Reviews for 14: There Goes The Neighborhood
Darkflame's Pyre chapter 65 . 4/17/2012
OH NO! This is my favourite so far... What in the heck will happen now! Xx
cathrl chapter 65 . 12/23/2005
Well, this was amazing.

I love the way you've taken the characters and deepened their traits to make them more individual. When other people do this they end up with caricatures. You've ended up with more believable, more human characters. I wish I could do this.

I did get lost in the second half. I think I'll have to read it again to sort out all the threads. Believe me, this is not a complaint.

And I'm still trying to figure out how John swears in Fortran! I'm a Fortran programmer and a physicist, and your science (real and pseudo) works great.

The only thing I did notice technically was that occasionally you have two words without a space in between.

I never thought that much of John before. This version of him has converted me. Great work.
i'mpeckable chapter 64 . 11/14/2005
Oh,crap! I HATE hitting the end of a book/story.
Agent Five chapter 64 . 11/14/2005
Oh hell no!

No bloody way! You can't ...


It's a joke, right?

Yay. Hahaha! All hail the great tease!






Oh crap.


I guess thanks are due then for an astounding conclusion (-ish) to an amazing piece of work. Truly impressed.

But it's also astonishingly cruel ...

And to think we willingly followed you! We trusted you with our precious hearts and minds and -

Oh pants.

You're the Hood, aren't you! Yeah, that's it! You've slowly crept across countless connections and seeped in through our modems. Quite why, I don't know but ... but ...

Well, your evil scheme won't work, I tell you.

Umm ... unless it already has ...

Oh the confusion ...

See what you've done?

A dark, padded cell and a small, crumpled image of John clutched close to my chest. Dribble and sedated mumblings.

Cheers then.



Oh, it's okay, you'll be back!

Oh yes, precious. You will see.
Tikatu chapter 64 . 11/13/2005
What a time for it all to come together!

I couldn't help but laugh through Daniel's scenario, though. The kid has entirely too much imagination!

"It's the love boat!"

“He hires himself a hacker… you like the jacking-ports on his temple? It’s my Uncle Preston, only without the zits, and with a cooler wardrobe. Can’t wait till he sees this!”

What a hoot!

Then ALL the other stuff that's been going on hits the fan at the same time and you leave us not knowing if John is dead or alive.

I loved the idea of Five taking over Linda's body. That was genius!

Now, when does the next installment begin?

Not tingling any more but shivering in anticipation!
Varda's Servant chapter 64 . 11/13/2005

No! Nononononono! You so can NOT do that! NO!



No! Not fair, that is so not fair. You aren't allowed to just stop like that. Not after telling us that was the last chapter. Didn't you say that you wouldn't end this on a cliffie?

Anyway, it's against the rules or something like that. It has to be.

No! Bad! Not allowed!

Need more, damnit! What happens next?


I probably should have waited a day or so before reviewing, huh. That way I could have left something useful, as opposed to my frustrated eruptions.


Still not fair, though.

There will be a sequel, yes? Please? I'll give you John, Aspergers and all...

And possibly Five, but then you'd have to deal with that whole creator love thing and that could just get messy.

Alright, so it's already messy. More messy, I meant.

I'm going to shut up now, before my foot goes any further.

P.S. Say it with me now - Sequel!
Agent Five chapter 63 . 11/13/2005
Wo ... that's just like ... dude ...

What an amazing, touching focus on Scott. The detail and the descriptions, the dog and the love and the plane and ... and, oh how evil to read it knowing what happens in the lab! *sniff*

And Gord and Bela finally seeing somewhere close to the same level? Brilliant.

And now to John. And a line that sent shivers up my spine:

[And then, “I miss him.”]

Miss who? Oh god no ...

But he's replied to Shredd3r ... that can't be good. Or can it? Oh, I'm all confused and worried and yet so anamoured with this latest chapter.

Penultimate, you say?

Yeah, that'd be about right. It feels like the calm before the storm. The deep breath before the plunge.

Best keep the Kleenex close to the PC for the conclusion then ...

P.S. Shredd3r is a 'she'? Didn't see that one coming!
Agent Five chapter 62 . 11/8/2005
Phew ...

I was worried for a moment there ... you never can tell where your particular muse might lead you and I found myself holding my breath while John was fighting for what seemed almost the last of his! Fantastic!

Is that the last of it, though ...?

I think not somehow ... there's still the matter of a power outage, an evil senator, a genius hacker, rescuing five ...

oh, and a small tear in the space-time continuum ...!

I continue to wait with eager anticipation and delight. x
Varda's Servant chapter 62 . 11/8/2005

*wipes tears from eyes*

Love the threat Roger. Absolutely brilliant. Priceless. "John Juniors" indeed.

Love the chappie, silly John, not being honest. All macho, "must do it myself even if it kills me" crap. Silly, silly John. Though, by now, that's just who he is.

And considering the motherload of an infection he's got, somewhat sensible. Thoguh I don't see how networking with other humans would be a problem. After all, he'd gone into the computer itself to get infected in the first place.

Ah, man, here I go again, rambling like crazy. It's like thinking out loud, only not. :-P

Anyways, love the update, and I especially love the *quick* update. Hope to see more soon!
Tikatu chapter 62 . 11/8/2005
Yeah! John the hacker's back, and closing down the alien computer in his head. No longer crushed into that little corner of his mind.

Now to get back to the business of dealing with Shr3ddr, Stennis, and the fallout from Brains's "oops".

Giddy with near completion? I know that feeling well!

Still tingling, and waiting eagerly for more!
Agent Five chapter 61 . 11/7/2005
Love the Bela/Gordon play-offs! Wonderful characterisation there. And poor chap not able to reveal that actually he could quite possibly save the day!

Kudos to the quick-thinking girls on Mars. Glad they're gonna be okay. But John's not sounding too healthy with " ... the feeling that he was being crushed into an ever-shrinking corner of his own mind." Hmm ...

Yay! Go Shredd3r! Yeah, contact IR and do a double cross and give Five, Fermat and John the chance to fight back before it's too late! Turn coat and become a good guy - you know you want to!

And now back to the rather too familiar 'crap, there's no more to read, feeling'. The downside of being priveledged to immerse myself in this absolutely wonderful world of yours!
Agent Five chapter 60 . 11/7/2005
Ooh, two chapters at once! What a delight!

Okay ... poor poor TinTin. Hope she finds Gordon and get some kind of resolution to her loneliness ..

Excellent action and adventure on the Mars front! You can just feel the cold and wind and the temsion is just amazing!

And ... erm ... what?

But no need to panic 'cos there's another chapter awaiting! Fabulous!
Varda's Servant chapter 61 . 11/6/2005
Duh duh DUH!

Everything's coming to a head now... Will Gordon reach John? With the Ares I crew make it to shelter? Will John keep the martian computer at bay? Will Shr3ddr make contact?

Will I stop asking silly questions?


I'll be waiting for more! Tuned to this channel, wishing that I could buy this on DVD or something, watch it all at once. The suspense is killing me!

Excellent chappie, update soon, before your readers spontaneously combust.
Tikatu chapter 61 . 11/6/2005
Be still my thumping heart!


From the blackout in Spain (a result of Brains's tampering?), to the Mars expedition (what a team Bennett and Cho make!) to Shr3ddr's idea of a double-cross, this was a rush! So many little threads to keep track of and you're doing it beautifully, while making us who are following this saga clamor for more!

John feeling crushed in his own mind? Not good!

Still tingling and still breathless.
Varda's Servant chapter 60 . 11/6/2005
Dear Lord God in Heaven above, what the hell is going on?

Right, well, I have my theories about who the stranger is, and why he's there, but they probably aren't right. I do (tentatively) reckon, though, that the stranger is Jeff or John, and they're in either an alternate dimension (one which Five screwed with) or were transfered from an alternate dimanesion (via Five's screwing).

Except the scar bit...

Might have to go back and look again.

Except if they are from an alternate dimension, then the scar is possibly from something that never happened in this one.


The scar could mean it's Scott, and he's got it from the operation to repair all his massive internal beeding from Brain's mistake.

What was I talking about...? :-P

Right, well, I'm going to leave my theories behind now, because they probably aren't right anyway, and I'll find out when you post more.

Soon, yes? Please?

Pretty please?

With your Tracy boy of choice on top?
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