Reviews for A Taste for Dissonance
CircuitDruid chapter 1 . 2/20/2008
hell Ive already reviewed but you deserve at least 10 for this :P hell you deserve more. one of my all time favorite stories here :D
Cleone Johnston chapter 1 . 12/26/2007
thats my website not my email by the way sorry paranoid about spambots

I just read your Authors note and had to respond :) as a language student teaching English in Germany (to Germans even)I thought I'd add my two cents.

Your right about the whole after nine years old thing but an adult can still become quite naturally fluent in a second language. of my students, those who had spent time (usually about 6 months to a year) in English speaking countries 'spoke' English so well that you really cant tell the difference.

There is a difference of course, the most obvious being that they generally they speak with far 'better' grammar. And the second of course being that they can get thrown for a loop every time you use a local collocation. (like jumper for a sweat shirt that kinda stuff :D). The first point here explains his good grammer, the second was just to give you nifty the mental image of Entreri being thrown for a lingual loop :D

They also have *far* more trouble with written language, the different ways of spelling sounds interferes with reading and spelling, and written text is generally concise and to the point, using the shortest and clearest sentences and the most fitting words for the job, words and sentence structures that of course the non native probably wont -know-.

Which when your not a native speaker is a right pain in the arse I can tell you.

so what I'm trying to say with all this jabbering (I had more I cut it out when I realized I was getting to academic and off the topic), is that your really pretty smack on track if your going common as a second language route.

If you'd like a good reason for Entreri being behind Sharlotta in the drow language, see if this hypothesis suits you:

Sharlotta being of a slightly less analytical and intelligent nature, Is simply picking up the language by ear. which means she can speak more naturally because shes used to hearing the popper word orders and such, however while she can speak fairly fluently it's likely she doesn't have much of a grasp of the subtlety's and inferred meanings, like as not more goes over here head than she lets on.

Entreri on the other hand is a meticulous over-analytical bastard (it's part of his charm)Like as not he's the type to try and find the rules and logic behind the structure of it. He's probably also bothered to learn to read it as well. While that approach is powerful and highly intelligent, when your trying to learn a language it causes interference (and thus confusion D8 ). Add that to the fact that he really doesn't like drow and probably avoids speaking to them as much as possible and you have some hefty learning block. Also unlike Sharlotta I can imagine him getting irritated at ever using a sentence when he wasn't entirely sure of exactly what he was saying.

Unfortunately learning a language is more repetition and guessing than intelligence.

Poor Entreri, being stuck in an environment where you don't know the language is hard enough without the whole racial hostility thing :)

So there you go, I didn't really mean to essay at you but I'm a communications student and I got all... exited.

(No less than you deserve after giving me the sidesplitting mental image of a peeved Entreri swearing and deathglaring at an defenseless old book)

fan of your work babe keep it up ;)next time I review I promise not to be so mouthy.
Ashen Triskel chapter 3 . 8/13/2005
I like this version of how the fabled dagger came into Entreri's possession. I want a shiny, life-draining dagger... cool story!
The Dude chapter 3 . 6/1/2005
Great job thanks for keeping Entreri true to form. Of the stories I have seen, only you and Dave can right about Entreri, everyone else sucks ass so please keep up the good work.

Oh and for all you pretenders out there this is how it is done, Entreri doesn’t raise kids or get married or care about anyone or anything.

Nuff Said keep um coming
WitchWolf chapter 3 . 5/16/2005
What do I say? Very, very refreshng chapter, quite different from the usual "go in, kill, leave" routine.

Now, I know I already commended your writing style, but I must do it once more. Some of the phrases used here... Make me want to thump my head against the wall for not coming up with them myself (not that I could, really)

"his skin was turning into a cartographer’s nightmare" - Well, if I ever heard an original description! ;)

"promising brighter jewels of agony" and "receiving traveling papers through every layer of Hell" - Erm... no comments really. What's to say? It's simply... wow.

ANd on to the story itself: I already mentioned how much I like the wizard's unique magic. Spinning room effect was great and "the dagger began vibrating in response to the sound" as well. But what impresed me the most was this: "noise at the same frequency as the human scream" - I remember listening to a song once, Soldier of Fortune I think, feeling a lump form in my throat at the guitar solo and wondering where the hell did that come from? ANd then I figured - the guitar had the frequency of a human cry. Guess I wasn't so wrong about it. Anyway: "he suddenly had an answer to the strange impressions he’d had coming into the tower’s shadow" - didn't want to mention that in the review for chapter 2 'cause this is where the whole thing wraps up. A damn good protection, that. Can't think of many people who would be able to pass through such a barier, ears plugged or not.

On a side note, "Is it not the hired hand’s duty to expect information to be faulty and often misleading?" - Yes, it is. And too often, too many people forget about it, authors and their characters alike. Good to see someone finaly thought of bringing that up.

"The assassin went suddenly limp, letting the dead weight do what he could not. It was an excellent idea and if Entreri had been a bigger man, it might have worked." - Yup. A damn good idea. And for once, Entreri's frame didn't work to his advantage. It usualy does, so this was very refreshing. ;)

"his heart had lit a demonic conflagration within him. Now his mind was dumping ice from the frozen wastes of his soul directly into his veins" - This must be the finest description of rage and at the same time cold calmness that I've ever read. Also, the very mix of the two is very... unlikely? But not impossible, and speaks volumes about the character. All in all, the who;le episode with bringing out the "hidden voices" was a damn sneaky way to give the readers a glimpse at Entreri's inner demons. Dark secrets from the past seem to be almost everyone's favorite topic. However, it is not often that I find such a nice and original way of bringing it up in a story. *bows respectfuly*

And the wizard's demise... Mandrake... Right. Did I already say originality rocks? ;)

Finaly, I think that Entreri's diabolical (inner) grin as he simultaniously figures out the dagger and the dogs travel in packs thing got so firmly imprinted in my mind that I think the image of it will haunt me for a long, long time indeed. Enough said.
WitchWolf chapter 2 . 5/16/2005
First of all, I'm very glad I first read this story only after the third chapter was posted. With such a cliffhanger at the end, I think I would've chewed my keyboard away in anticipation.

OK, the review. Who would've thought breaking and entering could be such "fun"? Many, of course, but writing extensively about it... can't remember seeing that too often. So, since this chapter deals with the said topic (for the better part anyway) I'll just focus on several things that particularly caught my attention.

Firstly, the desert. Though described only briefly, it had a great imapact on me - the feeling of desolation and rolling sands was really... unnerving, to say the least. Now, I dopn't know where and how did you come up with that con-trick, but I must say it was briliant. Really. And so logical and down-right soimple when you think about it... but someone had to be the first one to come up with it. Like the wheel really - such a simple thing, but to come up with it... Bah, guess you know what I'm trying to say here.

"Implementing a trick used by men to take advantage of the religiously inclined appealed directly to Entreri’s small, very dark, sense of humor." - Very nice. ;) Can't say I don't sympathyze with him.

Next: "private list of dangerous feats: unlocking a wizard’s front door, while upside down, ears plugged, blind-folded, and buried in sand." - Ahem. If it was anyone else, I'd likely say "No way!" Having read The Leopard though... and it is Entreri, after all... Still, put like that, it really gave me a pause. Dangerous feats indeed. Outrageously so, I might add.

"Using his hands for eyes" - I just love this phrase. Think I'll steal it.

"any possible creature the wizard might have seeded the place with as a macabre security measure" - Now, I dunno if that was the intent, but this seems to fly straight into the face of your typical D&D adventures (together with that brief comment about Entreri being an assassin, not a thief and thus not bothering to open the cellar door) All in all, loved that little detail.

"manacles with serrated edges meant to dissuade an unwilling participant from struggling" - Nice. I'm a sucker for details. Especially when theymake sense.

"the optimal habitat for an assassin" - Being a biologist, this phrase bought me completely. ;)

All in all: "the entries were always more work than the actual killing" - Agreed. Completely. And I'm ever so glad to read such an extensive and well thought out breaking and entering. :)

Lastly, the clash with the wizard: Well written scene(s) Also, the wizard's unique magic is... ehrm, I should really cut it with all the "wondefuls" and "briliants" now. Just one little thing I'm curious about. When the wiz first started casting, were I in Entreri's shoes (gods forbid!) my first impulse would likely be to hurl a dagger at the caster, thus distracting him. So, now I wonder, why didn't Entreri do that instead of charging liike he did?

Be that as it may - I really like that sound-blast spell. Hm, don't think Entreri would agree with me on that one. ;) Guess it depends on the point of view really.
WitchWolf chapter 1 . 5/14/2005
I think it's a bloody shame that a story this good is being unreviewed by anyone save for those that already reviewed it on LE while at the same time a bunch of less-then-literate stuff gets reiewed daily. So, to "break the ice" so to speak... ;)

Maybe the reason why I haven't reviewed this as of yet is because I find it extremely difficult to pick out the good points to comment on and at the same time avoid writing an essey here. But I'll give it a shot:

First of all, a briliant writing style - unique, literate and a pleasure to read. GUess it deserves more parising than just this, but I'm no literary critic, so this will have to do. ;) Then, there is characterization, which is simply wonderful. Enteri, the way I see it, is an extremely complex character and keeping him that way is, I guess, quite a feat. Moreover, you focus on his early years in both Basadoni and Pook guild, which hasn't been really covered in the books that much (not that it would help much anyway - the way Salvatore writes it's... ehrm, I better stop here. ;) )

Anyway, what i mean to say is that I think you "got into his head" perfectly. And of course, there is a matter of other characters as well, who you also portray damn well. Like the halflings in this chapter - a little bit of DOndon, that instantly turned him 3-dimensional for me, as well as a glimpse of Regis (another very 2D character as fqar5 as the books go... but I stray again)

Finaly, the whole idea of a voice-thief is... Ehrm... how many "wonderfuls" and "briliants" can you put in a review before it wears off? ;) Maybe then, I'll just settle for saying that originality of the idea is something I highly value. A very welcome refreshment from the usual "there is a powerful nobleman (or some such) with a whole-load of traps that our unbeatabe assasin shall disarm during the next few chapters, then reach the target (who is, usually, not even that important as far as the character goes - ack!) and off him, once again proving his superiority over the mere mortals, the end." Having said that, I don't think I have to point out how different this is from the stereotype... and thus, how much am I enjoying it, especially the insight you give into how exectly does an assassin prepare for his mission, with all the little deatils that involve far more then a simple layout of the tower. I refer to all that learning about music bit.

Lastly, about Entreri and language larning capacities: While it's true we lose our capacity for learning new languages easily after the age of nine (or so) it is alos true that every next language is a bit easier to learn regardless of the age. What i mean is - my guess is that Sharlotta likely learned many languages during her life, and learning every new language came a bit easier for her. Also, I wouldn't put it past her to have had a brush with elven at one point (which should be, I think, similar to drow) so all in all, she had a better starting point then Entreri, which might explain her becoming fluent so fast.

Well, so much for this chapter, and I'll be soon moving on to the next one (though I already read it... several times) Please, don't stop posting just because people are to lazy to review... A whole bunch of them is still reading, you know, and I guess many of them don't read stuff on LE, so...
Ariel D chapter 3 . 5/13/2005
Here comes the rest of the LE pep squad. LOL I really enjoyed this story. The parts with the woman's voice and the dogs were very creepy, and the vertigo was painfully believable. The human screams were also a nice touch.

Well, I've already told you everything I like about your story over at LE, so I'll stop here. But I had to drop you a note. *waves pompoms* ;)
Alzadea chapter 1 . 5/2/2005
I've already reviewed this at LE, but I just thought I'd repeat how good I think it is!
Lessiehanamoray chapter 1 . 5/1/2005
Yay! I'm so happy that you are posting this here. This is truly a wonderful story and I love how all of the characters are portrayed.