Reviews for The Lesser Evil
Kuro chapter 1 . 1/17/2006
Whoa. This was chilling. Its prequels were heartbreaking, but this piece, this was chilling. You've got Brandon down pat, his motivations, his doubts, his fears, his resoluteness. Tokioka, too... how disgusted he is with his project but he continues with it anyway. But the most chilling thing about this story is how you present the Necro-rised corpses as what they are - not simply super-soldier monsters but walking corpses, with everything that implies; and it's pretty terrifying to see a man decide to undergo the procedure by his own free will.

Your Gungrave stories are all great, but I'd say this is my favorite of them all. I hope you'll write more for this fandom in the future, it's in serious need of such good writers as you.
shilo chapter 1 . 7/14/2005
I'm amazed that no one has commented on any of your fics. Aside from Beckster's work, your writing blows me away too. The way you handle the scenes, its just so visual that it makes the fic even more enjoyable. And I really like the idea that you used for this. Excellent job, I really hope you plan on writing more for this fandom, it needs good writers like you and Beckster and what other few I found that I actually like.