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Angelfish369 chapter 1 . 1/11/2012
I watched Grave of the Fireflies and was so haunted by the horrors in it. Thank you for sharing this and putting a positive, hopeful spin on it.
twilightromance4ever chapter 1 . 3/9/2011
for the record, i don't think its weird. its really moving and heartbreaking. You did an amazing job and yes, i did cry.
Khgirl08 chapter 1 . 9/15/2009
D: That was so sad! Oh my goodness, I definitely cried on that one!

I believe that is a job well done, sir. -
ARCtheElite chapter 1 . 11/27/2008
Seven and a half years later someone comes along and finds this story.

I really hope you read these reviews, TK, even if you don't write. Especially the really long one which I was reading a couple reviews down.

I didn't cry, but like the others, it wasn't a result of faulty writing. I don't cry easily; not too many people do these days. We all have to appear "strong". (Or, from a Christian perspective, it's our pride.) This is the absolute most touching story I have ever read (and that's counting published stories as well). It was the story that made me most want to cry, though I didn't.

I sat in a history lecture about a month after reading this story (I read the story 2 months ago), and the professor was talking about the war, especially the firebombing of major Japanese cities. The Allies would bomb everything first, then come back half an hour later when the Japanese rescue crews were coming out, and bomb the rescue crews as well. This was deliberate killing of the Japanese people; the Allies wanted to destroy Japan completely. And I thought about this story, and the innocence of those suffering really touched me.

This is one of the first stories I listed as my favourites, but I cannot read this story again. It haunts me, even two months after reading this. I have always remembered facts about a story, but never have I remembered the feeling of the story so clearly. The suffering was sad, yes, but the really chilling part is the acceptance. Kari accepted her fate; Tai accepted his. They accepted that life was unfair. Izzemon puts it so well: it was bittersweet. If it was just bitter, it would have been one thing. But there is the sweetness, which makes the bitterness all the worse.

There are now over thirty thousand fanfictions on Digimon, more than twice the amount seven and a half years ago, when this was written. But still I have yet to find another story so touching, so heartwrenching as this one. Since this one, there are maybe 50 other Tai-Kari sibling stories, but none of them are the same. There are other WWII stories as well, but none match this one.

You say your writing is amateur? Nothing can be further from the truth. This is the single greatest piece of writing I have seen on this so far, and (sadly perhaps, since Seihad was supposed to be your masterpiece) I am including all your other stories too. Humour is good, yes, but the greatest stories are those that touch the heart and soul.

Bravo. A magnificent piece of work.

I could go on forever, but everyone's probably tired of me by now, and I'd also start repeating myself.

Thank you for this story.
Takato chapter 1 . 11/20/2008
That was adorable!
Izzemon chapter 1 . 8/9/2008
Tearjerker? You said it. But whatever, I love Tai/Kari bonding stories. I think it's because those two share such a strong relationship with each other. It's kind of rare these days to see a brother and sister get along where I'm at. I wish my brother was even half as caring as Taichi.

There's another sibling bonding story with Tai and Kari that I thought was pretty sweet. I remember reading that one few years ago. It's called "Seeing Things" by Oneirogenic. I don't know, but you might like it too. :)

Lovely story, no matter how bittersweet.
Loke Groundrunner chapter 1 . 5/3/2006
Very sad, but beautiful.
Takai-taka chapter 1 . 4/13/2006
That was so sad but it was also good
Ravyn chapter 1 . 3/27/2006
How dare you say your writing is "amateur." In fact, it's quite the opposite! This is some of the best damn digimon writing i've ever seen (not that i've seen a lot). And Kari and Tai definitly did fit the story line the best. I loved Kari care free and innocent nature. You really pulled that off well. I didn't cry at the end of this fanfic, but i was close to it. It takes a lot to make me cry... so please don't feel too bad. If this had been an actual movie, i'm sure i would have actually cried. But my friend cried. That's why she made me read it. So... yeah... The only reason i'm writing a review is because you said your writing skills were amateur and I wanted to tell you that YOU ARE WRONG! I never want to hear you insult your writing like that again! You hear me? Good! Okay, see ya! *waves*
Kayhera chapter 1 . 3/26/2006
I hate you! You made me cry! And now my glasses are wet...

lol, I don't actually hate you. You know what I mean... :P But it's nice to know you didn't enjoy writing it. Those people who write angsty stories all the time really worry me.

Ah, but a bro/sis story really is a nice change. Sibling stories leave me with warm fuzzy feelings! So why must all the Kouji/Kouichi fan fics be yaoi?

Okay, let's start from the beginning. When is he writing, the seventies? Ha, a WWII story is a bit orgional...the only other Digimon one around is this odd Frontier one at an American Japanese consintration camp (well, if you understand what that is you'll know concentration camp isn't the right word but I can't think of a better one). And it's a Tai fan fic without Sora or Yamato, and a Hikari fan fic without...Takeru. Or Daisuke. O.o So that was nice. I actually don't read a whole lot of Adventure/Zero Two fan fics for that reason. I have never heard of Grave of the Firefiles...chances are I don't want to watch it-I'll cry again. :P As for the religion, I admit it's odd because they're Japanese-yeah, I know Asisan's are Westernized and stuff and I even have a Hong Kong friend who's Christian-but I've been heavily researching the Sengoku period which is all Shinto and Budda so...yeah...Well, ignoring that part of it, I don't mind religion if it's not, like, hitting you over the head with it so whatever. I read it. :P

I admit it had a slow start. The first flashback of the Yagami family dying sort of helped pace it up a bit. And then the bit of the letter right after it really helped. I really got into it when Hikari got the, it was so cute, Tai making that-what, sugar water? Well, it was cute and awfully clever. See, goggle heads can be smart!

But here comes symbolism! Or...whatever. It was simple enough. Hikari just really liked the firefiles. I found it weird that Tai put them in a cloth because, hello, now they're gonna die. -_-' And, oh, they died! Then innocent Hikari asks about the firefiles... "Yes, they're going to, erm, bug heaven..." It was just all fluffy.

Oh, and then she has to go get herself sick. Urgh... It helps that I just finished "Memories of a Geisha" that I understand the background a little bit. Towards the end of the book the war really kicks in and affects the characters slighty; slightly because they were living in Kyoto which, for some irony-filled reason, was not bombed. Because it had all of these anicent buildings. That's why today Kyoto is such a heavy tourist place, because I think it's pretty much the only city in Japan where old Japan is around, the other cities losing their precious Shinto Shrines and stuff. So, though Sayuri and the other characters in the book were affected by the War, they weren't as much as, oh, the Kobe people. It helps we're learning about the whole mess in history class. *sigh* But when I started this story I wasn't expecting this much grief. My class is stuck talking about Germany and Italy, not Japan. And, like I said, "Geisha" didn't totally cover it. The point of this overly huge paragraph? You really captured that well. Really really well.

Irony sucks. Because all she needed was simply food and water, something he could never provide. But if it had been any other timeframe it would have been so simple.

And, by some miracle, Hikari knew her time was done. It's a wonderous thing, and she wasn't even afraid. No, because she had complete faith. Her only worry was to look pretty when she got to see God. Again, this struck me as weird because my mind is stuck on Buddhism and Shinto but it was still awfully sweet.

I really liked the crow. It was just...amusing and cool. Though the whole scene confused me because the whole time I'm going, "How'd Tai get the basket? He obviously doesn't have the money and I doubt they'd decide to keep it around in the he stole it?" But overlooking that it was fasinating. A different POV was perfect for that, since I'm sure having to write about that in Tai's POV would have been utterly difficult. Funny, sometimes with writer's block you just have to change the stupid POV... -_-'

Just all of that would have been a very sweet sibling story. But then you had to write more...I didn't need to read that last line about the letter reaching heaven. In fact, I never really read it, because by just thinking about that letter being burnt and why he was doing it made my eyes become more than just teary...

See, why can't I write like that! _

I didn't even know there was more to that. I was just trying to, like, get my glasses off and clean them-funny, I haven't put them back on yet thanks to my vigerious typing. Instead I just wiped my face off and was going to scroll down for the review box-'cause, come on! I had to review. It was a given. :P And then I'm all, "Oh! More!" and read it.

A few flashback lines to show the importance of those firefiles going to God. But, really, I barely read those lines, because I didn't need to read them. I just knew. And I'm just going to leave it at that and go read a HAPPY fanfic...though I should have gone to bed fifteen minutes ago...but you know what? Reviews are better than school! :P Or the Bio homework I haven't done yet...

ah man...
Yami Vizzini chapter 1 . 11/16/2005
Well, I've never seen "Grave of the Fireflies", but I imagine I ought to, and in any case this was a touching story. Plus, it helps that one at least of the main characters gets to survive in this version.
prongated chapter 1 . 10/29/2005
In response to that transcendent ending; simple, yet overwhelmingly reminiscent of who it was that said it;


[Schubert D960]
Ann chapter 1 . 3/12/2005
hey. all i wanted to say is that that was a great story. the tai/kari relationship was .. beautiful. i've always wanted to watch "grave of the fireflies" .. i heard it was really sad. the ending was wonderrfull.. about the whole paper burning and all that. excellent job!
Generic Gen chapter 1 . 11/25/2003
AWW! THAT WAS SO SAD! It wasn't a tearjerker for me though, cause I usually need to read something unbearably long and unbearlably dreadful. Anyway, you ALMOST made me cry- and just so you know that's a great accomplishment. I actually once had a dream like a million years ago that Tai was saying that Kari died in World War Two, and here I am now, a million years later, reading this fic. Ironic, ne?
Turquoisetears chapter 1 . 2/10/2003
*cries* Oh my gosh, this is so sad! At first I didn't recognize the movie, but then I realized that I had watched it before in Japanese with Chinese subtitles, which means that I didn't understand a word they said. *cough* Well, anyway...I did cry, so you succeeded! But I thought the boy died...I liked the way you wrote it in a flashback though.
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