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Guest chapter 73 . 6/4
What is the status of this fic? Is it on hiatus, in progress ….abandoned?
EllesBelles chapter 1 . 4/10
Hello, I really love your story and have been a reader for many years. But the wait in between chapters kills me. Between you and GRRM I feel I’m never going to see how my fave stories end :D Can you let us know the status of Solo in your profile? The last note on there is from 1 year ago. Thanks x
MO Merik Lover chapter 73 . 4/8
And do let me know when you start to post again!
MO Merik Lover chapter 73 . 4/8
Are you sure this thing isn't really finished? Or at least ready for a second volume? It's one you might consider actually publishing. (But do consult others first, I am somewhat of a skewed advocate.)

It seems as if you have tied up your storylines (the ones that count anyway) and it's a good breaking point.

I still am not totally convinced about Christine, but your Christine is better than most. I'm sure you heard me cheer for her several times.

I think the only question that I have and would love to know the answer too, is what does Dr. Swinburne and the anatomist want with Erik? This is another idea, that I decided not to use. In 1900 X-rays were in their infancy and sometimes they did more harm than good. Many technicians died after absorbing too much radiation from the devices. These doctors, whom Erik is consulting about his failing memory, want to X-ray his head, and he is not having any of it.

It's been a good tale. Now I have to go clean up the house. I have company coming tomorrow.

I look forward to talking again sometime. It's been a pleasure.
MO Merik Lover chapter 68 . 4/8
She needs to wear the ring. I hope either he, or someone else tells her that. It's the physical public sign that they are committed.

I hope their house comes to be. And he's planned rooms for Cesar too!. And lots of kids.
MO Merik Lover chapter 67 . 4/8
"And what would that make the former Phantom — something like a brother-in-law? Now that was a disquieting thought." Oh, you just have NO idea. Try an even closer relationship...

"Orpheus Triumphant?" For someone who has been hearing the overture to Offenbach's "Orpheus in the Underworld" overture, the last movement, in her sleep, this one got a snort of laughter!

Someday, down the road, we shall have to talk about wanted criminals living openly in Paris and in greater France. I think it falls under the same heading of gendarmes not shooting when they should.

All marriages have bumpy places.

I love it. This is great!
MO Merik Lover chapter 66 . 4/8
Madam Giry: "Choose wisely." Shades of Indiana Jones...
MO Merik Lover chapter 65 . 4/8
Darn, I wasn't done with the other one, and you can't pull them here is what I think I was going to say: Ramin's LND make up physically is even worse. I think there is one line where Phantom tells Christine he's dying, I can believe it.

Now on to this section: Good connection entry. I wonder what Erik is going to go through this time.
Guest chapter 64 . 4/8
"Did the bullet hit your leg, or your head?" I am still enjoying Raoul and Erik. I think I always did. They are perfect foils for each other.

Was Madam Giry ever going to give him the letter? (BTW: If the answer is in the text, don't tell me...)

It all comes down to the makeup. The movie's makeup was so tame, that it makes this story line is plausible. If you were using the stage play, because the visual shock has to be fed to the last row, he might have got away with a medical deferment. As I related to one of my other friends, that thing on his head HAS to hurt. The difference, even between 1986 and Ramin's 25th version is even more stark. (Although I don't believe that the 25th version would have lived very long. Amd Ramin's LND version is even more implausible.)
MO Merik Lover chapter 63 . 4/8
So he screams in his sleep, does he? Interesting. Also I agree, falling out of bed isn't fun either.

It's a fun thing, these two men, bound by an obstinate woman, as close as brothers. I'm enjoying this!

Well, what has cranked his tail?

I think I might finish what you have posted today, maybe.
MO Merik Lover chapter 62 . 4/8
Did he ever get his letter?

Their method of birth control isn't all that good. I hope they know there are some Goodyear products that were becoming available...Or can we have kids? The picture of a Phantom with his children is entrancing.
MO Merik Lover chapter 61 . 4/8
This is a Christine who knows what she wants. I will be interesting how this plays oiut.
MO Merik Lover chapter 59 . 4/8
"Why does Erik do anything?" And does he think before he does them?

"No." Erik interrupted, "I aren't." Even Erik can use improper English! I love it!
MO Merik Lover chapter 58 . 4/8
Human, both of them. Only at it again this morning ovr brunch.

I have noted that Paris seems adrift in coffee. These people are under a seige, supplies hard to get in and out. As far as I know France does not grow coffee beans. Where does the coffee come from?

I know that during the US Civil War there was an extreme shortage of coffee in the south. I'm a native Missourian, this state was split right across the middle have Union Loyalist, The Confederate sympathizers. They didn't have coffee. They made do with something called Chickory. I've had chickory/coffee blend and it is not bad, but I wouldn't want it everyday.

It was enjoyable speaking with you last night, I hope we can speak again some time.

Yr Constant Reader,
MO Merik Lover chapter 55 . 4/8
"A respectable wife to take out on Sundays..." Echoes of Leroux Erik.

Well at least she knows her own mind, but Erik's may be vastly different.
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