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Dimfuin chapter 8 . 5/21/2005
Aw, this is so GOOD. Thiri is really becoming a great character. I'm so glad Far and Eowyn have her! And it was so funny when Eowyn was talking about Eomer liking Thiri...
Elenhin chapter 15 . 5/21/2005
As good as ever.

Oh, Lothiriel and Eomer makes a sweet couple, walking around hand in hand, though I rather think that Eowyn and Faramir might join them more than once.

Would they not be cute, all four of them walking aorund and fawning over each other.

I like the chat Lothiriel had with her father, again we see that she have changed for he trusts her desicions more than he did before.

I do not think that Imrahil would have been against any man she chose, but he might not have been so quick to agree before.

On the other hand he have rode out to war with Eomer nad knows him that way, and since Faramir is voing Eowyn that is also a security to him. Having Faramir marrying in the same family means he can easily keep an eye on Lothiriel even if they to live far apart, it also means that there will be more visits.

Lothiriel will want to meet her family and Eomer his, so Imrahil does not have to worry that his daughter will be stuck in Rohan.

A very very nice touch when Lothiriel went back to the houses of healing, and they were happy to see her there, the little orphan gil who had gotten a new mother, so sweet.

Very well balanced with the humour of her brother coming in and demanding she sew his breeches up.

Another good point was Eoemr giving her a new nickname as it is very comon that we do that to people we love.

Now I will be looking foreward to the next capter as I always am.

Kindest Regards, Elenhin
Dimfuin chapter 6 . 5/20/2005
Wohoo! Go Eomer. This keeps on getting better and better! You are such a great writer.
lindahoyland chapter 15 . 5/20/2005
I love the way you describe the courtship and you have such insight into your characters,(You continue to amaze me with your insights into mine as well !)such as Eomer needing someone who can make him laugh and Faramir realising Aragorn needs him,rather than just the other way round !

By the way I think Faramir would have been nervous at the coronation ,especially as he had not been brought up to be Steward.
Dimfuin chapter 4 . 5/20/2005
And we have Eowyn! An excellant idea...making Thiri be Eowyn's friend. However, the love triangle should be interesting:-) And then Eomer will come and things will be all better!
Dimfuin chapter 3 . 5/20/2005
AW! This is so good! More, more!
Dimfuin chapter 2 . 5/20/2005
Excellant chapter. You do Faramir so well too! Funny thing is...the first thought that struck me at the end of this was, "But he didn't get any WATER!" Lol:-) Onwards...
Dimfuin chapter 1 . 5/20/2005
Wow, this is really good. I love the way you're doing Lothiriel...a bit spoiled, indeed, but lovable. Onto the next chapter!
thayzel chapter 14 . 5/19/2005
"In fact, Father was very caring and considerate and kind…terrible." OK this isn't exactly a "wise word" as I called it but it's definitly more than just a filler. Lothíriel behaves like a teenager, on the verge to adulthood: "maturing". Take the father: as you describe, parents aren't supposed to be understanding. They're suppressive authority you have to hate. (exaggerating). And once they change, it's something new and irritating.

With wise words I mean phrases that have underlying meanings.. and they can be funny too!

And also, I think it's very realistic L. can't bring herself to talk with Éomer again. That too is typical... self-consciousness.

I've been thinking about the Aragorn scene... I thought it was a bit overloaded. L.'s close to F., now É., too, and of course she should talk with the King... but weeping at his shoulder seems to be too much. -That's a personal opinion.

But your observations just are... lovable.

In ch 13- "another cloak.. was it a new fashion...?"

"standing silent guard over the one who had been a father to him"- this expression.. is KISSable!

You know, when I saw Éomer's declaration of love, my first impression was, are you cra-zy to type single-spacedly 10 and then 5 lines? YOu can't ever READ that! But then I read it, and thought.

It makes sense. É utters these word quickly, alsmost feverish, just to have said them. When I read it, I started reading but then I just went scanning the lines, and I supposed that's how L. must've experienced it too, him talking and talking and she only able to understand: 'he loves me. and he's serious.'

On to something mentioned before: I wasn't annoyed that Faramir didn't seem as composed as he usually does at the ceremony... given that Lothíriel and he are close she should be able to see more than a stranger would usually perceive.
Raksha The Demon chapter 14 . 5/19/2005
Excellent chapter - Lothiriel and Eomer are very well-written here. It's natural that now that the danger is over, Lothiriel, and others, would be feeling the fears and other strong emotions that they had suppressed during the War...I love her telling her family that Sauron actually fled when he heard Imrahil was bringing his sons to Mordor...

I think Faramir would be nervous too; the man is human. But he is also schooled to what we would regard as a high level of self-control, and he would have had some experience with public ceremony, if not one as grand as the King's Coronation or its planning. I just don't think he would have showed his nerves so openly; that Faramir would have been more likely to go have a drink the next evening, or take a walk, or make out with Eowyn or something.

Keep updating!
Elenhin chapter 14 . 5/19/2005
you are doing as great as ever with this.

I loved Aragorn talking with Lothiriel, and then Lothiriel talking with Eomer.

Again there is nothing strange or hysterical about how she acted with the King.

During the waiting and after the siege Lothiriel have changed to some extent, she have been the one keeping up the courage, it makes much sense that she would not want to be treated exactly the same way as before. She have amtured since her family left.

As for Faramir, he would not be sure how to behold her, for while he is used to being older and taking on the responsability of his soldiers, he have only resently been the one being taken care of by her, and this would leave him a slight bit uncerrtain, to wahtever he should go back to being the care taker or being cared for.

The way Imrahil takes him under his wing Faramir would become the little brother to the fmaily, and with having been cared for by Lothiriel it would fit, but then Faramir would also want to return the favour and care for her, and thus he tries to find the balance point in betwen those two.

Lothiriel have also been the one takeing care of others and quenching her own fears in order to put on a brave face, so now she would need to vent those fears, and that would also ad to her being a little distressed. She does not want to fail her new bravness, and when people around her makes her want to be allowed to show her fears, she is getting annoyed with them because she can not bring herself to do it in front of them.

Thus she would be able to do in front of the King, and he knew how to nudge her off into the right direction.

He is a little pushy to make her react to him, and when she reacts in the right way he encourages her. He appears to be very skilled at doing those things.

You have done very well mellon nin.

I am looking forward to the next part.

Kindest Regards, Elenhin
lindahoyland chapter 14 . 5/19/2005
Just lovely ! Thank you so much for the beautiful scene for Aragorn and Lothi,that is just how I imagine him ! I also loved Lothi's scene with are a very gifted writer.

Thank you so much for your much appreciated review, you have found the heart of my story that Faramir's own emotional state greatly adds to his troubles and I intend to explore that in some depth together with Aragorn's emotions
Raksha The Demon chapter 13 . 5/17/2005
I loved Eomer's already knowing about Eowyn's romance with Faramir, and sensibly deciding to allow it, much to Eowyn's surprise.

And Lothiriel finally kissing Eomer - good for her!

Minor quibble - I don't see Faramir as so obviously nervous or strained when the King returns...

Looking forward to more! (I want to see Faramir and Eomer meet - they have a lot to discuss)
catwraith chapter 13 . 5/17/2005
I'm so sorry I haven't reviewed in so long. I was visiting my grandmother who lives six and a half hours away by car, and I could not get to a computer. Excuses aside, I really like how Thiri let Faramir "borrow" her family. I also like how she resolved her feelings about Eomer. How far are you going to go with this? Wow! That was a long review for me. I do believe it is the longest review I've ever written. I guess it shows how much I like this story. Keep it going!
lindahoyland chapter 13 . 5/17/2005
Another wonderful chapter, I hope you will write more when this ends. I just loved the way Lothi is so compassionate towards Faramir and her reunion with Eomer.I also like the way you write Aragorn in the few scenes you give him.
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