Reviews for In the Darkness of the Day
catwraith chapter 13 . 5/17/2005
I'm so sorry I haven't reviewed in so long. I was visiting my grandmother who lives six and a half hours away by car, and I could not get to a computer. Excuses aside, I really like how Thiri let Faramir "borrow" her family. I also like how she resolved her feelings about Eomer. How far are you going to go with this? Wow! That was a long review for me. I do believe it is the longest review I've ever written. I guess it shows how much I like this story. Keep it going!
lindahoyland chapter 13 . 5/17/2005
Another wonderful chapter, I hope you will write more when this ends. I just loved the way Lothi is so compassionate towards Faramir and her reunion with Eomer.I also like the way you write Aragorn in the few scenes you give him.
Elenhin chapter 13 . 5/17/2005
I liked the gift very much, a very grand, and again true love have no need for tokens. For what she gave Faramir was more than so.

I would think that Faramir knows and he sure seems very gratefull. When he thought that there really would be no family for him, Lothiriel proves more than willing to share hers with him.

She gave him first right to her family, and it will be somehting that means a lot to him I am certain, I also think that her action will ensure that Imrahil will think more about Faramir as well.

Keep drawing him into the family more littaraly whenever he can. Imrahil is one who thinks a lot about Faramir.

Your portrayal of the cermony was wonderfull as it really focused on the people who made up the cermony. You could pick up on the feeling of it all.

Hehe, Eomer already knowing through Merry was very amusing, and so like Merry, most likly he could not be quiet about the good news.

I also like the fashion of giving cloaks to the ones you love, hmm, there were a guy who gave me a cloak once, and he and I am very good friends. Perhapd giving away cloaks is a very good idea.

Lastly, I will hold on to my point that you have been reading a lot of Lindahoyland's stories, but then again there is nothing wrong with that. She is very good, and I love to read her stories.

Have to go to a scout meeting now, take the best care.

Kindest Regards, Elenhin
WONDEREYE chapter 13 . 5/17/2005
I enjoyed all 13 chaps.
thayzel chapter 12 . 5/16/2005
Am kicking myself thoroughly for not having read this before...

I admire that you keep everything except Lothíriel's presence in the Houses of Healing completely in canon & follow the book: I can believe that's difficult, especially since the other events seem to fit in the mould that the book allows, perfect!

All your characters are very human and I enjoy this interpretation. A bit of romance, subtle humour and wise words complete this admirable story...
ClapToSaveTheFairies chapter 12 . 5/16/2005
Hey - been reading your story from the beginning but only just got around to reviewing. Love the story and the wry humour - my favourite line was Lorithel saying Eowyn and Faramir would kiss as "people who bump into each other do". And I like how you portrayed Eowyn's attachment to the cloak when Faramir had left. However I think that, in this last chapter, Eowyn would have noticed Faramir's distress, after all she would have known what the crown and Steward's artifacts would have meant to him and the memories they would have brought back. Keep writing and whilst the next chapters will probably focus on Eomer and Lorithel try to include Faramir and Eowyn since I think you portray them well.
Elenhin chapter 12 . 5/16/2005
Humor is imporant, no matter what you write, the trick is to incert the right amount of it at the rigth time. You are quite good at that.

The warden having promised Merry to bring her ale if Eowyn and Faramir should kiss.

Not to mention the Warden promising to help Lothiriel if she promised not to tell anyone that he had called the Steward of Gondor fools.

The healers does seem to have that opinion of both Boromir and Farmair quite often. At least if you judge by Ioreth when she is telling them that they should take better care of themselves.

Ioreth is one who will tell the Steward of Gondor that he is a great big fool, and I doubt that Faramir would dare to opose her.

A wonderfull thing with the letters, really wonderfull, and little Faramir I think feared to go and see Eowyn, feared to see what he still believed he would see.

Then the cliffhanger at the end, I take it you have been reading a lot of Lindahoylands masterfull creations, she always leaves you hanging from the cliff... ;)

I love how both she and you does it thought, I really do.

I can also hardly wait to see what it is she have for Faramir. He certainly can use the suport of knowing she is there for him considering what he is doing now.

Poor Faramir, he must be frightened. He is brave though.

I will be eagerly waiting untill your next chapter.

Kindest Regards, Elenhin
lindahoyland chapter 12 . 5/15/2005
Another lovely chapter, LOthi has grown into a perceptive and caring woman now.I loved the image of the three of them watching from the walls and you have left me very curious !

Thank you so much for your kind review, I'm glad you did guess about the prison as it makes the Guards misunderstanding more realistic.
Elenhin chapter 11 . 5/15/2005
I am quite moved beyond words this time.

It formed such a complete impression that it is hard to focus on any given part of it.

The conversation was so flowing that I rather heard than read it, as well as saw the events take place before me.

I shall see what I can manage thought.

The first part of the conversation in Lothirel's room was really very amusing. Faramir getting scolded and the two healers in one morning coment.

That was very amusing and somehting that I have no oubt he would say.

It is a little sad thought, I agree on that.

When Faramir went he gave the impression of sneaking of like a sad puppy. Like if he was not sure if he was wanted.

I think that Faramir for the moment wants to feeled loved.

Giving Eowyn the mantle that had belonged to his mother was sort of like trying to send out s signal, please love me.

Having lost so much of his family he desperatly wants to be loved by others instead. So it would be a gesture to try and show Eowyn how much he loves her, giving her somehting that had belonged to his mother, desperatly wanting Eowyn to see how much he loves her, and then love him just as much in return.

I also think that while Faramir feels a need to be loved, Eowyn fears to, for she is afraid of losing the ones she loves, while Faramir is more afraid of not having anyone to love him.

It shall be most interesting to see how they are brought together again, and oh, I loved the bet about the ale keg, about them kissing.

That is a good thing when you write, even in something that is generaly sad, there are those bright spots with genuine humour that fits in so nicely.

I will be eagerly looking forward to the next chapter.

Kindest Regards, Elenhin
lindahoyland chapter 11 . 5/14/2005
Another great chapter, I was impressed that you give Lothi reservations about Eowyn's abruptswitch of affections as so many writers have their relationship as the most wonderful romance ever,I hope you are continuing this until Eomer's return ?

Very well written,it amazes me English is not your first language as no one would ever guess.
catwraith chapter 10 . 5/11/2005
I'm glad they made up. I want more. Update soon! Please?
Elenhin chapter 10 . 5/11/2005
Thank the valar that she got out of that one. A smart move as well.

Letting them believe she had fainted so that she could scream. Very smart.

I also like the way Eowyn had raised the alarm, even if she was angry at Lothiriel she still cared very much about her. Which made a good point in Lothiriel's thoughts. About how it would be weong to just let those men have their will with her.

The warden is really nice and caring about her. Also, the point where she could not stand the touch, not even Faramir's.

It is a very likely result from that ordeal, as well as when she sent for him,and hugged him. There would be a great difference deppending whatever she was the one being touched or touching. If she is touched by someone she have no control, she is forced to trust them, and after that shock you might not be able to.

You logically know that it is your cousin and you can trust him, but that is something that you have to tell yourself.

Then when she hugged him, then she was the one in control, she could touch him, and she could pull back, and thus there was no reason to fear.

Faramir is indeed understanding with her, not even thinking of not forgiving her for her words. I think that he understands very well what made her say that, and unless Faramir is inhuman, he would have felt yellous at some point, over the fact thathe really have no one to wait for.

it goes two ways, should the host fail, he have already lost everyone, and there is nothing more to it, but should they succsede, there is no one returning home to him, and he knows it.

He would feel just a little yellous towards Lothiriel, he might not be aware of it thought, but she is there, right next to him with her worries for her family, and the way he thaked her for saying that it was his family as well would have been a treausre beyond words to him.

By saying that she told him that even if his family had all died, they still cared about him just as much, he would not be a leftover that they had to put up with, he was a part of their family, a aprt of it that they loved very much.

If one look at it that way it was a good thing that Lothiriel said what she did, because as Faramir said it was cruel but true, only that Lothiriel's next words were that he were a part of her family, she reasured him that there were still family there for him, and if she had not said the first thing, she would not have said the second, and then Faramir would in truth have been suffered more.

So one can look on it as a process where one stepp is painfull, but nesecary for the proces which in itself is a good thing.

She voived his fear, and then she adressed it, I hope that sounds logivall, or that I atleast were able to explain what I meant.

Your characters are just so much fun to annalyze becuase there are so much there under the surface to digg out.

I will eagerly be looking forward to the next chapter.

Kindest Regards, Elenhin
Raksha The Demon chapter 10 . 5/11/2005
Ah, Lothiriel finally comes to her senses! I love her having a "bellow" instead of a more 'feminine' scream.

I'll go on record saying that Lothiriel was right to apologize to Faramir; she did hurt him terribly, and with no right to do so, in the last chapter. And if he thinks he is behaving like his father in treating Thiri like a child, he shouldn't be asking forgiveness - she was acting like a kid, and got herself into terrible trouble by running away, as a child would, rather than face the consequences of her actions. And in the absence of Lothiriel's older brothers, or parents, it would fall to Faramir, as a member of the Dol Amroth family who is her elder, to act in their stead when she is troubled. Also, he's the Steward of Gondor, in rank if not yet in deed; and she would be conditioned from birth to respect him as her liege-lord.

But it's a good chapter. I can almost feel the slow process of Lothiriel's growth accelerating in what would be a very sad and frightening time for everyone.

Looking forward to some more Faramir/Eowyn romance, and of course, Eomer/Lothiriel getting to know each other when the troops return.
Nobodyknowsmenow chapter 10 . 5/10/2005

This was just great, just wonderful! I loved it!

Umm, could you please email me? My parents have to go to Ukraine, and I would really love to hear about it!
lindahoyland chapter 10 . 5/10/2005
Another great chapter and so true to life in how Lothi reacts is a gem here as is Faramir.I will truly miss this story when it over as you are a very gifted storyteller.
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