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Gracekim1 chapter 5 . 6/17/2014
This is awesome!
Nocturne no Kitsune chapter 9 . 8/6/2009
This was surprisingly a very good read. I have read a few of your works in the past and enjoyed them as well, Such as "Freedom", which I truly wish was more then a oneshot. Over all, very good work. It would have been a bit easier if the "Planets" stood out a bit more at the start of each one, so it would be slightly easier to tell when one ends and the next starts. But that is all I have to complain about, everything else is pretty much perfect.
sailorvickii11 chapter 4 . 3/18/2007
cool story cant wait to finish it it looks really good you have done well grasshopper but there are a few gramatical errors but we live!
Barry I. Grauman chapter 28 . 9/12/2005
Nice in-joke of Sparky singing the theme song, but wouldn't it have been funnier if he sang, "Call me up, I'm your guy/Toughest punk in the alien sky/I got brains and the face/This mug's built for...". Perhaps he sings this when Betty and X-5 aren't around...maybe there's an interesting story to come out of that...

Boy, what a video game! At least that "Shadow Mist" can't hurt anyone now! Can it?

As for Penelope, she certainly deserved her come-uppance. Wonder how she explained her "innocence" to Mr. Peterson?

As for Infantor...that IS another story!

Great saga, 'MikariStar'! You're still the #1 "Atomic Betty" fan fiction writer

ANYWHERE! Thanks...:)
Barry I. Grauman chapter 27 . 9/12/2005
The most intriguing part of this chapter was the flashback and Maximus' encounter with that "rabid" vampire bat fang...again, his ego gets in the way of his "recovery"!

I believe he also declared, "I am the ONLY super-villain in the entire universe!".

Minmius' evil face then reminded him, "Aren't you forgetting Supreme Overlord Gary in the-" before Maximus gave him a BIG hit in the head, bellowing, "He's gone by now!". "(*ow*) Yes, but when the entire universe is resurrected, HE comes back, too!". "DON'T REMIND ME!", Maximius shrieked, belting Minimus on the head again.

"You know, he MUST be okay or he wouldn't be acting like this", Sparky observed.

"I concur", X-5 added. "But what happens if he and Supreme Overlord Gary SHOULD meet?". "It couldn't be any worse than things are now", Betty sighed.

{note: Supreme Overlord Gary is mentioned in the first of the new "Atomic Betty" books

just published by Grosset & Dunlap, "Supreme Overlord Penelope", by Tracey West.

You'd love it, 'MikariStar'! ;) }

Looking forward to the final chapter!
Julayla chapter 28 . 9/9/2005
It's over. And a good thing everything is back to the way it should be. Thank you for finishing. I really enjoyed the story...though I still wonder if Maximus' mom was either divorced or was killed at his early age (probably her death most likely).
Skaia chapter 27 . 9/8/2005
big cliffhanger! I can't believe there's only one more chapter left update soon and keep writing more stories!
Barry I. Grauman chapter 26 . 9/7/2005
More tense and more intriguing than usual...what WILL happen next? ;)
Barry I. Grauman chapter 25 . 8/30/2005
It's not a very good sign when Betty can't use her bracelet to get out of trouble...or her light saber, either!

This is going to be more difficult than that game she was up against in "Infantor Rules!". And that specter of the "Shadow Mist" lurking in the faint background...there MUST be a way out! Will Betty find it? Can she get Sparky and Maximus out as well? CAN the universe be saved again?

I await the next chapter, 'MikariStar'! :
Skaia chapter 25 . 8/30/2005
Great chapter! I can't believe it's almost over
Barry I. Grauman chapter 24 . 8/29/2005
I have a vague idea of WHERE Betty, Sparky and Maximus disappeared into...and what dire consequences the universe will find itself in [AGAIN!] if they don't "win" and get out in time! Boy, this is nail-biting, 'MikariStar' just keep it up!

Barry I. Grauman chapter 23 . 8/26/2005
Oh, my, this IS terrible...both Dr. Cerebral AND Maximus have the ability to unleash that "Shadow Mist" virus

and destroy the universe (AGAIN!). HORRORS! What CAN Betty do about it? Can she save the universe this time?

Will X-5 be able to remember that "alternate time-line" and warn Betty about past events that never were?

Will Granny be able to help? And, if things DO return to "normal"-WILL Betty be able to think up new excuses for her constant disappearances to Noah?

Excellent chapter, 'MikariStar'! I liked the post-script where Purrsey did a number on Penelope's head (and I'm quite sure he left a small..."souveneir" underneath!) at the party {"Au-u-u-gh! GET THIS FLEABAG OFF ME!

He's ruining my $300 hairdo!"/"He happens to be a PUREBRED cat!"/"I'll cut him off at the crust if he doesn't let go of me!"}. Betty's mother wouldn't sic HER cat on Penelope, no, it's PURRSEY who got tired of Penelope's whining, and let her have it! I'd still like to hear that brief talk between Betty and Granny...

awaiting the fiery conclusion! :)
Barry I. Grauman chapter 22 . 8/24/2005
I KNEW things were going to revert to "normal", 'MikariStar'! Betty's description of

the destruction of most of the universe, her parents and friends was very depressing.

{I'm still coming to grips over the end of "Triangle"..} I'm pretty sure she cried over Penelope's demise as well, much as she can't stand her...odd that PURRSEY would be the one that "reweaves" the time thread by aborting Maximus Sr.'s computer virus

and deleting the "Shadow Mist" for good. Well, he screws up Betty's life occasionally, why not for the good of all living creatures in the universe?

Don't apologize for the "campfire" was quite appropriate that everyone should be together just before time began to "straighten" itself out...I'm quite sure Minimus grumbled, "I'm not a scratching post, either!" when Purrsey dug her claws a little TOO far while pushing his head around.

Now, I wonder how you're going to end this stirring saga without duplicating scenes

from "Evil Idol"...just before the surprise party (possibly having Mom mention SHE invited Penelope because "she and Betty seem to get along so WELL together at school"? Or her objections to Dad's magic act? "Do you HAVE to use the disappearing box?"/"Are you kidding? It's my best trick! The kids will LOVE it!"/"Well, don't say I didn't warn you.."/"About what?"/"If YOU disappear, you might not return...")? Just before Maximus' contest? Or the heart-to-heart talk Betty and Granny have AFTER the party, where she goes into a little more detail about her Galactic Guardian past?

I await the anti-climactic conclusion! ;)
Kitty chapter 22 . 8/23/2005
great chapter
Julayla chapter 22 . 8/22/2005
I'm glad Atomic Betty's cat changed history. And I believe we now found out the true reason for the "Evil Idol" episode. Let's hope it goes well.
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