Reviews for An Unforeseen Occurrence
UnseenCharacters chapter 10 . 10/13/2006
Ah, what a wonderful setting! I love Kew. Have you been? I'm a friend so I go most sundays. I shall find myself imagining Holmes and Helen dancing there, especially at their evening concerts. :)
UnseenCharacters chapter 7 . 10/12/2006
Just finished chapter 7 and I'm really enjoying it so far. I've not read the other reviews (I don't like to until I'm finished as there's usually spoilers aplenty in them!) and I don't usually comment until I've finished reading (unless I'm reading as it's posted) but I just thought I'd point out one thing that jarred somewhat - Helen and the horse. I see why it was necessary, however, a lady riding astride would have been considered really quite scandalous, and riding side-saddle on a standard saddle is neither easy or comfortable. Not only that, but the horse needs to be trained for a side-saddle rider. Not the sort of thing people are likely to know, nowadays, but the history nerd in me insisted I mention it. :)
Olive Hue chapter 14 . 2/2/2006
Aww... sad. But then, absolutely plausible. It only stands to reason that any woman who fell in love with Holmes would be tortured mercilessly by him, with no knowledge on his part that he was even doing so. You couldn't really blame him... after all, he obviously has no experience being the object of a woman's affections. At least, any women HE knows. *wink*

Anyway, to the point: I loved this story. Your portrayal of the characters are so accurate and REAL; I know, I've probably said it before. And I officially adore Helen. She's in every way the best possible match for Holmes: intelligent, not overly emotional, and strong-willed without being irritatingly stubborn like so many heroines that authors try to match with the detective. She is indeed a breath of fresh air.

Now if you'll excuse me, I now have to read the next story in this series! Again, superb work, guys!

Frostfyre7 chapter 14 . 1/22/2006
Again, an excellent story. It seemed a bit rough in the third person, at first-though your handling of Watson's first person was flawless as usual-but after the Lucifer's Hunt business it evened out and matched the first person bits in quality. I remained, throughout the story, wholly captured by both the well-done research and Helen herself. I look forward to reading more about her, but alas, it is past 2am and I shall have to wait until tomorrow. :)
mugglemin chapter 14 . 1/20/2006
Your attention to detail is just staggering! At the beginning of the epilogue, I was wondering why they were walking in that direction to get to Regents park - and then you explain it all, complete with references to Madame Tussaude's relocation...I'd LOVE to know where you do all your research!

I'm not sure if I made a mistake by reading the arc out of order. I certainly think that doing so has meant I've denied myself the agony of wondering whether something with ever happen between them, and that's a shame, 'cos I love a bit of angst. On the other hand, it's so clear how much you've improved - I thought the first story was good, not as good as the later ones, but as you said, you've honed your skills since - it's good to know that it's just going to get better.

Your language and grammar is, for the most part, excellent, with only one or two errors (you use "gotten" occaisionally, which is an Americanism, but this may just have slipped past your beta, and the word "hello" wasn't used as a greeting until the telephone had become well established as a means of communication. You probably know all this by now, though.)

Occaisionally the topics of conversation between the men and the women might be considered inappropriate - for example, Holmes telling Helen about his monograph on sex and violence. I understand why it was there - to prove the difference between her reaction to so shocking a subject compared to other women's - but realistically I don't think he would have brought up the subject before a lady. HOWEVER, you're allowed pleanty of artistic license in the realm of fanfiction, and for all the effort you put into the research and the grammar, it's really not that important.

I told you I was a pedant. I hope this "criticism" is constructive. I really do think that this arc is the best Holmes fanfiction going, and continue to be in awe of the amount of effort you both clearly put in.

Well done, and looking forward to your next update!

Alina Isoldere chapter 14 . 1/9/2006
I am trying to decide what to write. My emotions encompass the entire array of emotions known to man. Oh, what misunderstandings come forth when one begins to assume, something Holmes never should have done. Naughty, naughty, Holmes!

Oh, that was in so many ways heart wrenching. "He would miss that. He would miss..." I think those are some of the most poignant lines you have written. So simple yet so packed with the untold, the assumed, the guessed at and surmised. My head wheels with the thoughts dancing through my head! to see it, but it seems so far off in the sunset...and I am rambling in run-ons. Please excuse my appalling lack of grammatical correctness, but your story has swept my mind into new realms which work faster than my fingers.

You do enjoy writing bittersweet endings, do you not? But then, I would not appreciate them if they were otherwise.

Well, until next time, I remain humbly yours,

Alina Isoldere chapter 12 . 1/9/2006
Oh. My. Goodness. You did not just do what I think you just did. I did not just read of Holmes playing the suitor so romantically and Helen just being drawn into it and then he shredding it back down to dust.

And my heart did not break with hers. Nope. Not a bit.

Okay, possibly a little bit.

That was one of the most splendidly written chapters yet, I dare say. Beginning and ending are so different, so unique and so utterly unrelated. Your style, I must reiterate, is simply to die for, and your imagination must be of the first calibre.

If you have not noticed yet, I am enjoying myself most thoroughly. Most thoroughly. I can hardly wait for the next chapter, though I do feel I must write.

I do hate for Helen to have her heart broken, but it's been broken so many times with Holmes. I wonder when he shall see the light, so to speak? I suppose I shall just have to wait, shall I not?

Well, until next time, I am ever yours faithfully,

Alina Isoldere chapter 10 . 1/9/2006
Ah, now that was just lovely. Excuse me as I gush forward in feminine rapture. YES! She's admitted it! And Holmes hasn't! Dang it!

She's in for a lot of heart ache, isn't she? Poor poor Helen!

I must go onward; I need to finish this story and start the next one!

(Obsessed? Umm...maybe...possibly...okay, I admit it! I'm hooked!)


Alina Isoldere chapter 9 . 1/9/2006
My, I am writing a lot of reviews, am I not? And this one shall not be very in depth either; I shall just be gushing about the Holmes/Helen interludes.

The oysters comment had me in stitches for a while there! Unexpected and well slipped in for the Holmes aficionado to find; The Dying Detective happens to be one of my favourite Holmes stories. So clever of him, and so wonderfully done! (I am an actress myself and appreciate his method acting in that story particularly.)

Oh, what lovelies you have revealed in this chapter! I am all agog; my eyes were brimming with so much mirth they almost burst right out of my head! I absolutely love the little underestimations and flippant side remarks; they add so much tone to the style of your writing. Absolutely lovely piece today!

I am now extremely keen to see how you interpret Holmes' past. Sticking with Baring-Gould or not? Hmm...I shall just have to hope that you write out his history some day!

I am terribly sorry I keep writing these things but...well, there; you have them now and know exactly what I wish to tell to my friends. Now if only they understood Holmes as I do...sigh. Oh, the life I lead!

Anyway, wonderful as always. And side note: You have splendid chapter headings. Misleading and then by the end of the chapter completely appropriate. Wonderful use of dual meanings and all that.

Lovely to chat!

Alina Isoldere chapter 8 . 1/9/2006
Terribly sorry, but I feel the need to write another review. Please feel absolutely no obligation whatsoever to answer all of these things; at that rate, I might as well just set up an e-mail address just for you to answer to!

What a lovely little ceremony; I'm very glad they decided on the Courts rather than the Clergy; rather more in character, I think (and a Clergy wedding would be rather awkward all around, I believe). Lovely little insights and tantalising bits about what is to come between our Helen and Mr. Holmes. Oh, the excitement brewing within me!

I find it quite interesting to hear Helen's thoughts on Holmes' attire so frankly in between all the other lines of narrative; her point of view is definitely dominant in this story. I wonder what this story would be like if told by her rather than third person? An interesting idea...or perhaps alternating Helen/Holmes. Even more interesting!

Oh, I am exciting myself something awful. I am terribly sorry to take up your time, but I could not resist and had to write down my thoughts. The story is going well, and I do worry over Holmes as he enters life without Watson. The ennui he shall face without his Boswell is especially the cocaine again? I truly hope not, but fear it shall be so.

Well, I shall be off again; must read some more before dinner!

Quite humbly yours,

Alina Isoldere chapter 7 . 1/8/2006
Ah, my lovely ladies once again!

Congratulations on your wedding and happiness, my dear Aeryn! May your felicity be greater than the highest heights and warmer than the strongest fires!

And I would comment more, but I had planned on retiring for the night an hour ago, and must allow my body some rest.

Wishing the best and hoping for the most,

Alina Isoldere chapter 6 . 1/8/2006
I must write another review, although my time is short. I believe you could easily publish your stories if you fleshed them out some, or perhaps made a small compendium. A few grammatical changes, some extra chapters, and voila! a published masterpiece. In my own humble opinion, at least, this seems to be a very probable route.

This chapter was absolutely fascinating! I have enjoyed every moment from beginning to end. The duel was quite unexpected but most definitely appealed to my romantic senses; I have always loved the thought of Holmes dueling! So Monte Cristo-esque, I've always thought.

This chapter has definitely taken its share of romanticism, but not without good intentions and proper reasons. I have enjoyed this chapter thoroughly, reveling in Watson's narrations as well as Holmes' actions and Helen's quiet and steady consistency. A wonderful story with a beautiful outline and form.

I shall praise your form until the end of time. Such gorgeous writing, my dears, cannot be left merely to fanfiction. You two must some day publish, or you both shall deprive many of your fantastic works, as well as your own satisfaction of a published work.

I have found this chapter thoroughly enjoyable, and though there is much more to say, I must move on to the next chapter before I worry myself away on behalf of the Lynleys.

Thoroughly happy (like a cat on straight cream),

Alina Isoldere chapter 5 . 1/8/2006
Perhaps I should review now before there is too much information for me to remember and comment upon.

Once again, a beautifully told story. I am now experiencing the new joys of third-person narration, but am definitely enjoying having Watson narrate during this story arc. I missed your Watson narration; you do such a wonderful job with it.

I wonder where you found your model for your accent? I have never studied that accent myself, but it was well written in order to gain a specific type of...roundness to the character. It is difficult to put dialect in writing, but as I have no idea what it actually sounds like, it looks quite wonderful in writing! I do enjoy Cubby's dynamic character, as well as the Duchess. Quite a pair they would make if one of their positions switched and they became equals of rank. What a pair they would make! And Holmes' comments about Cubby are simply irresistible, in my mind.

This has been a thoroughly enjoyable fic, I must say. I admire your tone and style, though there are a few grammatical and spelling errors. You seem to enjoy adding extra commas at times. But your descriptions are beautifully and tactfully done, always on the mark and not overexpressed. That is a rarity, indeed, and one I quite admire when I find it.

I look forward to many more wonderful chapters in your company. May I remain ever in your favor, I am humbly yours,

Alina Isoldere chapter 2 . 1/7/2006
Hmm...may I read into your story for a moment?

It is fascinating to read your work as a third person narrative. There's nothing to compare to Watson's retellings, but this is very good.

I absolutely loved your insight into Holmes' character! Your recreation of him is simply dazzling, and his attitudes and moods are just as I had pictured them-at times better!

I feel some foreshadowing in the "I can think of no worse fate than being married to Sherlock Holmes" comment Watson makes and her little laugh. Time to read between the lines! Oh the irony of that statement if any romantic entanglements ensue for our Holmes and Helen! What a beautiful thought, don't you think? That phrase will come back to haunt her, I'm sure!

Thoroughly enjoyable, though for some reason not quite as potent as first person. But then again, I am partial to Watson narrations; the man just adds so much to his narratives, so much of his personality and thought process. I think I like the consistency of Watson narrations, but the variety of third person has been an unique experience, indeed!

Thanks once again for writing such scintillating tales!


joegood2003 chapter 14 . 10/12/2005
You know I can't think of reading a Holmes story that I have liked more then yours (and I've read a lot of them). Your dialog and characterizations are wonderful. Plus Helen Thutlow is interesting without being the usual super woman that many authors try to match Holmes with. I'm going to be losing some sleep tonight becuase it's almost 11:00 P.M. and I'm just about to start "The Courtship of Helen Thurlow." Thanks for all the hard work both of you have put into writing a wonderful story.
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