Reviews for Scales and a Tail
ShiningBrightInTheNightSky chapter 23 . 6/25/2016
Please update. Though the chances of you updating are one in a gazillion, I still wish that you finish this's amazingly wonferful.
Aureum chapter 23 . 1/2/2016
is it a bit late to ask for an update nine years later? this is reallllyyyyy good -A
Dark Mistress 55 chapter 23 . 4/8/2015
So when are you going to updated this story again? I love it all.
Gddidneb chapter 23 . 3/21/2015
Oh my goodness you can't just end it there, nooooooooooo OH MY GOSH IM IN A PANIC . PLEASE start writing again
Gddidneb chapter 22 . 3/21/2015
I know its been ages but you can still finish it, just know you still have readers who love this story and support you :)
massiecure chapter 3 . 1/28/2015
Interesting situation, i honestly can't help to read it depite how i adore draco and astoria pairing rather than others, including dramione, that's how much i love this. I can see that draco had a certain charm as a slytherin, pure blood, and a malfoy. But there are some things i like to suggest and ask. First the scale's members, it was all original characters, not that i like it, but may i ask why? Of course crabbe and goyle is out of the question but what about blaise zabini or theodore nott? They have the same charm i suppose, though not shown very well in the movies or books.
second is hermione's blood status, i think it is rather odd they'd invite a mudblood in their sacred club. If i may suggest, she might as well be a pure blood in this story, or rather, the scales aren't actually a pureblood society organisation. I also thinks that hermione sound a bit.. like pansy. And it's not a bad thing, considering how well the story went. I'm just reminding you of how hermione is in the books, she's a crybaby, the boys had to stick around to comfort her in times because of how fragile she is.
And as much as i love the cool and prideful draco, i might have to remind you that he is, in nature, a coward, and is not that cool.
I'm really really really sorry for the long review and blabbering unnecessary things. But fact is i really love your story, i just wanted to give you notes for your next work, and by that i mean i really hope i could read more of your writings. I thank you so much for posting this! It made my day, so i hope you have a nice day too! X
Guest chapter 15 . 12/6/2014
Hi, I love your story so MUCH! But I thought seminars held 20 students? If there's only 6 of them shouldn't it be a tutoria? Sorry it's just that I'm on a course right now...
Good luck with your othere stories!
mshccs chapter 23 . 11/28/2014
Oh pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee finish this fic! :)
PusherLuvGirl chapter 23 . 11/26/2014
Please don't leave us hanging :(
vivitannnn chapter 23 . 11/15/2014
Its so good
Guest chapter 23 . 11/12/2014
Hello? Halfling? Could you pleeeeeaaasseeeeee finish this masterpiece? You can't just leave your readers hanging like this, it's not polite. I know it's been seven years (GOOD GOD), but I would realllllly like to know what happens.
Guest chapter 23 . 10/21/2014
If you have moved on in life and have gotten over Fanfiction and all that stuff, then I'm happy for you (cause I currently can't move on..) but before you leave forever, you at least have to finish this! Don't leave us hanging for 7 freaking years! Sign off with a final bang! (In case you haven't noticed, I'm trying to get you to come back, update, and THEN you can get on with your life... Please?)
Araglin chapter 23 . 8/30/2014
I know it has been 7 years, but I'm holding out hope that one day you'll return to finish this. It's amazing and it would be a tragedy if it were abandoned forever. I love what you've written so far, so please come back! I need more!
Dramione forever chapter 23 . 8/23/2014
Love this story! Draco and Hermione are so meant for each other! Write the rest soon, I'm waiting!
Phlogiston chapter 23 . 8/2/2014
Oh, come on, why did you have to stop? It was brilliant, and I simply loved it. I was, of course, way too selfish to pause to review until there was nothing more left. I'm sure you aren't writing anymore, considering the date of your last update, but I'd love to read more. Your characters were awesome, and the plotting was phenomenal. Loved the setting, too.
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