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WHPIAR chapter 15 . 8/9/2006
Aww. What a cute ending to a lovely story. Ha. Sexy Snape. Oh Snape is ever so sexy. Lol. Congratulations on finishing your story! -
WHPIAR chapter 1 . 8/9/2006
Snape engaged? I love it! A very unique story so far.
cerzee chapter 15 . 3/5/2006
Omg. I just realized I haven't been to affnet for a long time. I haven't even started your Samantha story, not to mention The Beauty and The Beast dreamfic. But I'll make up for it, I promise.

So it's really over? *Cries* I guess I have a soft spot for the story, being one of the first ones I ever started to read here. At least the epiloque is a happy ending.

Sexy? Hell yeah! How could he ever doubt his sexyness? Poor oblivious bastard. But I like him, despite his daftness.

*hugs* Thank you for a truly beautiful story!

Detective Jazz Dever chapter 1 . 2/23/2006
Snape has a lover? AND an unborn daughter? *wide eyes* All righty, I guess I'll live with that. I guess I can see him identifying with Erik. I pretty much know the general plot; I'm just trying to find a time when it won't freak me out too much to see the musical. *shrugs*
whydoyouneedtoknow chapter 15 . 2/7/2006
Hi, it's me, SarahtheBardess, reviewing from a friend's computer and being too lazy to sign out of her name and into my own...

So Severus didn't tell Kiki about the dream until a couple months later?

Severus hanging Sirius. Sounds about right.

“So, is this argument over?”

“We weren’t arguing; we were merely having a conversation.”

“Sorry. Is this conversation over?”

Sounds like my parents.

Sam! Sam! Sam! (Sorry, I'm hyper right now)

Yes, babies get colds easily. Thank goodness for Pepperup Potion, and Minerva!

“You’re a sight for my sore eyes.” Aww! Kiki, that's so sweet!

Severus, get over it already. YOU WON! She's yours, you're going to marry her, she had your baby! DUH!

And the last two lines have me giggling happily...

Hope people do read "Life is Pandemonium." Just give them a chance... maybe it'll take a little while...

:sniff sniff: I'll miss "Phantom of the Dungeons." But all good things must come to an end sometime. Cheers.

cerzee chapter 14 . 2/1/2006
And here comes the expected ending. Poor Sev! It's not fair at all. But at least it's only a dream. Please make it up to him in the epilogue.;)

I like that you brought in the Grasshopper and Scorpion, though it might be a bit confusing for those who haven't read the book.

And don't worry about "Cats". I couldn't imagine Severus having a dream about it anyway. Sadly I can't imagine of any other suitable musical either. POTO suits well with Severus's personality and I think "Beauty and the Beast" suits too, thouh I haven't read your fic yet. But I intend to. Anyway, the main male character should be someone dark and misunderstood like Severus is.
SarahtheBardess chapter 14 . 1/31/2006
Somebody's on a writing streak!

Beyond angry. Yeah, I'd say that's a good summation.

Is tying her up a detail from the book?

::giggles about rat::

Giant squid! Giant squid!

Anyone who says "We are avenging angels" is just plain bonkers.

Please don't take this wrong, but the spoken dialogue sometimes seems clunky. I know there really isn't any way around it, because you're not allowed to use lyrics... which I really think is a bit much... but oh well. I think the trick was for me to stop hearing the sung dialogue. And I'll gladly stand a little clunkiness for the sake of the story.

That's true, Kristin could have learned to love his face. It was just that he used terror to try to win her, and that's what she could never love.

It would have broken the mood, it would have been ridiculous, but I can't shake this image of Sirius backing away from Severus and falling over in the water.

The rope of the lasso was in the air "as if by magic"? I don't think there's any "as if" about it.

Grasshopper or scorpion? Scorpion I can understand, but why grasshopper?

The rope gets tighter when he fights, doesn't it?

That "permanent" residence of Sirius' heart is going to change any minute, isn't it?

Yes, that moment when she kisses the Phantom is one of my favorites... because she kissed him of her own free will, she saved them all. ::sighs dreamily::

"These sentiments reverberated throughout the lair, not helping the tensions already present." Understatement, anyone?

Um, stupid much, Sirius and Kristin? Well, Sirius, yes, of course, we knew that...

::sniffles for Severus::

And Kristin comes back to give him the ring. As if to say he can have a little of her, I wonder?

Giant squid again... ::giggle::

I wonder what would have happened if Harmony had known the Phantom. Now that would have been an interesting plot twist!

Smart girl, to have an excuse for taking the costume. And the mask, too, did she?

I'm glad they got to go to the wedding.

Cool, I never thought of the abandoned mask quite that way...

And, as usual, a rather irreverent and hilarious chapter title. Sounds like something off "Fear Factor." (No, I don't watch it.)

Sigh. Epilogue will make all better, I know. Whatever Severus says/thinks when he wakes up ought to be a stitch. "Phew! I'm not ugly!"

So, off to do lovely homework. Gah. Thanks for writing!

BloodyMarry chapter 1 . 1/31/2006
Good chapter!
SarahtheBardess chapter 13 . 1/25/2006
Gotta love the titles.

Yes, Severus sings Don Juan much better than fat old Fudgie ever did.

So people are slowly figuring it out... it's him! It's him!

The rapture of singing. It's happened to me. When you forget everything in the song, and start to feel it yourself. I thought "The Point of No Return" in the movie was exquisitely done.

Yes, she almost falls under his spell... almost, but not quite...

You have to feel sorry for him at this point. He's done something so beautiful, but all anyone can see is his face. And that's the way it's always been for him, you feel.

Ugh. What a wonderfully disgusting description. That really would make people run away in horror...

Great, the stagehands who weren't already drunk? How many of them would that be?

Flitwick fell off his stand!

Great, two-tone anger for the Phantom.

Disapparated with Kristin, did he? Or can you still not Apparate or Disapparate inside Hogwarts? LOL.

"Corny, Corny..." Why yes, you are, Narcissa. How nice of you to admit it. (Sorry, but I can't work up too much sympathy for her. Or Fudge.)

Yes, they are ruined, aren't they? Quite a scandal going here.

Hey! You gutless jerks! Go help find her! Grr. I guess Sirius will have to do it himself.

Go McGonagall. She knows what she has to do.

"Keep your hand at the level of your eyes." :-D Such good advice... which Sirius will, of course, promptly forget.

I've always loved Meg/Harmony's costume at the very end of the show. And how she's the first one into the Phantom's lair. My Phantom story is going to play with that, by having my Phantom be attracted to the girl playing Meg.

Yes, mobs do tend to ruin things.

Well, two more chapters and an epilogue - or maybe one more and an epilogue - and this is all done. Sniffle. I will miss my PotD! But hey, then it will be beautiful and finished and I can come see it any time I like! OK, I'm being silly. I need to stop. Have a good day.

cerzee chapter 12 . 1/19/2006
Oh deary. You will never let my obsession die out, will you? This is once again one of these chapters that make me remember the movie and the book. And I am more and more determined to go to Broadway one day and see the musical live on stage. I wouldn't go see it if it was played in Estonia, they already ruined "Cats" for me. It was a disaster.

Anyway, I can't believe that anyone would feel that "Don Juan" is just alright. It's only presumable that some of the audience hated it. All the genius creations are hated as well as loved. But I can't see how an innovative opera as "Don Juan Triumphant" could have left anyone calm and indifferent back at the 19th century when operas were much more strict than nowadays. It's just my opinion,that's all. But all in all the chapter is perfect, as always. I simply refuse to believe that The Phantom of the Dungeons is ending as well. It has been far too good. But as for the ideas for a new Broadway fic- how do you feel about "Cats"?
SarahtheBardess chapter 12 . 1/18/2006
So I take it this Phantom, too, knows rope tricks?

Harmony's got a point. This really isn't going to work. But Sirius thinks it will, and since this is Severus' nightmare, it's going to work just as well as it did in the original... oh, wow, that was a complicated sentence.

Feign illness? Like she said, give her a couple minutes and she could be sick for real!

I think the "Angel of Death" image would be the best for Kristin right now. Not that she'll like it, but still.

Oh, it's an all right opera. Just out of its time. Very modern and odd. A modern audience might like it better.

So McGonagall's not going to try to tip off Severus. She knows he knows already, doesn't she?

Nice little conversation between Sirius and McGonagall. Very taut.

Sirius is always too cocky. It's part of his personality.

Narcissa's probably got the size part she deserves.

"a chain reaction that wouldn’t end until something exploded." That's not going to be just a figure of speech, is it.

I adore the parallelism between Sirius' and Severus' points of view.

Mixed reviews? I thought people hated the Phantom's opera in the show.

Oops, took your eyes off him, did you? And he disappeared! Like a ghost!

Hey, Narcissa, guess what? :-P

Yeah, not the same Don Juan at all. Fudge vs. Snape. Hmm. Which one would I want seducing me? That's actually a really tough call...

“This will be played out as it goes.” Sirius, that's a really dumb thing to say. But I suppose you have to say it, to make the plot work right.

May I just say that, once again, your chapter title is quite funny. Many thanks to you, and I look forward with pleasure to more updates bearing your name!

Lizmorgan777 chapter 11 . 12/27/2005
The stolen line is from The Princess Bride: "Life's not fair, anyone who says differently is selling something." Nice job fitting it in! It's one of my favorite lines in any movie, so I was pleasently surprised!
cerzee chapter 11 . 12/9/2005
Oh dear. There has been quite a lot of POTO in my life recently. Last week, I watched the movie again. It lifted me on cloud nine for several days. Then you updated POTD. I think that the cemetery scene is one of the best. So beautiful. And I like your adaption of it at least as much as I love the original. Specially the duel. It's much more interesting with Severus and Sirius being wizards and all. Poor Sirius, his ego was shattered once again. Actually I'm not so sorry for him. And you can have the credit for that, as usually he's one of my favourites.

The POTO-mania got so serious that I found myself singing the songs in my school corridor in a duet with my classmate. During a period. Then later a friend came to me and said that she could hear it all as she was taking her Maths test in a class nearby. And frankly, it didn't bother me at all.:D

Anyway, my point is that you shouldn't make the story so realistic as it may cause temporary madness.

SarahtheBardess chapter 11 . 12/5/2005
Do I still get kudos if I can point out the line but I don't know where it's from? I think it's "Life isn't fair. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something." My friend quotes it, but I don't know where it's from...

"Poor" La Cissa? I think she could stand to be background a little more often. And I'm having so much fun imagining Fudge as Piangi... I think that's the only part of this I'll really truly enjoy, is when Fudge gets offed.

I adore "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again". It's so beautiful. I'd be singing it, but I sang in three concerts this weekend and I have no voice left.

Oh, yes. The Phantom has a hold over her... so strange, so wonderful... it's what makes the show so entrancing, I think. My mom pointed out that it's really kind of a weird story. But it's a compelling one, and the music is so gorgeous...

Oops. Sirius, it might not be such a good idea to duel this guy... you know, if he doesn't carry a wand, there might be a reason...

This is crazy. I don't know who to root for anymore!

Ooh - I love that line. "Now let it be war upon you both!"

So he puts up with McGonagall lecturing him?

Well, I'm glad it wasn't abandoned. It would be cruel of you to leave poor Severus in the middle of his nasty dream. Happy Advent!

cerzee chapter 10 . 8/31/2005
I agree. I think that musicals are mostly better than operas. I know that an opera is much more difficult to sing, but that doesn't mean that musicals can't be sophisticated. Take JB Bach for example. He wrote over thousand pieces of music and none of them were operas because he thought that they were an amusement for croud. I agree with him. Most of the operas (at least the earlier ones) don't have much of a plot, but musicals do and therefore a good musical(such as POTO)can be more sophisticated than a typical opera which has always considered to be a genre of aristocrates. I'd really like to see Erik's Don Juan Triumphant as I think it might have the best qualities of both genres- elaborate music and a plot that can be taken seriously.

Interesting chapter. Very interesting. I haven't seen the musical so I'm curious wether the torture chamber is mentioned in it. I don't recall a word about it in the movie, so is it a hint to the book or is the musical less idealistic than the movie?

P.S. Do lyris in chapter titles count as songfics? I'm writing one at the moment together with a friend:S We disclaimed the titles; for Merlin's sake they can't be that cruel, can they?
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