Reviews for A Fool's Errand
Guest chapter 16 . 9/8/2012
can't wait to see what happens next!
Rose Eclipse chapter 4 . 7/2/2012
The dialogue at the end of this chapter was quite touching and very much as I could imagine it from an episode of RoS: Guy snubbing Robin Hood and the outlaws reassuring him of his duties. It's why I like Robert of Huntington's character so much in the series because he wasn't written to be Loxely's clone. Robert sacrificed a life of privilege to become Herne's son and uphold his duties with courage and gallantry.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/2/2012
"I had thought that you actually didn't want me to go because you'd miss me."

Ha! This line made me grin so much. I love this series and was thrilled to come across a fan fic that was so finely detailed about the political wars, the characters, the mannerisms of these wonderful characters. The Sheriff and Guy always quarreled so much show that I thought they sounded like an angry married couple-they detest each other but can't seem to get rid of each other! But you have a good point that Guy is the Sheriff's fool and without Guy, who would he have to boss around or blame for Robin Hood's actions? Keep up the great work.
Winnifred Dumbledore chapter 15 . 6/18/2009
I just discovered your story today, and enjoyed it immensely! I love how detailed it is, and how well-researched. Keep up the good work, I hope you'll update soon!
Manavie chapter 15 . 6/7/2009
Hope to read more soon :D

Thanks for sharing

ellennar chapter 14 . 7/10/2008
Great to see you back and please update soon!
cimmer chapter 13 . 12/18/2007
Thanks so much for keeping up with this story. I'm sorry to be lax in reviewing but I am enjoying both the Sherwood story and the French story and the lessons being learned by both the Earl's sons.
Akseel chapter 11 . 5/26/2007
Great ! Another chapter. Your characterization of the Sheriff is quite good - up to his habit of throwing stuff to people that annoy him, which I find hilarious. Pity there was nothing about Gisburne (yup, I like him), but I'm sure we'll know more in next chapter. I wonder how he's doing with the King's armies... eh, he must be quite disillusioned by now. And the poor Sheriff, meanwhile, has to do without a steward. I'm very curious to see how everything will turn out. Good job !
Akseel chapter 10 . 4/8/2007
Hey, that's a pretty nice story ! I'm looking forward to reading more about Gisburne's adventures in France ;)
uniquechic chapter 10 . 3/18/2007
i'm loving this story so far!

one question though: what's the difference between the robin in the story and robin of loxley? i thought in the series they were the same person...

looking forward to the next chapter :]
kezya chapter 10 . 3/5/2007
Yay, you're back! Great new chapter, can't wait to see what happens next!
ellennar chapter 10 . 3/2/2007
Huzzah! You're back :). Thank you for the update and me thinks some outlaws are being a bit too blase. Here's too hoping it doesn't cost them too dearly. Please update soon!
ellennar chapter 9 . 3/28/2006
Very nice. I look forward to seeing what you plan on doing with Alian and his pack and how Gisburne will fair in Normandy...
kezya chapter 9 . 3/19/2006
How cool, a new chapter! It's great. I really like your portrayal of all the characters, it's spot on!
Sakanoue chapter 8 . 10/11/2005
As a huge Robin or Sherwood (or in particular Guy of Gisburn) I think this story was great. The detail was superb. I thought the sword from the Sheriff was a beautiful touch. Keep writing, I really want to know what's going to happen. (Just please don't kill Gisburn. He's too cool.)
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