuffledSnickers chapter 4 . 5/23/2005
Hey kool, orginal idea, lets built a vampire army haha, Hai wutever her name is sounds pretty strong, poor willow lol, i luv the humor u put in these things, its jus so funny, n' now i get the xander part! HAHAHAHAHA LMAO HE WANTS TO BE A WATCHER! hahaha, now THAT is a funny picture!

My fave line in this chapter "I have so many responses just itchin' to come out," replied the redhead with a tiny smirk, giving Tara's fingers a squeeze, "but there's this whole big thing with Giles being in the room."

"A detail that I am eternally grateful you recall," sighed a thankful Giles.

ahahahahaha! thats vry funny, i love ur humor, its not too overdone, just perfect, i luv it! n' u pin match tara n' willow really well! ny chance do you write in the series? lol, jp...unless u do, kus if that were the case then u'd hav to be sending me autographs n' the actors auto's, n' it'd just get all lovely..for me at least.

nyway, i really enjoy your story, u know how to make someone smile, n' jus wonderin' is that real japanize? jw

'Nyway, kontinue givin' us the willow/tara scenes, n' less of the dawn or kennedy scenes (oh god i hate kennedy), myb u kould kill her? that'd be nice pretty pictures in the mind oh yes

hehe, nice chapter , nice story too, i really am enjoying reading this, do kontinue ur doing a great job so far
MuffledSnickers chapter 3 . 5/23/2005
Hm, doesn't seem like evil gal kan be a good guy, torturing demons i know not a sin since hey it is a demon, but still u kant help but feel bad for the poor guy.

Nyway, wuts up w/ xander? n' isn't his one eyesupposeto be missing? i think u forgot that part, u shuld make him previous carpender or sumthin. nyway i dunt really get wuts up with him, sry i kinda skimmed this chapter, not really for thz karators that u showed in this one. But if i was, and i liked those guys, then i'd be sure that i 'd love this chapter as much as the last.

it was ok tho, nice going so far i like it.
MuffledSnickers chapter 2 . 5/23/2005
Oh exciting, hey new idea, u brought tara back, thats not really new, good, but not new, but u did a s9 after all the parts w/ tara ripped outa heaven n' breakin' w/ kennedy, i like that, its vry interesting. I luv ur story, its really good and attention catching, hm i wonder who the girl is? shes a really great mysticrical charater, u giv all the right klues, i like ur drunk vamp and demon too, that wuz pretty funny. i wonder wut the girl's point is? didn't she seem interested in someone before from the gang? ill have to look back n' check..i hope shes not the one hurting tara, kuz she seems pretty powerful, wonder y its more powerful than befor? aww poor tara, ripped out a heaven, jus like glad her n' willow r there tho, my fave cuples.

nyway, great story, vry intrugiung, u got good suspence, keep up the good work
MuffledSnickers chapter 1 . 5/1/2005
Very interesting, i really like this story its set out vry nicely

good job on it, kant wait to read more
byrdgirl chapter 5 . 4/27/2005
Yeay for the first story of a new season. It was a rather early introduction of a new villain, but I like this one. She's going to come back right? She can't be killed in the normal way. I'll be interested to see what will come.

byrdgirl chapter 1 . 4/11/2005
Oh, you're evil! Now you're doing this one act at a time? That's gonizing. Still, I'm glad you're writing again, though my thesis advisor might not be.