Reviews for Boromir's Journey Home Amon Hen to Minas Tirith
Meihdiday chapter 25 . 12/29/2012
About your offline stories, It's so sad because you're one of the greatest LOTR writers here, your fics are simply amazing and you write about Boromir and Faramir (my fav), that's great. I am going to miss your stories :-(

But good luck with your writer career.
Mikkalea Luna chapter 6 . 6/26/2011

I am just rereading your stories and I noticed something. I think in this chapter (chapter 6) a small part is missing:

("Aye, I believe so. Aragorn is the finest tracker I have ever seen, and he has Legolas with him. Both have great knowledge of the lands the Uruks must cross to return to Isengard. Aragorn says he knows a shorter way that would intersect their route. If any can return Merry and Pippin, it will be Aragorn and our good Elf friend."

"Then, this too is true!" Faramir said, in an awed whisper, and recited:

"From the ashes a fire shall be woken; ...)

To me it doesn't make sense, why Faramir suddenly is awed and jumps to the conclusion about Aragorn and this little poem.

Apart from that I am still loving this story and I'll be probably very tired tomorow morning, because I was reading till after midnight! :-)))

Lady Artemist chapter 25 . 6/23/2011
I loved this story. Your writing flowed very well and was appropriate for the content with formalities and all. Your characterization was great and I could see actual emotions in your characters. I loved the overall concept of it all. Thank you for writing this!
Mikkalea Luna chapter 1 . 3/13/2011
This is an truly amazing story!

I read it some time ago and it became a favourite of mine! For several reasons.

1. Boromir is one of my favourite characters in LotR and I have always wondered how it would affect the story if he had survived!

2. I enjoyed how you portrait the friendship between Boromir and Aragorn

3. You managed to write in a way that made me forget that this wasn't the original books! :-)

Definitly one of the best Boromir-lives-stories!
Penblender chapter 1 . 1/3/2011
I swear, this story comes as a more welcome sight than I can describe. Definitely fall into "the ten percent worth dying for" of fanfiction.
pianissimopiper chapter 1 . 11/4/2010
I cannot begin to tell you how much this story has captured and impressed me already. There are already some questions of future plot being answered in foreshadow ("leave my father's anger to me"). What truly surprises me in a wonderful way is that it is written in such a similar style to J.R.R. Tolkien himself that it is as if this really happened in the book. Too often I have read stories of Lord of the Rings and been quite deterred by the poor attempt at how the fellowship would speak, or a story full of quotes and nothing new. This is incredible and I am anxious for the next chapter! :D Keep being awesome! :)
Sic Vita Est chapter 24 . 9/30/2010
I can not tell you how much I am enjoying your work. To the point that I was putting off reading chapters because I did not want the story to end. Your portrayal of the characters and the complex relationships between them all are so realistic that when I read your work I feel like I am getting a glimpse into Middle Earth. I am eager to read the other stories that you have here.
Darkover chapter 24 . 9/25/2010
I don't usually have the patience to read fan fics as long as this one was, but then, such fics are seldom written by authors as talented as you are. To say that I have greatly enjoyed reading this story does not do it justice. I love your capability with dialogue, with characterization, and with plot. Most of all, I don't believe anyone, in any fandom I have ever read, writes h/c as well as you do. You are dazzling. I wish you the best with your original writing. If you have found, or need to find, a publisher for the latter, I'm sure you will be *very* successful. You certainly deserve to be. If you've published something professionally already, please let me know so I can be sure to buy a copy! In the meantime, thank you so very much for writing and posting this story. I love the way the Fellowship was reunited at the end, the way they made Faramir an honorary member, and most of all, for how Frodo forgave Boromir, and made it clear to the Man that he, Frodo, understood the tempting power of the Ring all too well. It has been a joy to read this fic. You are a great writer. Sincerely, Darkover
Ddangerdan chapter 1 . 9/20/2010
A superb job. I always hated that Boromir died. He took down more than half of the Uruk-hai group by himself armed with nothing but a sword, and more than repented for his attack on Frodo. This captured the movies perfectly, and not a single person is out of character.
jada951 chapter 24 . 2/16/2010
what an extra-ordinary, delightful story, unlike any others I have read!

I really like that relationship between the brothers and their devotion to each other. And, it wasnt' some Marysue

who saves B. cause she "luvs him".

And added dimension for Gimli too.

An already fantastic story! And good for you that you stuck w/ it until it was complete! I have started too many good stories w/ promise, only to discover the writer gave up. I can understand it, and it makes me appreciate those to see the effort thru all the more.

I'm delighted to add it to my favorites!

Thanks for the great read!
KungFu Jedi chapter 24 . 1/2/2010
Oh. My. Gosh.

That's really all I can say. I read this whole story and was up for quite a while.

You did an excellently superb job!

I have watched Lord of the Rings several times, but just this Christmas break we watched all three extended editions again. I always wanted Boromir to live. *sniff* I liked him. :) Even though it does make for a better story, sacrifice and all, He died a good and noble death. The movie inspired me this time as it had not before. So Odd...

I love how you incorporated most of the elements of the movies into your story. When I first saw the extended editions, I was Thrilled that they included so much more of Faramir and Boromir! Faramir had long been an inspiring and favorite character and the Extended versions presented him in a much more favorable, realtable and ultimately redeemingly beautiful light.

I wondered what had happened to turn Denethor against his younger son and never fuly understood. (Personaly, I wish they had included more flashbacks, even though it didn't add to the core story much. Which is why I read what other people thought about it) :)

I was fascinated by the relationship between Faramir and Boromir (seems to be a popular category on the lord of the rings fanfiction) and I usually read Star wars fanfiction but when I saw LOTR this christmas, I immediately logged on to the fanfiction and read this. (Yay! I have a new hobby! LOTR)

It was Great! The story was so plausible too! I could completely believe it and it was so Real! I like how you kept Boromir injured throughout most of the story. Gave more life suspense to it, Made the plot fuller.

All the characters were perfectly written- I confess- Faramir has always been my favorite character.

I was first inspired -very deeply- in the end credits of ROTK when they show the sketches of all the characters and actors. It was when I saw the sketch of Faramir I immediately understood why his father hated him, something that had me intrigued all the times before.

The drawing was perfect- Faramir looked so gentle.

And then... I knew. Just like that, Just staring at that beautiful sketch, even though it was only there for a few seconds. I cold see every emotion on his face. It was ethereal. I could not believe I hadn't seen it before. That was it. Faramir was not a warrior. He was kind, gentle, fair, honest, innocent, forgiving, and had a soft warmth about about him. these are he words that describe Faramir. He wasn't bold or aggressive like his brother. And his brother and Father loved and hated him respectively for the exact same reason. These traits. Boromir loved his younger brother and felt so protective of him because Faramir was more empathetic and feeling. He was never angry. He didn't give in to emotion and hatred where others would have. He had so much compassion. Boromir was more of an action person, where Faramir was more sensitive in spirit. His father saw that (compassion) as a weakness while Boromir saw it as a strength. (and rightly so) This was the Great Difference. (I love that!)

Their relationship was also forged by a strong empathy for each other. I loved that in your story, you had Faramir say to his father that if Bormir was dead he would know. Similarly, in T, Faramir says, "but even more than this i know it in my heart"

He knew Boromir was dead because he felt it. A part of his soul died with his brother. The bereftness served his insight well in LOTR and in your story. I love empathy between characters. I don't know why. Must be a Star Wars love I picked up. :):)

You kept so much of LOTR in your story that I could easily imagine this could happen. it wasn't entirely improbable!

When Denethor tried to burn Boromir, you made everything fit. I just knew that pippin would end up getting Faramir! I knew it! I was so happy when I was right! :):)

I also loved the part where aragorn heals Boromir and Boromir's sort of stuck in limbo. That was cool, and something i never would have thought of! how very inventive of you!

It was interesting how you made Boromir and Aragorn connected through mutual gifts.

My favorite chapter was chapter 5 and 6, where Faramir and Boromr are reunited. I think I cried...

My favorite scene was when Frodo fell of the edge and Sam was trying to help him. Mutually combined with Aragorn fighting the troll and Faramir trying so hard to pull Boromir up was suspenseful and beautiful. There was somethign so eerie about that scene with all of them in different places doing exactly the same thing, as if their souls were entwined.

(I like how Boromir, Faramir and Aragorn oculd sort of use telepathy.) That was cool.

I could totally see the character of Gimli. He was perfect! :)

I tried to write a LOTR story very similar to this one. I didn't have to - I found yours! (Which is much, much better than mine would have been)

The problem I had was that I write a lot of Star wars stories and use more casual dialogue. LOTR isn't like that. its basically mythology and i had a hard time finding the right articulations. It was okay going, but became more and more difficult as the story changed because of Boromir (Had to invent new dialogue and storyline- hard to do!) You articulated perfectly adn I could easily imagine this was LOTR. The dialogue sound real and was perfect for their time and situation. That is all I can say. Spectacular! (You wouldn't believe how hard it is to write like King Arthur!)

The relationships between the characters is perfect. This is almost exactly the way i had pictured it if Boromir had lived. I guess that is why i like the story so much. As I thought about it, there were only a few ways it could have gone.

a) Aragorn gets to Boromir in time (Boromir is only shot once) and LOTR continues only with Boromir one of the hunters. He s reunited with Faramir in the houses of healing. (I did find that story)

b) your story :) (I liked this version the best!)

or c)

Boromir rides to Gondor instead of Gandalf in ROTK and takes pippin with him. Gandalf comes a bit later. As a result, Boromir goes to osgiliath and brings brother back :):):) and then they and the steward hack it out. :)

Thank you for such an enjoyable read! I look forward to reading your other works!

Marvelous and splendid job my friend!

Talent is rare in fanfiction. Few stories i read exceed my expectation by the end and yours was a breath of fresh air! I loved it!

Keep on comrade!

-Kungfu Jedi :D


SO sorry for the long review- I just so very much appreciate greatness when I see it! :)
cleis chapter 25 . 11/4/2009
hi carolyn! i remember reading this story some years back at the hype of LOTR. i was looking for closure or an alternate ending for my favorite character boromir, and luckily enough, i stumbled upon your fic! i remember loving your fic then but was left hanging since it was still a WIP at that time. i am glad that you've finished this story and have given justice to boromir. i like how you've carefully written Aragorn's and boromir's friendship! i'm happy too that you've given gimli a big part in boromir's saving (since other writers often opt to give the caring/understanding part to one of boromir's favorite hobbits). thank you for sharing this wonderful story. i wish you good luck in your future endeavors. i'm saddened that i won't be able to read this fic again due to circumstances. please be assured that your story was read and loved and appreciated. more power to you!
GovernorDerekthe2nd chapter 2 . 7/25/2009
this should be intresting
VogueOn chapter 1 . 7/5/2009
I like the manner in which you have written this :)
Shopaholics chapter 1 . 6/6/2009
Great chapter! The story is interesting and very well-written. Nice job.
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