Reviews for Scales and a Tail
PurpleAfternoon chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
Hm...I think you have something with this story. Keep going.
gyrlfrend chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
I like this. Definitely can't wait to read more.
m0vi3angel chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
i think it does have potential...

it is going to be a DM/HG fic rite?
Hogwarts Angel chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
This fic rocks my sox! I wouldn't change anything about it! I loved The Cabin and The Manor, so don't change your writing style...also, I don't mind if you write it long and slow, because I like the stories that I can get home from school, check their status, and still be happy to find chapter 65 waiting for me . I love your stories that seem to last forever. Keep up the good work!
milocachica chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
I think it has potential! It could get very interesting! I can't wait till you update!
Sunflower18 chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
hey sounds good more asap
svetlaella chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
WOW...that was my reaction when i got to the end of the post. that was incredible! i was really getting into the story and i forgot that you were just starting this story off. haha i was a little sad to see that there weren't anymore chapters to go on and read. but i hope this was encouraging enough to push you to update! that was i hope to hear from you soon and good luck writing :)
GDAC chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
well. i do think that this fic has potential. but you might want to keep it simple with the word choice. sometimes i find myself rushing through sentences just to skip over all the huge word phrases. i do like the new view you have given of Hogwarts...i never thought of secret societies being so popular with the students. and of course i like knowing that at some point in this fic there will be a little romance of some sort between draco and mione, but i hope you dont make everything so predictable. in fact, i know you wont. but i am expecting some huge twists and shockers in this. good luck, eli. oh yeah...are you ever gonna email me back?
cheriiemrei chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
This fic definitely has potential! I like how you incorporated every graduate's(last year student preparing for the next level, connections, connections) fears and turned it into a story.

It's like having groups and clubs but with more secrecy. I have to wonder how they keep it all a secret, or how they find out about the organizations, and how to get in. Do the teachers recommend groups (if they know about it) to students who might need help in some areas.

Meeting between the Scales are quick and direct, which I like. However, Draco's closing "until then, Scales" reminds me of the movie Grease, more specifically John Travolta as the leader of the Thunderbirds. You know the qualities of the people in the group - what word can sum up all their qualities, as opposed to an obvious connection to their house? Example, Leaders and Feigns Brains tells you what the group is about. Scales can be the scales of a fish/snake or the scale that measures things.

I'm sorry, I'm not doing a very good job of reviewing as I am beta-ing.

Amazing new fic, it definitely has potential. You have me interested, I can't wait to see what you do with it! :D
Pearl chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
This story definitely has potential, I thought it seemed a little stiff when you first started (although that could have been what you were actually aiming for) but by the end of the chapter I was hooked. Update soon!
Aznyx chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
Glad to see another fic coming (loved The Cabin). This one sounds really interesting and promising. Hope you update soon. )
Happyhighlandcoo chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
Hmm... Sounds good, I would keep reading it!
tears unseen chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
this story is so good so far.. it has a lot of potential :D _
Skycascade chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
am i the first reviewer?

great story going here i can't wait for chapter!

great work!

From the one and only.

Karma Chameleon.
boonzie chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
Halfling strikes back! Welcome back! This story has real potential. I hope you continue with it!
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