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SweeterThanChocolate chapter 1 . 9/6/2016
PurpleSparklyBabe chapter 1 . 4/14/2016
oh wow i am full of suffering. why must you make me weep.
usagi-strike chapter 1 . 7/6/2015
Nngh... gods. This is the first time I ever actually let some tears roll for a fic.
I said this several times in all the reviews I'm currently spamming you with, but you are a fantastic writer.
It started out so lighthearted, and ended so... ungh.
You get the gist of how awesome you are.
Robyn S. Mockingbird chapter 1 . 12/2/2014
Congratulations, you have made me weep. I'm not sure how else I can talk about this beyond that. I can't even really tell if I really liked it or kinda hated it, but it made me cry. I love that Yuugi and Anzu were obviously good friends for a very long time. I hate how in stories you can't always see longtime friends as that. You did it very well, though. They had back stories for one another. There were inside jokes and moments of "don't be stupid, I'm not an idiot". Knew each other well enough that her note was devastating. Beyond that, all I can is you made me cry. Just thinking on it is making me start again. You mentioned at the top you liked the first part and not the second. I can see that. The beginning was rife with anticipation, but I feel like their dinner didn't quite...fulfill that. The end with her mother was what cinched it for me, honestly. The part in the middle was a little more...bleh.
GBlackwell chapter 1 . 5/5/2014
Okay... I've been reading your stuff for a while and enjoying it to a ridiculous degree, and I realized at some point that I was probably doing a disservice to you by reading and not offering the only thing back that this site allows: reviews. I realize it's been a while since you've written a Yu-Gi-Oh! fic-hell, it's been a while since you've updated anything-so I'm not sure if you'll even bother with a review of something you published so long ago. Still, I figured I should say something.

Let me first say that I adore this fic. Love it. Worship it. It's probably one of my favorites stories on this site. But I don't feel like it's enough for me to just say that: I know what it's like getting reviews that are positive but empty. it's like biting into a donut that supposed to be cream filled and finding only some disappointing air. Normally, when I review, I try to offer constructive criticism. However, I have absolutely no real criticism of this and am so convinced its perfect I'd probably propose to it if given the chance, so instead I'll go into detail about the different things that just make this story spectacular.

1) Lack of sentimentality. Okay, this story is highly emotional. It also deals with a subject that is incredibly angsty and has been done quite often in different forms of media: dying of cancer. Because of this, it would have been so easy for this fic to come off as the sort of weepy angstporn let's-see-the-author-let-their-favorite-character-wallow-in-self-pity thing. I've seen lots of fics like this, that tackle an angsty subject but then just fall into dialogue and motions of character that seem so cliche that it's almost like the characters are just some projection of "miserable people with a friend dying of cancer" or whatever the deal is. You avoid this by simply giving the story and characters its own flavor. You don't go over the same plot points and you make each character react in a way that fits them and no one else in the world. It makes the subject hit home and come off as realistic, rather than weepy.

2) Details. The details! The abundance of details! The lack of details, in some places! Not only do you seem to choose the perfect amount of extraneous details to use in different places (going from almost nothing in the phone conversations to a teeming amount in the next half) and make every detail sing with a kind of realistic sharpness that makes this story alive and real to me as a reader, but you do something else. You make every single detail, whether it's a sensory observation or a simple train of thought on Yugi's part, something that seems to create not just mood, but even seems to drive the plot forward and tie into the theme. Every single detail is important. Even the unimportant ones. No, wait, /especially/ the unimportant ones. The moments where Yugi's mind wanders and notices something or thinks something that is seemingly irrelevant to the fic's situation practically make the fic. Not only because it breaks up the angst (again stopping it from devolving into more of the same "Ah, woe is me!" rumination and dialogue so common in this sort of story), but because it creates a mood that there are things beyond the whole cancer issue: there's still life and love and absurdities, and tragedy is mixed into that. Which brings me into the next thing I liked...

3) The theme/mood/idea-thingy: I'm not sure if you were going for any "theme" in this story, but the overarching mood and your use of details seemed to create one, and it's something about the idea of tragedy being mixed in with ordinary-ness, like I mentioned in the last paragraph. What happened to Anzu is sad, but not terrible unusual. It doesn't stop the rest of the universe from being its weird indifferent self. Tragedy is not something like in the Greek plays, elevated and somber. Here, it's snuck in between the cracks of a lovely but fading friendship and a lot of regular life. Which is especially strange, because these characters have lived extroardinary lives, and that makes it more important. You can save the world or live through the apocalypse but you still have to shop for groceries and be a bit grumpy with your soul mate and brush your teeth and die. To me, it makes all that's happened sharper and more poignant. It also makes me think and reconsider the important I attach to the events of my own life, something that most "boo-hoo something bad has happened to X" fics don't achieve.

Also, I teared up while reading this story. In a public area too. I really need to stop reading fanfic in public...

Anyway, there are other things I could say-such as how you've successfully rescued Anzu's character in my mind and how your characterization of these two is always spot on, but those are the main things that I felt like I needed to elaborate. I wish you'd write more stories for this fandom-or any fandom I know stuff about (unfortunately, I've yet to see Teen Titans of Friendship is Magic, and I doubt I'll be playing any Final Fantasy...) but I can't demand that. I just hope you keep writing, and perhaps post it on your profile when you've published an original novel...? Maybe? Please?

Whatever the case, good luck with your writing, and sorry for bothering you with such a long review. Feel free to disregard if it's too long for your tastes.
Lunar-L chapter 1 . 1/14/2014
You know, I read the one where Yuugi finds her shoebox of notes and his letter before this one and yet, that only seemed to enhance it. I saw all the moments where she desperately wanted to tell him more but held back.

I loved the way you describe feelings and thoughts as they occur to them, it has a vaguely Pratchett feel.
Demitri-Landgravate chapter 1 . 10/29/2013
that was really sad and depressing. I mean... wow. You should write tradgedies for a living you are so ggod at it. I cried for part of it that was so sad. I am very impressed and I thank you for the story.
xxangel.dreamerxx chapter 1 . 6/10/2013
lol you got her Ideas on change from Vicar of Dibley.
LightDarkandChaos chapter 1 . 6/6/2013
... I don't know why you dislike this story. It certainly succeeded in punching me in the heart all the way through.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/3/2012
aw /man/.

I liked it how those phonecalls just got more and more worrying, and they seemed to get more and more superficial. That was very foreboding.

You managed to convince me that everything was going to be alright, what with Anzu and Yuugi's 'dinner date'. Which was rather silly in retrospect. It makes so much more sense that Anzu would continue to hide things. Somehow you managed to stay true to her character and give us a plot twist at the same time.

The last message gives so much kick... yeah. It was written believably. I like how to line "I'll be waiting by the phone." brings things full-circle.
Serendipital chapter 1 . 6/12/2012
I was waiting for a nice, heart-warming ending and then that's slammed on me. It was a good ending, but god, am I depressed. Anyway, this was great.
Clockwork Soul chapter 1 . 5/10/2012
Oh gods. This made me cry.

Excellently written, I enjoyed every bit of it.

Our dear Anzu is so shunned by the fanfic community, I never understood it, she's such an aboslutely amazing girl.

Outstanding fic, it's so sad...
Resha Tsubaki chapter 1 . 3/1/2012
I've read your story some months ago and I've sometimes thought about it. It's the kind of story I like really much, I don't know why I didn't put it in my favorite stories yet.

I've quickly seen what other stories you've written, and it seems you have quite interesting ones.
TexasDreamer01 chapter 1 . 9/8/2011
Makes a damn lot of sense.

rainbow-hat chapter 1 . 2/12/2011
This was beautifully done, a very sad fic but wonderfully done with just the right kind of emotions. Thank you
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