Reviews for Cat and Mouse
KaliAnn chapter 99 . 1/26/2008
I liked this chapter. You could feel the anger and hostility raidiating from him. There was no justification for the way they treated Flash. I'm sorry doesn't quite cover it and if Martian Manhunter felt bad about something he should have stepped up and put an end to it. I liked the Sticks mention and I love the way the Titans confrented the Justice League and forced them to be honest. They are prepared for anything.
JazRox chapter 21 . 1/25/2008
Love your story.

Keep writting i wonder if Slade gets Robin in the end-
realfanficts chapter 98 . 1/24/2008
Hmm. I think this is your shortest chapter ever. but it drives home just how much of a turning point that battle was.

What you said

1. hay (a big part of cows' diets)

2. were

3. distain (this is not a word, but a mispelling)

What you meant

1. hey (this word is used to get someone's attention; what Kara was trying to do when she was talking to Superman)

2. we're

3. disdain

Oh, and to make sure you don't have to go looking all through the chapter for each word I mention, I list them in the order they appear. And that last one is in the last paragraph.
realfanficts chapter 97 . 1/22/2008
Again, apologies. I had my review all planned out, and then I realized I would have not internet access when I needed it. i'll try to review sooner this time.

Yes, it's common knowledge Bruce wasn't an ideal father. Still, he does have some excuse, even if it doesn't completely atone for it. He himself was orphaned at a young age, so he didn't have a father for long enough to teach HIM how to be one.

Hey, a cliffhanger ending! That's unusual, coming from you...

I see you're getting better at the spelling thing, though there were still a few mistakes. But take heart. Even proffessional authors and editors make mistakes!

What you said

1. threw

2. loosing

3. pours (the action of dumping out a liquid, or a similar action, like "he pours the milk into his cereal bowl.")

4. barrow (a cart with a shallow box body, two wheels, and shafts for pushing it, such as a wheelbarrow)

5. anamorphic

6. then (as in not now)

7. fare (this has too many meaings for me to list just one)

8. wondered (as is this. I was surprised myself when I looked it up.)

What you meant

1. through

2. losing

3. pores (small openings in the skin or outer surface of an animal or being. In this case, I understand you meant the Kryptonite had penetrated Superman to his very core.)

4. borrow

5. animorphic

6. than

7. far

8. wandered

there were a couple others I was going to list there, but you did them correctly in other places. 1, board when you meant bored, and 2, there, when you meant their.
Dark Austral chapter 98 . 1/20/2008
I liked this chapter in that you suprised me that this was a perspective shot from Superman. And it somewhat made a quiet conclusion to the whole war that is going on with Slade. Gosh, as for the preview, heck that can be anyone but I'll take a shot in the dark and say its' Omen XD
Balrog Roike chapter 98 . 1/20/2008
Short but nice chapter.

Very poetical(ly?).

I guess that the guy in your preview is either Batman, Robin or Slade... But, well, after this chapter it can be everyone, even somebody from the Titans when they heard of the desaster with the JL and Slade.

I don't know why, but somehow I ask myself after reading this chapter: What really defines a hero?

Superman, the "hero numer one" even if not the hero of the hearts or most popular hero, seems to give in and give his ... well... ideals up.

I mean, for me a hero is somebody who stands up if he was beaten or lost a battle, no matter how cruel it was and how final it had seemed.

I don't demand that they always look on the bright side of life, but they have to go on and have hope, determined to do better the next time.

This is one point for your JL and Teen Titans theory, hu?

I mean, even if the Titans lost, they tried again.

Sure, Superman hadn't said word for word that he gives in, but a part of him, the hero-part is dead.

Well, at least in my opinion.


Too long reviews, I know.

See/Read you later,


Balrog Roike
Balance in the Dark chapter 98 . 1/19/2008
It was shorter than what you usually write but good just the same. I could feel the sorrow practically oozing out of the words. Nicely done.

Oh and as for the 'preview', which is by-the-way terribly evil of you, It first I though it was Slade but I've changed my mind. I think it's Richard, that's my guess anyways...I can't wait to find out who it really is though.

Laterness, BITD
KaliAnn chapter 98 . 1/19/2008
Short, but to the point Darla. I enjoyed the sense of hopelessness, despair, and finally acceptance. The survivors of this massacare are lucky, but they are also losers in a way. This could have been prevented a long time ago if the Justice League handled it better. Does the League really believe that the world will help them hunt down Slade when the whole truth about the situation comes out? Still Superman is right about one thing they need to stay strong and stop lieing if they want to survive.
realfanficts chapter 96 . 1/16/2008
I'll read and review the next chapter as soon as I finish with this one...

One thing. Zatanna probably wouldn't close in for hand-to-hand combat-she's a mystic. Any words she says backwards come true. Though she can't directly affect living beings, she could do just about anything else, even repair one of those broken vials, if she had enough time to say it.

Actually, Beast Boy eventually became Changeling, Not Beast Man. Though there was a more brutal, alernate future version of him called Animal Man.

'Calm comes as deaths calling card…' I like that quote. Did you make it up? If so, I'd like to ask your permission to use it myself some time.

“A country for your thoughts?” An interesting turn of phrase, coming from Slade like that.

What you said:

1. "Were," used to refer to multiple people or things in the past tense. "They were there, but now they're gone.

2. "board" a piece of cut wood

3. "loose" to set free

4. Nural has no meaning. it isn't a word

5. "Vile" is a descriptive word meaning evil or foul. "His actions are vile," or "that medicine tastes vile."

6. "Brake" the tool used to bring a vihicle such as a car to a stop

7. "Threw" to throw, or hurl an object some distance

8. "Quite" as in "Not quite," or "that was quite a show"

9. "sweater" a particularly warm item of clothing worn on the upper body

10. "cleaver" a big cutting tool, usually used on meat

11. "minuet" is a mispelling. There's no such word.

12. "filed" past tense of putting a file or piece of information away in the proper place

13. "barrowed" not a word

14. "burry" prickly, full of burs

What you meant:

1. "We're" the contraction of "we are."

2. "bored" boredome is what you feel when you feel like you have nothing interesting to do, and/or nothing is challenging

3. "lose" to misplace, or to not win in any game or contest

4. "Neural"

5. "Vial" a small container made especially for liquid.

6. "Break" a synonym for "fracture"

7. "Through" in this case, you meant what Raven heard over the airwaves

8. "Quiet" as in a silence, the opposite of noisy.

9. "Sweeter" used to indicate something is more sweet, pleasant, or satisfying.

10. "clever" describing an action that is inspired or brilliant

11. "minute" 60 seconds

12. "field" a large open space, generally for playing sports

13. "borrowed" having taken something temporarily with an intention of returning it later

14. "bury" to put under the ground, generally a dead body

And of course, I already explained the differences between "their," "there," and "they're."
Christina chapter 97 . 1/14/2008
Nice! Can't wait for next week .
Clovergirl22 chapter 97 . 1/13/2008
KILL THEM! lol I love slightly evil stories and its about time irony plays it part as Slade would day. In real life, bad people aren't born that way, They are just created that way by the people we always call the "good" in society. Please continue and I can't wait till the next chapter. Also, loved the Batmand Slade interaction by the way )
Balrog Roike chapter 97 . 1/13/2008
Nice chapter, even if unusually short.

Slades thoughts about and image of Robin seems to be somewhat twisted. You're always asking how he really feels about him.

Is Richard only a tool, a toy or more? A real son, perhaps?

I mean, sometimes it seems as if Slade is really angry how the others treated Robin and then, the next moment, he acts as if this only was some... well, sometimes a lucky chance for his plans, then a problem and, like he said, a reason for wasted time.

There is one point I have problems to understand.

"wanted Richard ever since (ever since) "

What do this doubled word groups means or better, how do you mean it?

Well, your description of adult and teenage superheros is interesting, even if I can't fully agree. This "The Team will always watch my back,so I can relax"-attitude/behaviour is not only some thing that the older heros are fond of.

The young heros do this as well - perhaps Raven or Robin not so often...

The last part was somewhat enligthing, if you can write it like that. It really seems to me now, that Slade don't want only a apprentice as a loyal helper and partner. I rather have the feeling that he wants a worthy enemy. Someone that can stand his ground against him.

I can understand that.

If he really gain the world and controls all - then what? Then there is nothing left and he sits for decades on his throne, yawning and bored like never before, no challenge, no threats...

Hey, if ever some villain thought about the boringness (?) of world domination before? XD

Well, until next time, before my review becomes longer than your chapter XD

Balrog Roike

PS: I don't know why, but I have problems with your e-mail address. Some spelling points I could have overseen?

Well, I'll find a way.
Dark Austral chapter 97 . 1/13/2008
Hi dlsky,

This was a very insightful, thought provoking chapter. I loved how you went into explanation of why Slade went against the Titans, in that they didn't delude themselves-which is a very interesting perspective and brings to light a huge contrast between Titans and JL.

Also, the whole notion on Batman's parenting skills made me raise my eyebrow. I'm a Batman fan, so a spark of anger lit in me, but then I couldn't help but agree with you to an extent in that Batman really isn't the best parent and when compared to Slade (in this story) Slade is a better choice.

All in all, great way to present a perspective and I still love that despite taking on the JL, Slade and this story still revolves around Robin/Omen.
Dragonfhain chapter 97 . 1/13/2008
Excellent chapter, yet again. I like the way you challenge the "great relationship" between Richard and Bruce and twist it into something most would not consider, one of criticism and abuse. I also enjoyed the revelation that this has always been about how Slade is educating or demonstrating a point to Richard, that it has never been about the JL or even Bruce. Looking forward to next week's update to see where you're taking us next!
KaliAnn chapter 97 . 1/12/2008
I loved this chapter because you showed us something interesting. While Slade has no patience or respect for the adults he shows that Titans truly were his enemy. He stated that each of them proved their own worth and were willing to do what it took to keep their ideals unlike the adults. Its not much, but it does mean a lot to have you enemy respect you. I loved the way Slade taunted those who remained, told them how pathetic and stupid it was to go after them when its really Richard who is the true challenge. I can't wait to read what happens next. Oh and I hope your friend Jordan finishes the Aftershock Prize story before doing that other one.
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