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A Adela chapter 17 . 7/13/2012
it's like I just watched a pretty good rom-com so cheers this fanfic is going to be added to my favorites :D
MistyMountainHop chapter 17 . 10/7/2010
"Seems to me that if the only way you can have family around you in your "twilight years" is to bribe them with your millions, it doesn't say much for how wisely you've lived your life."

Love this. Totally hear Hyde saying this.

"So let me see – a pot addict alcoholic with a criminal record is giving me advice on how to live my life? You'll never see 25 with the path you're on. Which I have no objection to except that you want to take my granddaughter along for the ride."


No pesky loved ones to look out for me and put a spoke in the wheel of your plans. I must have been a gift from heaven, the perfect pawn.

Hooray for Jackie's intelligence! Glad she figured it out.

Hyde felt the sadness of that plea resonate inside him, like a tuning fork that could only be heard by someone who had been through the same anguish. He gathered Jackie into his arms. As he whispered words of comfort and reassurance into her ear, she felt her pain diminish.

Aww! SO sweet.

"Love is not overrated," Jackie replied. "All you need is love. Love is the answer. Love will keep us alive."

"Can't buy me love," Hyde contributed to the song titles.

"Exactly," Jackie agreed.

Very cute. Can see them both saying this.

Although it did take me a couple of years to move past the initial loathing stage but I got there in the end.

*lol* She sure did.

And, aww, Grandma does have a heart after all.

All-in-all, an enjoyable story! Good characterization. Fun plot. Thank you for writing this. D
MistyMountainHop chapter 16 . 10/7/2010
I can call Eric if you like and have him give you some grovelling pointers.

*lol* Really funny (but Eric's groveling never really worked with Red, huh? Maybe with Donna...) D

"Remember when Red punished Eric for smoking by making him a smoke a whole box of cigarettes? My experience in New York was kind of like that. When you're ordered to go out to events just about every freaking night, it's about as much fun as coughing your lungs up."

Hyde put his arm around Jackie's shoulders and gave her a squeeze. "Hey," he said gruffly.

Love this. Love how Jackie explains her experiences about NY. The sensory-overload. Very apt. And Hyde's reaction is love.

"Oh Steven," Jackie cried in ecstasy. "You see us together with a house and kids in 20 years!"

"You and your selective hearing," Steven said.

*lol* Jackie definitely has that going on.

"Backwater?" Kitty repeated, offended. "Would a backwater have a Pricemart and a Fatso Burger?"

*lmao* So Kitty.

Although part of her would like to see him nail Jason to a wall for manhandling her, she knew Jason for the kind who fought with lawyers rather than his fists and was therefore much more dangerous.

Scary - and also true in some ways.

"Steven, you once told me there is a time for zen and a time for ass-kicking – trust me when I tell you this is a time for zen," she said warningly.

I like how she's protecting Hyde here.
MistyMountainHop chapter 15 . 10/7/2010
Suddenly they pounced on Hyde from different directions, grabbing one arm each and dragging him towards his bedroom.

"Sorry, Hyde, but this is for our own good," Fez explained. "Donna, grab something to barricade his door with!"

With Donna joining the attack, Hyde began to panic that he really would be locked away from Jackie. He was clinging onto his bedroom door jamb, resisting their efforts, when he heard a strident voice blast out "Get off my boyfriend!"

I remember when I read this the first time (on the plane), I got all nervous and worried for Hyde. I hated that his friends were going to keep him away from working things out with Jackie - and then I got so relieved when Jackie showed up.

As soon as he was free he raced towards his rescuer, enveloping her in a hug that said I'm sorry, I love you, don't leave me.


"DAMN," Kelso yelled. "Well, isn't that the sweetest thing; giving up wealth and security for love – you two make me sick."

*lol* I can hear Kelso saying this.

He felt it was essential not to break contact with her.

And this is SO something Hyde would feel/act on. He very much did this on the show. It seemed as if he always had to be in physical contact with her.

the most important thing was not to let go. All the things pulling them apart were just details compared to that truth.

Nice. Glad that Hyde believes this.

Steven spied on you for half an hour but these guys have been at it all weekend."

Struck by this realisation, Donna rotated towards the two perpetrators who were inching their way towards the basement door. At the look on her face, they broke into a frenzied retreat, the flame-haired avenger in hot pursuit.

Great truth-burn, Jackie!

"OK, we'd better talk now while I can still remember my name."

Aww! So cute and funny.

"I'm not going," Jackie said.

He could not have heard her right. "Say again?"

"I called my grandmother half an hour ago and told her I'm staying here in Point Place – with you."

Nice twist. D
MistyMountainHop chapter 14 . 10/7/2010
"Oh crap! Are you going back into your sad bastard routine?

*lmao* Hilarious. And such a Red thing to say.

"Hmmm. Sounds like any person of logic and sense would choose New York over you. So why did Jackie?"

This too! D

"Whoa, her grandmother is offering her 5 million dollars to live with her? And you think she should have given that up for love of you? Son, I think you're the hopeless romantic in this case."

Nice turn around - and insight. No wonder Hyde wants to leave after Red says this; Red struck a nerve.

"And now you have… all this," Hyde said, waving a hand at the 20 year old furniture and peeling wallpaper.

Hyde, Hyde, Hyde... nice sarcasm.

"OK, thanks Red. I would really like to leave now."

"Fine. I'll try to get along without you," Red replied, reverting to sarcastic mode.

*lol* Terrific little exchange (and spot-on in character).

Love Kitty's reaction to Red's words. Also love the advice and insights Red shares with Hyde. Necessary and effective.
MistyMountainHop chapter 13 . 10/7/2010
Now he was in prison for bribery and embezzlement of Council funds.

*lol* Nice mixture of the two reasons the show gave for his imprisonment.

"How can you call this a cheap gift? I can see the work you have put into this – all the glitter and little doodles that are just so you. And these photos," he flipped through the pages and saw his daughter grow from an adorable infant to a wide eyed child into a beautiful young woman "don't you know how these photos make me feel – so proud that at least there is one thing in my life that has turned out good and worthwhile."

Touching and sad.

"No. If you were you would not have felt so abandoned by your mother and I. You are so full of love, Jackie, and so hungry for it that it always made me scared how vulnerable it made you to others like that Kelso boy you dated."

Also touching and insightful.

Work out what is really important in your life, what will truly make you happy, and then make it a priority.

I like this advice.

Jackie turned to the last page of the photo album which showed four of her favourite photos of herself and Steven. As she absorbed her father's words, a warm certainty filled her body and joyful laughter bubbled from her.

I also like that the picture of her and Steven combines with her father's words and culminates in her realization.

Jackie's father's admissions in this chapter and the reconciliation between him and Jackie are all really lovely.
MistyMountainHop chapter 12 . 10/7/2010
Hooray! Jackie and Hyde reunited (and *yay* for how).

"I know what you mean – I had so many dreams of waking up with you in my arms again – and then the sun is in my eyes and I find myself humping a pillow."

*lol* Touching and funny

Jackie giggled. "Careful – I might start thinking you missed me."

"Well, if last night's efforts failed to teach you that lesson maybe you need a refresher course." Jackie indulged herself in 5 minutes of slow kisses and then regretfully drew away.


In spite of damp hair (Hyde would keep pushing her under the shower head)

Cute. And really nice to see them both so happy with each other early in this chapter.

She had desperately grabbed at this concept in both of her relationships with Michael and Steven, trying to anchor her boyfriends with life time vows which would secure for her the warm home life she had missed out on. But she knew she had not really come home. And Steven's use of such permanent sounding words suddenly brought her down to earth.

Sad, insightful, and tension-building.

Hyde remembered the time when he was ten and he had walked onto the local pond, confident the ice was frozen solid, only to go crashing through at an unexpected weak point. He felt the same icy shock at Jackie's words.

Aww! That's terribly sad.

"Why? Because your grandma bought you? You've never had a problem with returning gifts before."

Nice. And so something Hyde would say.

"I believe you mean it right now. But you go back to New York and start living in your fancy mansion and chumming around with your fancy friends at fancy parties and suddenly Point Place is not going to be the drawcard you think it is now."

Totally understand Hyde's insecurity.

Plus it sounds like your black widow spider of a grandmother is sewing you up into her way of life so neatly you don't even know what's happening.

Terrific, frightening insight.

"Of course I love you," Hyde growled, giving into the warm bundle of beautiful girl in his lap.

"the warm bundle of beautiful girl" is such a lovely way to describe Jackie - and conveys Hyde's love for her well.
MistyMountainHop chapter 11 . 10/7/2010
Thank God she hadn't been wearing the T-shirt he gave her, which was her usual sleeping apparel. She would not allow the fact that his touch had sent shivers through her body or the way he smelled so good, all beer and smoke and Steven

*dies* So lovely and sad. Again, two people who clearly love each other but don't know how to be together - 'cause of lack of trust.

noting how she held her body away from him as if afraid of his touch.

"How the hell could you say I stole your heart and never gave a damn about you?" he exploded.

This is incredibly sad.

"Damn it, Jackie! You know damn well how I feel about you."

Jackie's heart skipped a beat at his use of the present tense. "Actually, I don't. I can count on one hand the number of times you've said you loved me. I don't even need all the fingers."

"What does it matter how many times I said it?" Hyde argued. "The fact that I said it at all is what counts. You know I'm not the kind of guy who tells someone they… who uses that word."

Great tension in this exchange. I especially like Jackie's awareness that Hyde uses the present tense.

"That was a joke!"

"Your jokes have always had too much of a basis in truth for my liking," Jackie said.


"Hey, if we're going to rehash stupid things we've said in the past, how about all your crap about leaving me if I didn't make enough money or couldn't give you the lifestyle you wanted."

Jackie was caught out. "Oh. You know I never meant that."

"Yeah right."

"No, really, I was just – "


Nice turn-around. She's guilty of this, too.

I love that Hyde kisses her after he learns what Jackie meant by "future" and "marriage". I love Jackie's response to it. And that she knows exactly how many days it's been since they kissed. And "over-sensitized system" is such an excellent way of describing the effect those last 129 days in NY have had on her.
MistyMountainHop chapter 10 . 10/7/2010
It was at the point when Hyde hurdled the Pinciotti picket fence that he realized he had lost his zen. Suddenly years of emotional subterfuge were swept away. Oh my God, he panicked. I'm feeling! And what was much worse, he was expressing his feelings!

Aww! and *lol* and poor Hyde!

It was Jackie's comment that he didn't give a damn about her that had triggered the melt down.


And then there was her main crime – she had made him fall in love with her.


God, she was so much more beautiful in colour.


However, when Jackie and Hyde reached the basement back door, they found Fez and Kelso guarding the entrance with arms crossed and faces stern.

"Guys, let us through," Hyde said.

"You're not going anywhere, Hyde," Kelso said in his best swaggering cop voice.

Fez and Kelso would *so* do this (for their greed). Nicely done.
MistyMountainHop chapter 9 . 10/7/2010
"And you're worth 5 mill?" Donna said sceptically.

"Well, she offered 3 but I talked her up to 5.

Of course she did. *lol* You go, Jackie. D

"Yes, but running Glow would not really be working because it fits me so well. It is like Steven and his record store – once he started working there he actually stopped complaining about how employment is the weapon of a capitalist dictatorship. He even worked back late some nights! He denied it, said he was casing a convenience store, but I knew what he was up to."

I really like this. It's funny, insightful, and a lovely illustration of how if you do what you love - it's not really work.

Obviously, 4 months is not long enough to forget the man who stole my heart and then pawned it at the 'Don't give a Damn Store'.

Great line.

"What!" cried Kelso and Fez a household away. They did not notice Hyde leaving the room.

MistyMountainHop chapter 8 . 10/7/2010
Of course Fez would be the one to install the surveillance equipment. Nice use of his characterization.

"Shut up! This is a family show," Hyde corrected.

*lol* Can totally hear Hyde saying this.

Or did crushing people's hearts lend an extra shine to the hair?

Funny. D

"Oooooooh", moaned Fez and Kelso. Hyde sighed. It was going to be a long night of frogging.

*lmao* This, too.

"And Hyde doesn't say much of anything these days. He used to be good for a heated discussion, especially if you can blame something on the government, but nowadays his vocabulary has shrunk to 'whatever' and 'who took the last beer'."

Hyde frowned at this negative assessment – Hey, he'd always been zen. If he was more zen than usual, that just showed he was doing it right. Then he noticed Jackie's eyes drop and her fingers start to pick at the silken fringe of her dressing gown.

I love Donna's observation and Hyde's reaction to it - and then Jackie's. It's really sad. And I esp. like "that just showed he was doing it right." Very Hyde.

"He's not sociable then with other girls?"

"Hey, Jackie, I promised I would tell you when that happened, as far as I knew," Donna said reassuringly. "So far no action there."

Hyde's fist balled as Fez and Kelso shrieked with laughter. Perhaps including the two morons in his plan was not the best idea. And what the hell was Donna doing keeping tabs on his love-life. And what business was it of Jackie's if he was banging the women's volleyball team or not. It's not like she cared anymore. Or did she?

Terrific way of revealing this, the reactions of Fez and Kelso are great, and Hyde's response is in character and conveys his anger well.

"it was so wonderful. It was like if Fez was let loose in the Hersheys chocolate factory!"

"She has read my dream book," murmured Fez.

*lmao* Oh, Fez.

I mean, just when you thought you had seen every shade of fuschia, they come up with a new one. Magnificent bastards.

Totally hear Jackie saying this, down to "Magnificent bastards."

Hyde, whose attention had strayed to the way Jackie's breasts peaked against her satin pyjama top during all the cosmetic talk, now snapped back to attention.

D D In character and a fun detail.

"Anyhow, Jason was starting to look down my blouse a bit too often..."

Nice character foreshadowing.

"She bought me!"

That can't be good.
MistyMountainHop chapter 7 . 10/7/2010
Hyde tossed up whether Fez's entrance required any neck movement and decided against it.

Very funny and in character.

This got Hyde's attention. "Jackie's back? Did you see her? Where is she?" Too late, he realised he had actually betrayed something close to an emotion and tried to recover "Just so I know where not to be."

Really enjoy Hyde's reaction here. The mixture is totally in character.

The last few months of morose solitude was eroding his natural burning abilities.

Nice insight (on Fez's part).

"Dude, what were you doing in her closet?"

"Hello, it's Saturday? Anyhow, I was just rubbing my face against her green plaid shirt...

*rotfl* Very cute/funny.

"Great," Hyde said, his anger building. "So I'm singled out for the cold shoulder. After all I've done to that girl."

"Don't you mean 'for that girl'?"

"That's what I said." Hyde sighed

*lmao* Terrific! Really, really funny.

"Then we have to show her that she is not going to get away with this," Hyde said, rallying the troops. "Kelso, can you borrow some surveillance equipment from the police station?"

Intriguing. Can't wait to see it (again).

"No, we're not allowed to borrow that stuff for personal use. Oh, wait," Kelso said, leaping up in inspiration "I could steal it and then put it back when they're not looking!"

"Yeah, that's what I said," Hyde replied. Really, it was like talking to a 3 year old.

Love, love, love Hyde's response to Kelso here (and the reason for it).
MistyMountainHop chapter 6 . 10/7/2010
"Yes, well, in Hitchen's defence, if your surname does not sound like something you would read on the Mayflower's ship log, he has been trained not to waste time on politeness."

Oh, gosh. So bad - in a good, funny way.

the frequent phone conversations they had shared during her absence were a mixture of Jackie making it quite clear she was over Hyde and a desperate thirst for news of what he was doing.

Very much in Jackie's character.

And the end of the chapter is intriguing and makes me want to read the next.
MistyMountainHop chapter 5 . 10/7/2010
"Well, I have been out of the house for the last five nights running," justified Jackie. "Come on, it will be fun. We can relax on the couch, order in some pizza and watch Charlie's Angels together," Jackie finished with a winning smile.

I like how Jackie misses the things from her "more common" life that gave her comfort (and joy).

"You will find in this life that there is always somebody paying the price for all the fine things you enjoy. Just make sure it is not you."

Key line here.

"Willy Wonka? I did not know that was a sad movie."

"There is a girl in it who eats some gum and she becomes… fat," Jackie explained with a shudder.

"Say no more."


Because I think I could really make a contribution in that area – I can spot a dud eyeshadow from 20 paces

Very Jackie.
MistyMountainHop chapter 4 . 10/7/2010
Jackie slid down Hyde's body with a deliberateness that was all his doing.

Awesome detail.

"Because I am in love with you," she said levelly, for the first time looking directly into his intensely blue eyes. "And as our relationship has no future, I have to move on and that is not going to happen here in Point Place. I have to get away."

Hyde felt like the breath had been knocked out of him, and could not help but admire how neatly she had sucker-punched him. Either he admitted their relationship had a future – and that open door would have him hogtied and hitched before the summer was over – or he agreed with her and let her go.

"Jackie, I…" but words would not come. He did not know what to say. All he knew was that the thought of not seeing her every day was like living in a world without a sun.

Majorly tense moment. Well written. In character. And love how the character clearly love each other but don't know how to actually *be with* each other.

He would not say something he did not mean, not even to keep her.

Very keen and apt insight.

With a sad sigh, she moved into his arms which automatically closed around her

Lovely, touching (and sad) detail.

"Can I have another hug, Jackie? I was not ready for the last one," pleaded Fez.

*lol* Very Fez.
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