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RevanOrdo7567 chapter 57 . 3h
Oh what is he planning now? I confess i am coming to dread these updates. He story grows bleaker and seems they will never have a happy ending. Still I must read it. Its too well written and compelling and I must know how it ends, one way or another.
zeeksmom chapter 57 . 4h
I continue to be fascinated by your attention to detail and your skill in research. You bring history to live in amazing color. However, I am now to the point where I really want to shake Erik until his teeth rattle.

Would it be too much for him to sit down with Christine and ASK HER what she wants to do with her life? She is in love with him-she told him so but he was too busy running to hear her. She clearly wants to be with him, but not as his wife; that would be too confining. I think she'd be delighted to live with him as his lover; maybe even have a family, but she doesn't want what I think she sees as the shackle of marriage. What he doesn't seem to realize is he's bound her to him in chains neither of them can break; he doesn't need to make it legal.

She also fears she'll lose her music if he tries to force her into the mold of respectability. They're creatures of the theater, a world that is by definition artificial, but within it, they've found something profoundly real. Trying to force that beautiful relationship-the magic they have when they're together-into a plebeian pattern would destroy it. I hope he wakes up before it's too late.

I assume he's now off to tell Raoul that he's nobly stepping aside so that Christine can "be happy." The moron! He needs a good swift kick somewhere or other, and soon. :D

Thank you for continuing with this wonderful story.
Guest chapter 56 . 12/6
Thanks for update in your twitter. I'm sorry I moaned, looking forward to new chapter when you can update x :-)
Guest chapter 56 . 12/6
Is this on hiatus again? Waaaa :-(
phat-snake chapter 56 . 12/2
This has been a rough, satisfying trek so far. Just caught up to you, and I must commend your efforts thus far. Your narrative is wonderful, though quite heartbreaking at the moment. The added time you are putting in to add research notes and historical context for us are also greatly appreciated, it is nice to have context, and you've successfully set up a kind of passive antagonist to add some drama, which I have never seen executed quite as well as you have here. It has made for an excellent read. Obviously, I'm VERY excited to see what you have in store for us next, I would imagine most people would agree that we are all waiting with baited breath. Thank you, again, for taking time out of your busy schedule for this endeavor, it brings me great joy to read such well written writing!
TeamErik chapter 56 . 11/30
:,-( pls update soon?! I need more! Can you update this week? *hopeful smile*
Guest chapter 1 . 11/24
I'm psychic... and I predict a Solo update in the next few hours... Am I right? Happy Thanksgiving x
Jennifer chapter 56 . 11/22
Tango, I wondered if I could ask you a Q? (Don't worry if you can't respond, I know you're a busy person!) But, do you think Erik is a lost cause? Or shall I continue to hope he'll change enough to be worthy of Christine's love?

Not asking for spoilers, obviously, I'm just VERY invested in this story, but at the moment I can't see it having the Christine/Erik ending that I'm wishing for. I don't necessarily need a marriage/babies end, as I'm not sure that would make these two happy at the moment (babies are a loooong way off I think) but I'd like to see them reconciled, happy and (most importantly) on an equal footing. I'm just not sure if Erik is just TOO damaged already for that?
Wiggle chapter 56 . 11/21
Just reread the chapter 56. I like how the golden band Erik gave to Christine kinda harkens back to Leroux, but I guess that's why you included it :) pls update soon?
Rose chapter 9 . 11/17

*Just Kidding*
Guest chapter 56 . 11/16
Back off Raoul! You don't know the half of it! ;-( hope Eric and Christine can make up soon. It's so sad ;-(
Jssica chapter 56 . 11/14
Thank you for updating this glorious tale. Though I love Raoul, his words are tinged with the anger of his own losses, and so he's not necessarily right about it all. Erik did need a big dose of truth though, and Raoul gave it to him in spades! I'm curious to see what Erik does next and to see if this changes his perspective at all. Also would really like to get Christine's POV, intrigued by what's going on in her head. Another wonderful chapter, thank you.
Fictional50 chapter 56 . 11/14
The quote from this chapter that sticks in my mind is this one: ‘Nobody should become that to another person. That kind of love was too cruel a burden, and left too terrible a shadow’. It seems to sum up the theme of the chapter and also the position Erik now finds himself in. It is both beautiful and sad that he only loves Christine, she is all that matters to him. And now they have hit a rough spot, he’s utterly alone again. Whereas Christine, even though she loves Erik, has her family and Raoul to surround her. The difference in their situations could not be clearer than it is here. Christine spent the evening with her family, and Erik spent it in a graveyard. I’m not sure what this means for Erik going forward, after all, you can’t magic friends out of thin air, but it’s clear that he needs more in his life. I hope these thoughts don’t turn him towards working with the commune and their politics – but I suppose that’s one route he could go down in his quest to find a sense of belonging.

It was both lovely and strange that, of all people, it was Carlotta that demonstrated to Erik that you don’t have to be married to share deep love and a lasting bond with another person. It was also nice to see that she still cares for Piangi. It was a beautiful little addition.

I enjoyed the altercation between Erik and Raoul. I admit, I did laugh a tiny bit at the thought of Erik kicking away Raoul’s crutch – it was so just so childishly cruel and unnecessary but also *so* in keeping with Erik’s volatile mood in this chapter. They remain polar opposites in almost every sense. I do think Raoul’s words seem to have hit their mark. Some of what he said was very true, all people must make the best of their situation and compromise. The world does not give out favours to any of us.

But (and maybe I’m being a fangirl) Erik has changed more than Raoul credits him for. Yes, he’s been on the edge a bit recently, but I think he’ll come through this with some more learning stripes. There *is* a man underneath all of the layers – just a very stubborn, pig-headed one at times :-)

Please update soon if you can, dying to know what's going to happen next :-)
Masked Man chapter 56 . 11/10
Oh Erik. I do feel bad for you, but you don't help yourself :-) kicking away raoul's crutch was very cruel! Great scene between them. Raoul is a good and honourable man, but I do think (the last few chapters aside) that Erik has changed more than Raoul gives him credit for. I hope Raoul's words go some way to wake Erik up and make him shake off some of that self-pity. I'd like to see Christine show a bit of emotion, she's been very poised so far! It will be interesting to see how her concert goes! Maybe Erik show up and hear her music. Thank you for the update, it was a great chapter.
RevanOrdo7567 chapter 56 . 11/9
Oh Erik. Will you throw away your chance at happiness over a misunderstandihg? Must you always be such a drama king? Of course, look who I am talking about. My respect for Raoul is deepening while my respect to Erik fades to pity. Truly, Raoul is twice the man Erik is and far wiser. I hope he finds someone who deserves him. I cannot imagine what he must feel, knowing that Christine chose Erik and that Erik is behavimg so poorly. And yet I can't help thinking that this is partly Christine's fault top. She gives herself body and soul to him but stops at a piece of paper? Of course he must think that she doesnt feel he's good enough to marry. Good enough to make music with but not the man you want to father your children. How he come to another conclusion, shy of reading her mind. Or asking. But instead of reasoning he just reacts, one habit he has yet to break. He must be careful. The phantom will always be with him, somewhere in tne dark recesses of his mind but he must never again be allowed to resurface or its Erik himself who will drown.
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