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Guest chapter 18 . 6/16/2013
I'm loving this. You dialogue is so clever and funny, and your analogies are great. I like the poetic way you examine the relationship dynamics of the characters. It's far better than the usual trite descriptions of character's feelings that were already obvious from the show that accompany these sorts of fics. Your writing style keeps things very interesting.
Hellysion chapter 15 . 4/23/2012
T.T I almost cried! Im loving this; it is well written and clever (sorry I didnt leave more reviews, hehe). I soooo hope this is not going to end in me sobbing :P

Thumps up!
Rereishere chapter 18 . 12/14/2011
Just finished it, absolutely the best Spike/Angel story I've read. You are seriously talented. Fantastic job.
angstkitten chapter 1 . 12/7/2010
okay, i have to review now.

i just reread this fic over the last week or so, and it was, again, fantastic. i understood some things better, having actually seen part of season five now. you did a great job with the characterizations and the plot points and EVERYTHING. so great job.

the scene that talks about spike being choked by angel's words, i was literally choking up, like couldn't breathe, tight throat, about to bawl my eyes out. this is a beautiful work.

the one thing that was inconsistent was the time in meade's world. first several hours there was half an hour in LA and then weeks there was months in LA. you changed it up on us! i'm sure it was just an error, but it ended up really distracting me a bit. but no story is perfect, and one flaw doesn't destroy this one!

you did a fantabulous job and keep it up!~
Daedaleon chapter 17 . 11/4/2010
Great story, really interesting plot.

I have one question though, I really don't understand how Time moves in Ganymede's dimension.

The first time in chapter 8, 1 night in Ghan's dimension amount to half an hour in our dimension, so Time in Ganymede's dimension moves faster than in ours.

Then again in chapter 14, with the 4 hours unmonitored by the senior partners, Spike stay at least 1 hour with Ganymede but less than an hour has passed in our dimension. He says that "time moved slower here [in Ganymede's dimension]" but it's actually wrong, Time is going faster there and it allows him to stay longer.

In chapter 17, according to Ganymede, about leaving Trouble alone while going in our dimension: "It wasn't long to us. It was most of the night to [Trouble]". So once again Time moved faster in Ganymede's dimension.

But then in chapter 16, while Spike is recovering, Time moves slower in Ganymede's dimension: 3 weeks for Spike, several months for Angel in our dimension.

Once again in the last chapter, Time moves slower in Ganymede's dimension for Spike "It's been a nearly two months since I've seen you [Angel]" while it's been 1 year for Angel in our dimension.

So my understanding is that at the beginning of the fic, Time moved faster in Ganymede's dimension, but after Spike nearly sacrificed himself in chapter 15, it began to move slower, well, apart from that time in chapter 17...

Anyway, I was confused but I still loved the fic !
angstkitten chapter 18 . 10/26/2009
wow. that was epic.

angst? check.

budding romance? check.

action/adventure? check.

more angst? check.

secrets? check.

near-death experiences? check.

more love? check.

even MORE angst? check.

death? check.

reuniting? check.

/MORE/ angst? check.

happy ending? check.

damn. you are amazing. it's been a while since i've read something so.../this/. it tore at my heart, made me want to cry, made me laugh, made me shout, made me curse, made me praise, made me mock, made me sad, made me happy, made me angry, made me confused, and made me wish for more. with every error angel stumbled over, i told him how stupid and wrong he was. with every attempt they made to reconcile, i begged and pleaded for them to get it right. with every spiteful word between them, i swore. with every crack they made, i laughed.

when i was in the middle of chapter 17, just after spike and mede had left, and i had spent five minutes wanting to cry, but laughing too hard, i could only think one thing about it:

it hurts so much

all i can do is


angstkitten chapter 17 . 10/26/2009
shit. i really did have a few moments where i laughed while wishing i could cry over angel's stupidity. god fricking damn. i just never can predict what's going to happen here. i didn't anticipate angel fucking up so bad as to completely lose spike for /more/ months. or spike to be getting high. or any of the rest of it. i can grasp things just before they happen, if i'm lucky. angel testing the others i got, just as he asked if they would go against him. angel coming back and the kiss i didn't see until it hit me in the face. you have an amazing way with story telling. i'm sad that i'm about to start the final chapter now.~
angstkitten chapter 16 . 10/26/2009
good lord. you are an incredible genius. i /still/ feel like crying, but i've not broken down yet. you are a brilliant writer, and each turn takes me by surprise, with the hints of possibility only reaching me sentences before they're realized. keep writing, because you have talent and this hurts in the most incredibly good way. i've already added this to a list of stories i have bookmarked on my browser in order to come back again and again, because this is definitely one of those.

angel's panic over the missing lighter stung with its reality and his grief at the thought of willow joining them and normality returning hurt and now... i don't know how things are going to unfold. how he'll react, when they'll meet, what will happen. but i can't wait to find out, and i'm sure it will hurt and sting and bleed while it heals and shines and soothes and i'll think of crying while i smile and i'll shout into my pillow at the injustice of misunderstandings while i laugh at reconciliation. and it will be brilliant and beautiful.~
angstkitten chapter 15 . 10/26/2009
what the hell was that? that just took such an unexpected turn that i never could have anticipated until mere sentences prior. i mean, when spike saw angel's look, i knew what he would do, thinking he had no chance any more, and she never would have made it there without him. and yet i nearly fell to tears through the end at the shock and pain and fury and fear and dashed hopes. and there's still three chapters to go. i can't imagine what might still happen, but as this story has taken me through so many twists on this roller coaster, i have no choice but to trust it and you to bring me safely to the end after a few final hills.~
angstkitten chapter 12 . 10/26/2009
fuck my life. you know, i thought it was kinda cool, how angel and spike's situation was being compared and paralleled to willow and tara's, but then... i can't believe you did that. well, i can, but damn. i almost started crying. so not cool. so. not. cool. though, this totally proves wes's theory. yet, my initial reaction is still 'fuck my life'.~
angstkitten chapter 10 . 10/26/2009
okay, i'm shifting to the-crypt to read this, because it bugged me a little when i figured out exactly what you were cutting out. it's not really worth cutting.

...oh. i just noticed the rating is only 't'. well, if you'd gone with 'm' there would be no reason to cut things. so i'm gonna read the unedited version, but i'll go ahead and review here, since i don't see a way to on the-crypt other than emailing you directly.

this is really good, and i'm looking forward to how things with unfold and play out!~
angstkitten chapter 8 . 10/25/2009
holy buggering hell. this is intense. i love stories with as much drama and action as romance. i can't write them for crap, but i could eat them for breakfast. this is amazing. the plot is grasping and the relationship tugs at me. i've sworn and semi-shouted at angel on more than one occasion for being an idiot, and chastised spike for hiding things and gone from infuriated to confused and back over this mede guy (wth does he think he is, anyway?), but all in all, i'm really glad i'm reading this. i really have to stop for now, as homework is due and sleep is needed, but i WILL be back. soon. be sure to keep writing, because you've got a lovely knack for it.~
ummbo chapter 7 . 8/10/2009
Agg. That Harmony is such a cockblock.
ummbo chapter 4 . 8/10/2009
I have to say, it is quite delicious how Spike and Angel dance around eachother.
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