Reviews for Harry Potter and the Spiritus Crystalus
LadyBelz chapter 16 . 11/2
I've never read a story that had me laughing hysterically one minute and bawling my eyes out the next. Until now. Thank you for the fantastic read. :)
lokarryn chapter 16 . 10/14
Loved both of these stories they honestly brought me to tears a few times
Difdi chapter 14 . 10/4
The veil sealed? Well, if they ever need to dispose of another dark lord, it'll suck to be them!
james.mattson.7 chapter 16 . 10/3
A truly magnificent story! I honestly cannot decide between this and "Mutant Storm" as my favorite. I would like to encourage y'all to keep up the good work and say that I look forward to more of your stories.
Difdi chapter 5 . 10/2
Hmm, I wonder how many pranks have involved casting the shaving charm then slapping someone in the back of the head, leading a handprint-shaped patch of bare skin there?
PseudoWizard chapter 16 . 6/16
Awesome fic! And yes again read it in one sitting :P Are you still on?
teenwriter827 chapter 16 . 3/1
You should've ended with Harry as Headmaster.
zorklox chapter 16 . 2/24

just finished reading dumbledors army and spiritus crystalus and wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed the stories. really well writen with great sense of humour, action and very good plot.

thank you for the stories
take care
reddevilwine chapter 16 . 2/11
I don't know if you guys will ever read this review, being as this story is 10 years old; but I thought id leave an appreciative review nonetheless.

I have read many a fan fiction since my discovery of it a few years back, and only leave reviews for the most worthy. This story and its predecessor now number in my top 10, and I'm rather picky with what I read.

The story line was well thought out, no gaping holes in the plot, everything made since. You didn't shy away from the obvious abuse Harry suffered, like many other authors do. You embraced it and made it a core element in Harry's personality. You didn't make your core pairing (my all time OTP) perfect from the get go, but left room for maturity and development. The final battle was exciting, gripping and perfectly done to suit the rest of the story. I always love an ending with the sword of Gryffindor.

All the best and thank you for a great story.

nayin17 chapter 5 . 1/5
I'm so glad the bond was created even for a short time
nayin17 chapter 2 . 1/5
I like the pensive scenes
GNcat chapter 13 . 11/29/2014
AMEN. I LOATHE, HATE AND DESPISE UNFINISHED STORIES. I decided that I would not read anything without a complete on it. And you know I still got an incomplete story marked complete GWRRRRR
Poet Wroet chapter 3 . 11/15/2014
Lol.. I thought the Daily Prophet calling Ginny Virginia was just another example of their dismal reporting.
HeartsGlow chapter 3 . 10/23/2014
I know this is completed already, but I just had to say that it was just a prank, and a goofy silly one at that. No one should have gotten so angry (Harry) or hurt/upset (Ginny). The prank wasn't THAT bad. He should have simply turned into Wings and flamed her away, thus defeating their prank!
HeartsGlow chapter 2 . 10/23/2014
A MODEST three carat diamond? Is that possible?
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