Reviews for Argentum Luna
Victoria Stormwingchick2 chapter 1 . 11/2/2007
WOW THAT IS COMPLETELY AWESOME! Can't wait to read the next one! Oh yes and I would like to know if you could approve my character on the Tamora Pierce RPG? Once again thank you for the AWESOME story!
Connie chapter 8 . 8/6/2007
I loved all eight chapters!
Connie chapter 2 . 8/6/2007
I loved the first two chapters. I can't wait to read the next six that you have made. I like reading about the Harry Potter characters. Keep up the great work!
madamwolf chapter 8 . 5/16/2005
OMG I love! I really like the ending it so sweet! Well keep writing. _
madamwolf chapter 7 . 5/15/2005
OMG I luv your story never stop writing and I am sorry for not reviewing lately I have been really busy.
Stephanie chapter 4 . 5/2/2005
Love the story. Simply brilliant. It makes me hate Peter ALOT more then I used to though... :P

One more thing though: DAMN YOUR CLIFF-HANGERS!

Heh, just had to let that out...
harnessed cane chapter 4 . 5/2/2005
very good so far! your a very good writer. AND lupin is cool to... good job!
harnessed cane chapter 3 . 5/2/2005
its really really good so far! need to read on!
harnessed cane chapter 2 . 5/2/2005
very good!
harnessed cane chapter 1 . 5/2/2005
That was very good! this is the very first story and first review on this sight. You would get an 11 not 10. hehe i like remus... well off to the next chapter.
madamwolf chapter 3 . 5/2/2005
I like keep it up, there are to many good stories that remain unfinished I hope yours won't become one of them. _
Miss Anonymous hp chapter 3 . 5/1/2005
"...Doing his best to look terrifying..." I love that line and I'm not quite sure why.
madamwolf chapter 2 . 5/1/2005
Sorry, I did not see a second chapter I was not paying attention but anyway I love the whole remus and the wolf thing it is awsome! Update soon.
madamwolf chapter 1 . 5/1/2005
I don't like cliffhangers update soon I must know what happens!
Miss Anonymous hp chapter 2 . 5/1/2005
Intriguing and very in-character. I like it. I shall be kept alert for any updates concerning this story. I will have to wait for more before I have a full-formed opinion.
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