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Le Phantomet chapter 3 . 9/16/2005
Le Phantomet chapter 3 . 7/15/2005
Yes, I have already reviewed, but I need to discuss an urgent matter with you. I believed you have E-mailed me, saying that you have something very important to tell us peoples, and the subject was forwarded with the message. My computer somehow did not get the forwarded part, so I consequently have no I dea what you're talking about. If you could e-mail me again and tell me what is happening, I will be very happy. On a lighter note, I am joining in four days, when I turn a blessed thirteen! I will post part of my Yu-gi-oh story, and I hope you'll read it. It is mainly about Yami (cause he's hott! _) with lots of action and adventure. I will also write a sequel, when I'm done with the first one, of course. Anyway, I wish you well, and may the Angel of Music guide you in all of your doings.

your friend,

Le Phantomet (Ishizu)
Yugi and Mai chapter 3 . 6/24/2005
SORRY PAL THAT I HAVEN'T REVIEWED BEFORE BUT I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY LATELY! One I have just finsihed my exams (finally), and so I haven't had time to do other things..the next part of the chapter should be coming soon I promise. But so far I have enjoyed what you have written and I like what you have written in the second part of this as well and i am sorry that I haven't like spoken to you recently but so many things have been going on, incfluding my mum going to hospital so i've had to look after her and I have had to like type for 3 other stories I have written but due to no more exams I should have more time to do everythig now. - So i promise it will make it's way to you soon and sorry for the long wait.I hope you keep writing and talk 2 you soon -

C ya

lephantomet chapter 3 . 6/23/2005
Hi again! It's me, Ishizu. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, but I only now read this new chapter. I was really busy,and didn't have the chance to check if you updated. Anyway, on the story, it is definitely an improvement. The plot flows smoothly with the whole storyline, and the characters are in character (some stories I've read, the characters act completely out of their personality, an it drives me insane). I cannot wait to see what happes when they go to Egypt. Is there going to be tomb escapades, with psychotic tomb robbers? That would definitely be an interesting twist. Also, with the Japanese, good usage, and the spelling looks accurate (I can't spell Japanese)and you have the meanings next to the word itself, which is a great addend. By the way, what does Baka mean? I heard Ryou and Bakura saying it. What does it mean? As to changing my name, I got bored. My new name is French. Le is the, and Phantomet is phantom in French. So, my name is The Phantom. Just to let you know. e-mail me when you get this and let me know A.S.A.P. Update soon! _


Le Phantomet

(Aka- Ishizu)
Ilikeyaoi chapter 3 . 6/8/2005
oh does bakura and malik know now? and Im a little confused but, what will they do if they find out? hmm... anyways I liked this chapter it was very well written and very long at first I was like wow so long I dont think I can read it all then I started and I got so into it that I was done with it very quickly and now I want too read more. and what could be in maliks room? im guessing torture devices but, I may be wrong. ok now please update this soon I cant wait to read the next chapter :)
Ilikeyaoi chapter 2 . 6/8/2005
yay I am finally reviewing I loved this chapter it was funny and cute I feel a little bad for ryou and I hope he is able to make the money in time so now... im gonna go read and review the next chapter :)
S. Chensu and Luff chapter 3 . 6/1/2005
Ah goody, an update! Hey I'm sorry I'm a bit late with reviewing, the internet decided that it wanted to crash about five times over the last few days so I've been finding it difficult to actually get on here...but oh well.

I love this chapter! And Yami's moralistic speech is very accurate. That's exactly what I would imagine him to say. And what a coincidence that everyone should turn on their TVs and find Yugi duelling! And also that's a very good way of getting out of writing a description for a duel... - But the whole 'heart of the cards' thing... *bangs her head on the table* D'oh! Erm, yeah...I find that so cheesy!

Oh dear, I hope the Yami's don't find out about the Egypt trip! That could be nasty for Ryou and Marik! But what's going to happen to them? Are they just going to leave the Yamis at home with no clue of what's going on? Actually if they were watching the TV they would find out has got my mind boggled!

Oh yeah, there’s a few spelling mistakes too…but nothing major. And I can’t remember what they are either…but better with the speech marks though! However you’ll want to be a more careful because there seemed to be a bit TOO many speech marks this time…well mainly at the beginning of your chapter. But I’ll stop picking holes now.

Well, please update soon-ish (I hope I haven't forgotten to mention something...I always do that...), I'm looking forward to your next chapter! (Especially the torture... _)

Luff X
twistingblue chapter 3 . 5/29/2005
rofl, now Malik and Bakura are gonna know about the class trip! Poor Marik and Ryou...:grins: now I reckon that he should go to a peverted old lady's house and offer to do jobs, then run away scared know, use your imagination! XD update soon!
Amiasha Ruri chapter 2 . 5/7/2005
E, I love this fic! It's rare to read one that's in character, wellwritten, and not shounen-ai. XD I'm really enjoying it. X3

I love how you write Yuugi and Yami; very cute. And the rest of the group, too. I could almost see all this happening in the show, since they're all so well writen and in character. Anyway, love the plot for this too and can't wait to see more. -
Faith chapter 2 . 5/7/2005
Really good story! For some reason, I haven't read many with this plot, but this is great! Can't wait for the next bit, especially the rematch between Yugi and Seto )
Yugi and Mai chapter 2 . 5/6/2005
Hey I'm really sorry okay..I really am. I've like ruined your whole story. I like re-read the chapter and then I found more mistakes I had missed. Oh Im really sorry. I just wanted to see if I could like help someone with their story and make it as good as it can be but, instead I leave mistakes and someone ends up getting bad results from it. I just wanted to prove to myself that I can be responsible and grown-up over something instead of being a stupid, immature little freak. So like I said I'm sorry pal, i really am. I tried my hardest but I don't have spellchecker on my computer and so I had to check by hand. If you don't want me any more I understand...Im not the worlds best speller as everyone knows. Well also very good chapter again and I think that maybe Bakura will show up and steal something so Ryou can go and I think we all know who's gonna win the duel. Well C ya.

Izhizu chapter 2 . 5/6/2005
No, you do not need Shonen-ai! It's evil! It's corrupting the memory of Yami and Yugi! So you have no reason to be sorry. Your storyline is very good, spectacular, working hard, and post up the next chapter soon! (No offense, but could you fix your grammar? I'm an English freak, and it drives me insane to find wrong spellings and grammar mistakes.) _
Leneia chapter 2 . 5/6/2005
First of all, I am saddened to report that your Beta reader(s) are doing a fairly poor job in checking over your story. There are far too many errors to be ignored. For example: "Yugi and I could always convince Kaiba to pay for your trip in addition too ours; when we win the duel that is." The inproper use of "too" is an annoyingly common occurance that must be addressed. Also:

"Your right, that is kinda old." Said Duke. In incorrect use of "your" is just as irritating. Please either use spell check with grammar check or have even more beta readers read over the manuscripts. If you keep track of these little irregularities, you may give the impression of a highly seasoned author and recieve many more reviews. That is all I have to say on that topic. Moving on to the content of the story; the basic plot (everyone goes to Egypt) has been done before, but I am anxious to see if you will be able to add a new dimention to the basic idea behind the plot. I'm not saying you've stollen another's idea, I'm simply stating that the chapters can be written better and I highly encourage you to feel free to experiment and further develop a style of writing all your own that can appeal to all audiences. I look forward to your next installment in this cute little story you've presented the world with.

S. Chensu and Luff chapter 2 . 5/6/2005
Heya! Um, I think you're forgetting a little something in your chapters...there seems to be a certain lack of speech marks. What happened there? Our dear Pugi is obviously not reading it quite as carefully as she should...ah well, I can have a good old moan at her tomorrow. -

Apart from the minor slip-ups, not a lot to complain about! In fact nothing to complain about. And Kaiba is such a prick. And thank you for not being mean to Téa. Téa bashing is not good! Oh and thanks again for the emails! -

Well, I can't wait to see what will happen! And how Ryou will manage to raise the money for the trip...well, I'll just have to find out in the next chapter! *hinthintupdatesoon*

Luff X
twistingblue chapter 2 . 5/6/2005
my thoughts on how Ryou's gonna raise the money:

Bakura's gonna steal some plane tickets OR

Bakura's gonna threaten someone OR

Bakura's just gonna send someone to teh Shadow Realm OR

Ryou will come to my house and live with me and never leave my side. And he'll also bring all his hot little friends.

I especially like the last one o.- update soon!
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