Reviews for The Girl From Not Around Here
Nickolaus Pacione chapter 1 . 9/15/2015
I ran this story through and has a feel similar to Dan Brown's work so you might have a chance to get noticed if you're up to writing with a first time author to help give her the experience to introduce a challenging anthology as I am waiting for her photos and introduction I was checking around your website but the aspect you might feel a little weird about is the Midwest tone and sarcasm being that Phillip K. Dick grew up in Chicago as did Hemingway. You do have the dark tone that works with this project too and having Karen the main writer though you will be listed as written with as some writers who did first time full lengths wrote with someone. Spielberg was a huge influence on how I wrote Lake Fossil growing up in the Chicago area I wanted to make vibe dark like what you seen in Bob Kane's original visions for Batman or King Kong. Though this I have to give you a lot of credit you might have written this ten years ago but man seeing this is more the reason inviting you to write the introduction with my cousin's friend will give this a distinct vibe.
youngwriter123 chapter 1 . 4/16/2011
Now this was beautiful. At the moment, I'm sort of speechless and damn, you should be really proud. There are very rarely any stories like these out there and it's a great treat to find them :) Gosh X)

Okay, let me start of. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the atmosphere that this story has :D It's very dark, very beautiful, and very sad.

At first, I thought Sean was a Orga, and then he blatantly says that thing about the height of the restaurant and I heard myself say ohhhhhh.

The mystery that surrounds this story is amazing. I can't explain it but the way you explain everything is what really makes it such a great fanfic. It's almost like poetry because it paints a picture, a very delicate portrait of these images but at the same time it's not like you have to seriously think deeply into the meaning of your explanations. Anyway, the way this story flows, how it's directed showing short spans of time and Sean not even remembering is almost all to real. Just, very angst and (sadly, words I can't even explain).

If I was half the writer of you then I'd actually be writing an A.I. fanfic :D This is defiantly a favorite, it's beautiful and I really hope you appreciate and this gift you have. It may be a simple one-shot but damn, it's deep.

Vanessa De Bryer chapter 1 . 1/27/2011
This made me cry.

Very impressive, clever and moving.

You are a talented writer. I can picture both androids carrying out their increasingly pointless routines until they discintegrate, so very clearly in my mind.

Very well done.
ZenPotter chapter 1 . 7/29/2007
you are very good

they are both A.I aren't they? I kept wondering how her skin kept changing like that, first she was black and then mixed and then white, even her hair changed and that kinda made it clear that she was a robot. Its sad, though...this story makes you think
Senriou of Veiron chapter 1 . 7/19/2005
Oi! Konnichiwa Bryan. You wright so well. At first I thought, 'Maybe the person she is waiting for is, Sean. And that he'd, at their last meeting, sit by her. That He'd be who she was waiting for.' But I was wrong..Am I correct, though, in saying that Sean is an A.I.?

I am off to read all your other peices.

Seeya soon U. Bryan. )
ethereal chapter 1 . 7/1/2005
Do not be disheartened from the amount of reviews you have received. I think your story shows the sadness of emotions and for those that do not have them, that the girl in your wonderful story is unfortunate to forever wait for a person that will never come back for her. For as she waits she succumbs to the fate of having to live for an eternity without meaning. Do not give up hope, for I believe that those that do not read are missing out on a precious gift that everyone can share and contribute to.
Jade R. Raven chapter 1 . 6/8/2005
This is truly moving, very beautiful, and sad. I like how you slowly reveal that the two are both robots, and its just so...well, i can't really describe it, but moving comes close. You should be really proud of this, its going on my favorites.